Anal sex story

Anal sex story
What happens when you mix seven billion dollars parents and a girl that has the looks and body to kill any guy on sight?

Well, you get Clara, the bitchiest girl the Wilhelm Academy of Science and Social Studies had ever seen. She never cared about anyone other than herself. Her friends, all in for her money, basked her with attention and praises, hell, this girl thought she was God herself.

Discipline was never a problem for Clara because she simply could give a rat’s ass about it anyway. She was a complete shit of a student with countless of rules violation under her belt and if the academy was really honest with the record, (they wouldn’t because they might lose the millions of dollars of endowment her parents showered the academy with) the list would be longer that the constitutional rights.

Truancy, vandalism, public indecency, late for school, misappropriation of chemicals, misappropriation of school properties, theft(God only knows why she needed to steal), disrespecting educators, smoking in the academy’s vicinity...the list went on and on. In fact, one might even consider asking which rule in the handbook she hadn’t broken yet.

The administration had always turned to a blind eye when it comes to Clara. One rotten student in the proverbial basket might ruin the entire batch, but it did come with a hefty, for the lack of a better word, compensation. So why bother correcting her if her parents were still funding the school regardless.

That, however, was no longer possible when a building was almost burnt down because of a poorly extinguished cigarette Clara had smoked. Everyone knew she was the cause and everyone wanted resolution for the brat of a girl. The administration, hoping to appease the public, hacked out a deal with Clara and her parents. Clara would attend consultation sessions daily with a consultant the academy appointed. The consultant had to be hired from outside of the academy since none of the existing consultant in the academy would take Clara in.

Everything was set. As long as Clara attended the consultation, her parents wouldn’t have to suffer the embarrassment of their daughter being expelled. The academy got to keep their endowment funds too. It was a win-win situation. A heck of a deal.

And so it began, on the sunny Monday morning on the following week. Clara opened the door and walked into the consultation room. She sighed exasperatedly, making sure that the consultant inside could hear, and tossed her bag to the blood red couch on the middle of the room. She leaped over the backrest and landed onto the couch with a loud thud.

"You are late." a woman in her early thirties said.

"Well, yeah. Traffic." Clara lied nonchalantly.

"You are supposed to be here by nine." the woman reminded.

"Let’s just get over with the bullshit. We all know this whole thing isn’t going to work." Clara said as a matter-of-factly.

"What isn’t going to work?" the woman spoke slowly as she sat down on the chair opposite of the red couch.

"You. Me. Talk." Clara cocked her eye.

"Why isn’t it going to work?" the woman said.

"Really? You need me to tell you why?" Clara rolled her eyes.

"We do have two hours to talk. Might as well start from there." the woman shrugged as she corrected her narrow glasses.

"Well, if you must know. The last three consultants assigned to me all quit by the third day. So I will spare you your noble effort and we can sit right here, you mind your business and I mine, and we can pretend the session worked out fine in the end of the day. How’s that sound?" Clara sneered.

"It does sound tempting. But I have a reputation to uphold, Clara." the woman retorted calmly.

"And what that reputation has to do with me?" Clara nudged her pumps out of her legs with her toes, swung her legs up to the couch and lied down for a nap. She was still suffering a hangover from last night’s clubbing.

"You see, I never fail my client before." the woman’s voice turned cold, almost sinister.

"Well, your client is asking you to fuck off." Clara said without any reservation, keeping an arm over her eyes to keep out the glaring light.

It wasn’t until Clara heard a familiar click of a door being locked that she stole a peak. The woman wasn’t on her chair anymore. Alarmed, Clara sat up and turned to the door. The woman, with her back against the entrance, was grinning at her.

"You are not my client." the woman corrected.

"Oh for fuck sake, get a life bitch." completely undeterred by the smile the woman was wearing, Clara leaned back down on the couch with a groan.

"I will expect you to call me mistress in future encounters." the words came out were cold and commanding.

Clara had to stop herself from sniggering. Was this bitch for real? Clara would have killed herself before she would refer anyone her mistress. Let alone a stupid consultant that the academy hired. She was her own mistress. Period.

Then, a sudden chill went down her spine. The air seemed to be colder than just a second ago. The room became quiet. Too quiet, to a point that it was eerie. Something didn’t felt right and Clara sat up again. That’s when her heart raced and every hair on her skin stood up.

A glowing pair of blue eyes were glaring at her. The woman sitting on her chair was something out of a horror movie. The glow was definitely not natural and every shred of her consciousness told her that she had to leave this room right now.

But her limbs wouldn’t move. Her body remained still. It was as though her body had been locked inside a cast, completely solid and immobile. Her heart rate skyrocketed. She had never felt something like this before. Was this even possible? She tried to move again but only managed to elicit a pathetic shudder.

"What have you done to me?" Clara shouted.

"Shhhh..." the woman shushed with a finger on her lips.

Clara’s lips smacked shut and her teeth firmly clenched together. Her breath hitched as her tongue slacked and no longer could move. Her eyes turned to the woman, Clara was wide-eyed and flabbergasted.

"Now, strip." the woman commanded.

Immediately, Clara’s hands darted to the hem of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head without even the slightest of hesitation. Despite tears began to roll down her cheeks, her hands with the life of their own when to her back and unhooked the bra. The lacy garment fell to her lap, exposing her C-cup breasts to the cold chilly air.

Her hands went to her jeans and began fumbling with the button. She fought with everything she had in her to try and stop it, but her hands kept on going, unbuttoning and unzipping the front, and with a swift motion, both her jeans and her panties dropped to the floor.

"Emmmmmmmmm....." Clara pleaded. She was terrified now. The woman was controlling her body and there’s nothing she could do about it. She screamed inwardly, hoping that somehow her inner desperation could release the control the woman had on her.

"Lift your legs up and spread them." she said.

Clara’s body obeyed. Her lower limbs were lifted until her sole pressed against the soft cushion beneath. Her knees gradually parted and Clara even felt her pussy widened slightly. The woman lowered her eyes to Clara’s pussy and a wicked grin tugged her lips.

"Spread your pussy with your fingers." the woman commanded.

Clara’s hands, shaking from the conflict in her mind, pressed against her bare pussy. Her fingers were trembling sporadically as she fought to stop the mind control. Gradually, she felt a tingle of sensation at the tip of her fingers. Then, her fingers curled ever so slightly to her own command and she suddenly felt hopeful. She kept her struggle and the trembling fingers started to move away from her pussy.

"Huh. You are stronger than you look." the woman remarked. "Oh well."

The woman stood up from her seat and walked to Clara. She placed one hand on the back of her neck and the other on her chin. Firmly, she tilted Clara’s head and glared right into the girl’s eyes.

"Spread your pussy now." her voice sterner and within a fraction of second, every shred of control was out of the window. Clara’s fingers went straight to her pussy and parted those lips without so much of a blink of an eye.

The woman released Clara and stepped back to marvel at the sight. Her gaze eventually moved downwards and stopped at the spread pussy.

"Wider." she said.

An like a puppet being pulled by her master, Clara parted her pussy wider.

"More." the woman added.

Clara tensed and whimpered at the sharp sting on her pussy, as thought she had torn her skin. Despite the pain, her fingers never let go, keeping her pussy painfully spread and opened.

The woman, satisfied with the sight, leaned forward until her lips almost touches Clara’s. Then, she moved down, her soft lips lightly pecked on every inch of skin along the way, from her neck, to her breast, down to her stomach, before finally landing on her spread pussy.

The woman licked the soft pink flesh of Clara’s love hole. A surge of sensation flooded Clara’s mind. It felt weird. It felt wrong. Clara silently screamed. She had never been with a woman before. She had never even kissed a woman. But now...

Clara squealed. She felt the woman’s tongue slipped into her. The woman was eating her pussy and she practically spread it for her. The humiliation made Clara wanted to cower and cry. Yet another tiny part of her was enjoying it and wanted to grab the woman’s hair and pressed it against her pussy.

"You like that, don’t you." the woman observed.

Yes. No. I don’t know. Clara thought to herself. It shouldn’t feel this good. It felt wrong. But yet, it felt invigorating. It made her feel alive, more alive than she had ever been. And she wanted more. She wanted the woman to eat her till she comes.

When the woman moved away, Clara almost begged her to come back. Almost, since she couldn’t speak. The woman stood up, her hand patted softly on her wet pink mount. Two fingers easily found refuge inside her, coaxing a tiny gasp from the girl.

"This is what you will expect if you obey me. Clara." the woman whispered.

Clara looked into the woman’s eyes again. The blue glow was still there, cold and demanding.

"But if you disobey me..." she trailed off and turned around before sashaying back to her desk. From the desk, she picked up a small pot of cactus and returned. Clara shivered in fear at the sight of the intimidating plant. No, she’s playing her. Clara thought. She wouldn’t do it. She’s her consultant for crying out loud, not her sadist.

"Take this."

One hand went forth and took the pot from her.

"Put the tip on your pussy."

Clara’s heart fell to the ground. A sharp shuddering breath escaped her lungs as her hand maneuvered the spiky decorative piece to her nether region and pressed the thick blunt tip onto her wet folds.The spike prickled on her pussy and Clara’s yelped. And then her hand stopped, holding the cactus poised at her love hole.

The woman walked around the couch and wrapped an arm around Clara’s shoulder from behind.

"I’m going to let you speak. But if you do something stupid, like screaming, I’m going to shut you up and I’m going to make you spend the rest of the one hour and forty minutes fucking that cactus." she warned with a deadpan voice and from there Clara knew that she was not joking. This woman would really make her fuck herself with a cactus. The thought elicited more tears from the girl.


One word and Clara felt her jaw relaxed and her tongue moving again.

"Wha...what do you want?" Clara sobbed.

"I want you to obey me." the woman nibbled her earlobe.

Did she have a choice in that? Clearly no. There’s only one answer to that question. "O-okay." Clara stammered.

"No, Clara." the woman shook her head lightly. "Buckle your hips."

Clara let out a cry as she involuntarily flexed her hips forward and dozen of thorns dug deeper into the girl’s pussy.

"Okay what?" she asked.

"O-okay m-mistress." Clara sobbed.

"Good girl. Now, relax your hips."

Clara sucked in a breath of relief as her pussy moved away from the thorns. The woman removed her arm from her and took back her seat.

"You can put the cactus on the couch now."

Clara waited for her body to respond and when seconds passed without so much of a jerk, she realized that she wasn’t being mind controlled anymore. Was the woman losing her mind control ability? There’s only one way to find out. Immediately, she tossed the wretched plant away and scampered off the couch. She ran as fast as she could to the door. When her hand turned the knob and was about to pull open the door, her body turned concrete at the same time she heard the word ’stop’.

"Keep quiet." the woman added just in time to thwart Clara’s attempt to shout for help. "Oh dear, Clara. Didn’t I just told you to obey me?"

The words washed over Clara’s naked skin like bleach. Every inch of her skin prickled.

"Lock the door and then put your hands on it."

Unwillingly, Clara locked the door and placed her hands on it.

"Spread your legs." another command and Clara’s body sprang into action, parting her lower limbs into a wide stance.

Clara squealed inwardly when she felt the familiar prickling of the cactus on her pussy. Her body trembled in fear as the woman glided the thorny plant along her tight crevice.

"Do you really want the cactus deep in your pussy?" She nudged the cactus deeper into Clara’s pussy.

Clara let out a muffled whimper. She wanted to shake her head, maybe even apologize for trying to escape, but the command had her stiff as a statue. And there’s not a single doubt in her mind that if the woman pushes the cactus forward, her body would remain still and her pussy would be forced to swallow it.

"Since this is your first offense, I will spare you the cactus." the woman finally said and Clara couldn’t be more relieved. "Sit on the couch." the woman said.

Clara’s body turned automatically and went to the couch. From the eyes of someone outside the room, it would appear that Clara was doing it willingly. That was far from the truth. She silently hoped someone would come through the door and rescue her from this...this...she didn’t even know what this woman was. Was she even human?

The woman went behind her desk and started to search her drawers. She looked at Clara for a moment, as though she was sizing Clara up, and the resumed her search.

"There." She finally said and pulled out a thick purple rubber dildo. The woman brought the mean looking tool to Clara and told her to hold it. Clara’s body complied immediately and grabbed the thick dildo.

"Fuck yourself with it." she commanded.

Her legs parted, her hand maneuvered the dildo until the tip was pressed against the her opening, and without any visible hesitation, Clara’s arm flexed and the dildo plunged deep into her own pussy.

Clara moaned quietly as the thickness filled and stretched her love hole to the brink to tearing. Her eyes rolled to the back at the forceful violation by her own hand. Then, as commanded, she pulled the dildo out of her pussy before slamming it back in. Out-in. Out-in. Out-in.

"Faster." the woman amended.

And like a robot following instruction, her arm flexed faster and the dildo moved in and out of her hole at a higher rate. The woman leaned in until her lips touched Clara’s ear.

"Faster, Clara."

And faster she did. The dildo pumped in and out of her hole so fast, her skin was dragged out on every pull. Her hips buckled reflexively, giving more access for her hand to negotiate around, allowing better leverage to fuck herself harder and faster.

"Good girl. I will be out for a moment." the woman planted a kissed on Clara’s sweaty forehead and then went to the door.

"Oh, and one more thing. Don’t come." the woman gave her last command and then walked out of the door, locking it behind her.

Clara knew that the woman wasn’t in the room anymore. She had heard the door locking and the fading footsteps. The woman was no longer here. But why was her body still under her control.

She whimpered inwardly. Her pussy was drenched with her love juice and she could feel the familiar butterfly feeling in her stomach. If she didn’t stop soon, she would come. Wouldn’t she? Yet, she heard the command telling her not to come. Would her body really complied to that extend of not coming? Or was it a test? She would find out soon enough.

Her pussy soon felt the familiar build-up and began to throb. Oh God, she whimpered inwardly. Her hand didn’t seem going to stop anytime soon. Out-in. Out-in. Out-in. It was relentless.

Thirty minutes later, Clara was shaking from the torment. Her pussy did not come. The command was absolute. Her body simply couldn’t orgasm.

Fuck. She screamed inwardly as her eyes rolled back. Where the fuck was the woman? Clara asked. She wanted her back, wanted her to allow her to cum.

Finally, her hand soon tired out and the rate grew slower and slower until her hand simply limped to the side. She could feel her arm burning from the relentless motion and the ache was beginning to slip into mind. Nevertheless, she was grateful that her hand simply couldn’t follow through and the urge to come slowly die down as well.

Her relief was shortlived when her other hand grabbed hold of the dildo and resumed from where the other hand had left off. Clara jerked against the assault. Her muscle tensed, her toes curled, and her hips flexed. Her wilting orgasmic build-up was revived again and continued to sprout.

She was so edged, she didn’t even hear the woman coming back in. The woman took the seat in front of Clara and crossed her legs. A smirk on her face as she watched the girl fucked herself crazy.

"You may speak now." the woman said.

"Oh God, please let me come. Please let me come. I want to come." the words poured out of Clara’s throat in short gasp.

"You clearly have not learn your lesson." the woman shook her head disappointingly.

"Please mistress." Clara quickly added. "Please, let me come mistress." she begged further.

"Good girl." the woman smiled. "You may come."

As the word hit her eardrums, Clara’s body convulsed. Her eyes rolled back and her back arched gracefully. Her legs straightened and after a long shudder, a gush of feminine nectar jettisoned out of her pussy. A loud guttural groan followed.

Clara still wasn’t out of the water yet. Her hand kept the dildo moving inside her. And soon after her first orgasm, another one ripped through and the strength was as great as the first. And then her third followed quickly.

"Mistress, please stop." she begged.

"You are learning. Good girl. You may stop."

Her hand let go of the dildo and the thick soppy tool slid out of her swollen pussy and dropped to the ground. Her center of gravity shifted and the girl collapsed onto the couch, heaving in exhaustion. She closed her eyes and quickly passed out.

Clara felt something covering her mouth. When she opened her eyes, she found herself lying on a medical bed wearing an oxygen mask. An IV attached to her right hand, which ached badly when she tried to move.

And then a daunting face came into Clara’s view. The familiar sadistic smile hovered just a few inches from her. Clara’s skin tensed and the teeth clattered in fear.

"I think she’s awake." the woman who made Clara fuck herself told someone.

Another face came into sight. It was a man in his forties. He expertly peeled open Clara’s eye and flashed it with a penlight.

"Where am I?" Clara asked the man.

"You are in the hospital. You fainted and your consultant brought you here."

"Is she alright, doctor?" the woman interrupted.

"She’s fine Ms. Penrose. Just a little fever. She can be discharged before noon." the man said.

Ms. Penrose. Clara quickly etched the name into her brain. She needed to remember her name if she was to report her.

"Well, I’m glad she’s fine." she smiled at the doctor, it was much warmer than the ones she gave Clara. Ms. Penrose turned to Clara, her eyes glowed briefly before returning to auburn. "Why don’t you tell Dr. Hendricks here what happened to you?"

Was that a command? Or was she trying to trick her. Before Clara could answer that, her body sprang into action. She took away her mask and told the doctor that Ms. Penrose threatened to fuck her with a cactus. That it was her fault she’s in the hospital.

"What are you talking about?" the doctor took a step back and eyed the girl incredulously.

"It’s true, doctor. I forced her to fuck herself." Ms. Penrose confessed.

The doctor shook his head. "You are kidding right?"

"It’s true. She made me do things to my own body. Call the cops." Clara added vehemently.

"Alright. I’m not sure what’s going on. But I’m going to get the officer." the doctor turned to the exit.

Just as the doctor was about to exit, Ms. Penrose’s eyes glowed again. "You forget the conversation." she said.

The doctor stopped on his track. Then, he turned around with a frown. Did it worked? Clara held her breath and hoped for the best. She gripped the bedsheet tighter, ignoring the aches on her limbs.

"How silly of me. I almost forget to prescribe you your medicine." the doctor let out a soft laugh.

Holy shit! Clara face blanched. She eyed the doctor, hoping that he was just pretending to be. When he actually pulled out his booklet and started writing down prescription that Clara knew the command worked.

"Take it to the pharmacist." the doctor handed the piece of paper to Ms. Penrose.

"I will. Thank you doctor."

When the doctor exited the room, Ms. Penrose turned to Clara and gave her a knowing smile.

"Where’s my parents?" Clara hissed. She felt slightly more confident than she was in the office. This was a hospital, and she knew even Ms. Penrose wouldn’t do something stupid in a place where people could just walk in.

"They are outside." she said.

"I want to see them."

"Of course. But I don’t need to remind what you’ve just saw, do I? I can simply erase their memories." she leaned in closer, so close Clara could feel her body heat. "If you tell them, I will erase their memories of you. Okay?"

Clara swallowed. She thought for a bit but quickly realized that she really didn’t have a choice. If her parents lost the memories of their daughter, she might as well be living in the streets. Her parents were her sole contributor, the only two person in the world that’s keeping her alive and well fed. "Okay." she finally muttered.

"You are forgetting something, aren’t you?" The woman asked with a stern voice.

"Okay. Mistress." Clara corrected.

"Good. And I will see you tomorrow. Be on time or I will have to be a little creative with the cactus I have." she chuckled and turned to the door.

"Oh, and don’t bother running away from me, Clara. Because if I have to come look for you, which I will find you, things will be very different from now. See you at nine tomorrow." she added and then left the room.

Seconds later, Clara curled into a ball and began crying. She really was in deep trouble now.


Clara didn’t sleep well that night. When she woke up at seven, which she had never done before, she was all sore and aching all over. She crawled out of the bed and lumbered into the shower.

The shower wasn’t a pleasant one. Her pussy protested in a singeing pain as water coursed through those brutalized lips. But that was not her real concern. It would be far worse than a sore pussy if she couldn’t get away from the sadistic consultant of hers. She needed to find a way out.

She had thought about it on her bed as she tossed and turned through the night. She couldn’t tell her parents as that would only spell disasters should Ms. Penrose found out. And something told Clara that the thirty odd years consultant would. Perhaps commanding Clara to answer some questions. If that woman could erase someone’s memories, certainly she could make someone talk.

And yet, after thinking for a long while, Clara realized something odd. If her power, whatever the hell it was, could even alter someone’s memories, why didn’t the woman just alter hers? Make her the most rule abiding person on earth and be done with it. Why took the trouble to make Clara fuck herself, and even went so far to threaten her with a cactus? Was the woman really just sadistic? And if so, why was she in the hospital after the ordeal? Hell, why even let Clara go back to her house? There was also a sense of just in the woman. So much so that Clara knew deep down that as long as she followed the rules, the woman wouldn’t make her miserable. And if that’s true, then there might be a chance that Clara could fight back.

But still, there’s just too much uncertainty now to formulate any tangible means of fighting back. Clara didn’t know what she was up against. Clara didn’t even know much about the woman other than her eyes could glow. But boy if that woman thought Clara would just roll over and give in, she was dead wrong. Clara had never given in to someone, had never bowed down to another soul in her life ever.

But today, she would bow down. Today, she would be the consultant’s submissive little good girl. Hell, she would even put on her best manners, not that she was familiar with any, to keep the woman from doing stuff to her body. She would concede. She would lose the proverbial battle. And she would learn more about her. So much more that she would find a way to win the war.

A small grin tugged her lips. She felt confident once more and a sense of determination to set the score. She put on her most modest article she could find in her walk-in wardrobe, a navy blue knee length sleeveless dress that didn’t expose her cleavage. She then chose her favorite white designer handbag she often took it with her to the clubs. The color of innocence and purity. For her footwear, she went for the teal heels for the occasion. After having breakfast with her mother, whom cared more about the latest gossips she found in the internet than eating the food, Clara had her chauffeur drove her to the academy by eight forty five and she was at the office door by eight fifty.

"Come in." a voice came through the door when Clara knocked.

Clara puffed her chest up and pushed open the door. She saw Ms. Penrose reading something off her tablet at the table. Remembering the need to stay well-mannered, Clara greeted the woman and even referred her as mistress.

The woman frowned and looked up from her tablet. Gradually, the frown smoothed and her lips slowly curled into a lopsided smile. As much as Clara hated to admit it, she knew the woman suspected something was up.

"You are early. Have a seat Clara." she gestured at the couch.

Clara counted three seconds inwardly, one-Mississippi, two-Mississippi, three-Mississippi. Nothing. Her body didn’t move on its own. That was not a command. Realizing that, she nodded belatedly and took a seat.

"I hope you rested well." Ms. Penrose said as she took a seat on the chair opposite of Clara.

"I have, mistress." Clara replied genteelly.

"Good. Since we started of badly yesterday, I didn’t get to introduce myself. I’m Cecilia Penrose." she was all professional, as if the fact that she had eaten Clara’s pussy yesterday and then threatened her with a cactus didn’t happen.

Clara felt a boiling urge to spat something sarcastic at the woman’s face but she held it down. It wouldn’t do her much good to stay at the woman’s bad side. Instead, she would play ball with her.

"I’m Clara Webber." and before she could forget, she added. "Mistress."

"It’s nice to see that you are learning."

"Oh I didn’t want anything bad happen to me again, mistress." Clara remarked with a pretentious innocent tone.

"Well said." the woman leaned back and crossed her legs. She adjusted her glass and then took out a small green handbook from her breast pocket. "This is the student handbook. I’m sure you have one rotting in some dark corner but just in case you can’t find it, I will give you mine." she flung the book to the couch and the book hit the backrest before falling to the seat cushion.

"Memorize every rule and abide them. If you failed to follow the rules, there will be consequence." she added.

Clara stiffened at her words. She had never bothered to follow rules. Hell, she didn’t even care about them from the very first day she got in. Why would she? No one seemed to give a damn about what she did. Nevertheless, if the woman wanted to play, Clara would oblige. Then a sudden realization came into mind. That too, wasn’t a command. Because if it was, Clara would have taken the book by now.

"Why didn’t you just make me memorize them? If you can make the doctor forget, you certainly can make me remember."

"Well, if I do that, where’s the fun in it." she shrugged.

Clara tightened her fingers into fists. God, the woman was fucking with her. Despite the anger brewing in her, Clara knew going head on with this woman wasn’t going to work. She would have to play her games for now.

"Fine. Mistress. I will memorize them." Clara hissed, her anger was taking form.

"Good, with that said, please read section 3, rule number 5."

Clara picked up the book and looked at the index. Section 3 was about student’s attire and began at page 9. She flipped to that page and searched for rule number 5. When she got to the rule, her face paled.

-Students are not allowed to wear high heels with heel height of more than 3 inches-

"I would say that’s more than three, don’t you agree?" she nodded at the heels Clara’s wearing.

Clara’s mouth dried. Her fingers began to shake as fear seeped in. "B-but I didn’t know." she argued.

"The rule book is given out to each student every year. How could you not know? Did you not read it?" she asked patronizingly. It was a rhetorical question. Both of them knew it. Of course Clara never read the rule book.

Clara knew from this moment she was in trouble. All the confidence and determination she had this morning vaporized instantly. She thought she had everything covered. In fact, the heels was the shortest, most professional looking pair she had. She had everything by the book. Hell, she didn’t even smoke on her way to school.

"I-I won’t do it again." Clara croaked as she slid herself further away from the woman.

"I’m not finished." the woman interrupted. "Section 4 rule number 3."

Clara swallowed whatever little saliva she had in her mouth. Her lips were quivering in fear. With trembling hands, she turned to the following section and sought out the said rule. As she read the words, her eyes blurred with tears. Oh God, she silently screamed. She felt sick and dropped the book.

"What’s the matter?" the woman asked sardonically.

"N-nothing." Clara sobbed.

The woman bent forward and picked up the book. She flipped a few pages and then pressed her index finger on it the page. "Section 4 rule 3: Students are not allow to bring any restricted item as stated in the list below into the academy." she read.

"Alcoholic beverages, hazardous material, weapons, pornographic materials, ..." she read each item from the list that included the items that Clara wished she had taken out from her handbag. "drugs, spray paint...and cigarettes..." the woman gave Clara a knowing glance.

"Now, hand me your bag." she held out her hand.

Clara shook her head and clutched her handbag tighter to her chest.

"I’m not going to ask again."

Reluctantly, Clara handed the bag to her. She didn’t have a choice. If she didn’t hand it over the woman would force her to anyways. Ms. Penrose took her handbag and began searching. Clara’s heart raced and blood pounded her in ears. She could almost see white spot in front of her. She tried to keep calm, tried not to show her anxiety. When the consultant fished out a box of cigarettes and did no further search, Clara sighed in relief.

"So, you’ve broken two rules." the woman waggled the box of cigarettes.

"I’m sorry mistress." Clara said immediately.

The woman frowned but quickly blinked it off. She slid the box of cigarettes into her breast pocket.

"Read the book. I don’t want these happening again am I clear?"

"Yes, mistress." Clara nodded submissively.

The consultant went on lecturing Clara on the importance of rules and how vital it was as a foundation to a good society. Rules were there to keep everyone from fucking up other’s life. Clara tried to listen but her attention was on the door. She wanted to get out of this office as soon as possible. Finally, the woman finished what she had to say and leaned back into her seat.

"Now, that pretty much wraps up today’s session. You may go for your class now." the woman said.

"Now?" Clara blinked. Wasn’t the session supposed to be two hours? It’s only been thirty minutes at best.

"Yes. You can go now. Or do you want to stay?" she cocked her brow.

"No." Clara snapped, perhaps all too quickly. The woman scowled suspiciously but decidedly brushed it off.

"Good. Now off you go. I have other work to do." the woman handed Clara her bag, stood up and walked to her desk.

With that, Clara jumped up from the couch and almost ran to the door. Her heart was pumping sporadically and she felt that she would really die of heart attack if she had to stay here a minute longer. But when she grabbed the door knob, her heart sank and her stomach twisted in knots. She heard it. The cold and commanding voice of Ms. Penrose telling her to stop. Her body complied instantly and she couldn’t move.

"I’ve been thinking." the woman said from behind. "Why didn’t you let me search your bag when I first asked you?"

Clara bit her lips and her heart rate soared as she heard footsteps coming closer to her from behind. Then, her handbag was taken away from her.

"At first, I thought you didn’t want me to find your cigarettes."

Clara heard the the shuffling noise of her handbag being searched. She shut her eyes and prayed. She prayed wholeheartedly that the woman wouldn’t find the stash of ecstasy hiding behind a small inconspicuous compartment.

"But everyone knows you smoke in school. And you know that everyone knows too. So..." the woman trailed off.

And then Clara heard the most dreadful sound in the world. Her handbag being unzipped. There was only one compartment that had a zipper. The same compartment that housed a small plastic bag containing fifteen or so little pink pills that she bought from the club owner last Sunday.

"Well well well, what do we have here?"

"It’s for my period." Clara lied.

"Is that so?" the woman’s voice darkened. "Tell me, Clara. What are these?"

"Ecstasy." Clara heard her own voice though she clearly didn’t recall saying it. "I was going to throw it away." she quickly added, this time on her own will.

"Shhhh..." the woman shushed her and Clara immediately lost her ability to talk. "Clara dear. Strip." she commanded.

Clara’s body, having a mind of its own, moved from the door. Her hands unzipped the back zipper and the dress fell down onto the floor into a pile. Then, her hands undid her bra and let it drop before sliding off her panties to join the rest of the garment on the floor.

"Bend over the backrest of the couch."

Her body complied, moved and then leaned over. Her hands grabbed the backrest on their own for better support. Two fingers trailed along the crevice of her pussy and then plunged deep into her. Tears began to roll down her cheeks and fell to the leather finish below.

"Let me tell you this, Clara. I am a sadist, if you haven’t get that already. And I enjoy making girls like you scream in pain." the woman growled.

"But I’m also a fair person. If you don’t break my rule, I won’t hurt you." She elaborated and then forcefully inserted the third finger into Clara’s pussy. Clara jerked at the invasion. A throaty groan rumbled through her closed lips. "But if you do, I will make you wish you are dead."

"Do you really want me to force that cactus into your pussy?" the woman hissed. She grabbed a fistful of Clara’s hair and yanked. "Answer me?"

Her mouth relaxed and her voice came back. "N-no, mistress." Clara sobbed.

"Then why did you lie to me?" the woman growled ferociously.

"Because you are going to hurt me if you found out." Clara cried, her words barely understandable.

"No, Clara. I would have let you go if you were honest. I never intended to punish you today anyways."

"You will. You did it yesterday. You will do it today. You are an evil perverted sadist." Clara countered sobbingly.

"I’m a sadist, yes. A pervert, perhaps. But I’m not evil. Clara. What I did yesterday was just a show of power. You were a complete bitch and I had to make sure you know what you are dealing with?" The woman sighed. " You have no idea what evil means when it comes to people like me." she added.

"Let me go. You monster." Clara screamed.

"Shut up." The woman snapped and Clara’s mouth clammed shut. "You think I’m a monster?" She pulled Clara’s hair harder, her three fingers dug deeper into her pussy. Clara whimpered quietly.

"If I’m a monster I would have made you shred your pussy into a bloody mess with the cactus. If I’m a monster, I wouldn’t have admitted you to the hospital. I would have watched you succumb to exhaustion and brainwash my way out of trouble. And Clara dear, if I’m truly a monster, I would have brainwashed you from the beginning and sell you to the highest bidder. Do you know how much a girl like you cost in the black market? And yet, I’m still here, working from nine to five with a monthly salary of thirty five hundred, babysitting a bitch of a girl that almost burned down a building and sent five students to the ER for smoke inhalation. So you tell me, Clara, am I a monster?"

Clara felt her mouth loosened. She knew she could talk now. But no words formed. Instead, she let out a soft wail, the wail of guilt. Something she didn’t feel very often and thought she never would.

"So, do you think I should punish you?"

Clara weighted those words. Did she deserved to be punished? Perhaps. But every sense of her being knew that the sort of punishments the woman delivered so far were morally corrupted. She would expect several hours of community service. Maybe clean the female toilets and clear the rubbish bin by the end of the day. But not like this. Not being forced to fuck herself until she fainted. Not having to strip and her pussy violated.

"Fuck you." Clara spat.

"Bad choice of words, Clara." The woman exhaled and moved away from the girl. She walked to her desk, picked up her bag from the seat and took out two black objects. She went to the couch and sat down facing Clara. She brought the two objects in front of Clara.

"Now, open your mouth." her eyes glowed as she commanded. Clara’s jaw dropped on its own.

The woman tore open the plastic covers and dropped the contents into her palm. One looked like a rubber plug that shaped like a slim top with a tapered flange at the base and the other was a black oblong object with a thin tube attached to it. The woman then connected the two items together, attaching the open end of the tube to the base of the plug.

The woman then angled the thing into Clara’s mouth. "Make it wet or it won’t be comfortable."

"Emmm..." Clara mumbled.

"Lick all over it." she commanded while rotating the rubbery device inside her mouth. Clara’s tongue automatically slithered all over the obkect. With the woman’s hand tenderly cupped Clara’s cheek, she felt a swirl of butterfly taking flight in her stomach. It felt weird yet oddly sensual and intimate.

After a minute or two, the woman pulled the plug out and went around the couch.

"No..." Clara gasped when she felt the wet tip pressed against her anus. "Stop..."

"You never use this hole before?" the woman asked casually as she nudged the device deeper into the tight hole.

"N-no..." Clara let out a throaty groan. Her pussy began to throb in excitement and her love juice seeped out of the slightly parted lips. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. She shouldn’t feel this aroused.

"There’s always a first time." the woman cooed and pushed hard.

Clara yelped. She felt her anus widened up as the device gradually sank into her. And just when she thought it was about to tear her in half, the thing slipped in like a key to a lock.

"Oh God..." Clara gasped. She felt like she suddenly had a full bowel and needed to shit. Her inside convulsed and the object began to slide out of her again.

"No you don’t." The woman pressed her palm on the base and pushed the plug back in.

Clara let out a guttural groan. Her eyes rolled back as her body shuddered.

"Keep it in there." another command. Clara’s anus tightened by itself, locking the device snugly in place. "This is for lying to me. Clara."

"Please. Stop." Clara begged.


Clara’s mouth clammed shut.

"I’m not done yet." the woman said. "This is for wearing those heels."

Clara heard a hissing sound, following by a weird sensation inside her ass.

"This is for bringing cigarettes." another hissing sound coursed through the air and this time Clara felt it. The plug inside her was expanding.

"Emmmm..." Clara whimpered.

"And this..." the woman ignored her plea, "is for bringing drugs." another hiss.

Clara yelped. The thing had certain doubled in size. Before, she felt like she wanted to take a shit. Now, she felt like she needed to.

The woman detached the tube from the plug and gave her ass a slap. "There, all done. Now get dressed."

Clara regained her freedom to move and immediately clamped her thighs together as if she was going to piss herself. The added motion made her asshole tightened even more and the discomfort grew exponentially.

"If you move too much, you are going to feel it more." the woman explained as she went back to her desk.

"You fucking sadist." Clara spat in distaste.

"Keep that up and I will put another one in your pussy." the woman grinned.

Clara’s cheek flushed. That prospect would have terrified her but instead, she swallowed like a bitch in heat. Ignoring her own arousal and the fact that there’s a fucking plug in her asshole, she put on her clothes as quickly as possible and snatched her bag from the ground.

"Go to class now. When you have enough, you can come back here and beg for forgiveness at any time."

Humiliated, she trudged out and slammed the door behind her. As Clara limped down the hallway, she tried hard not to look like someone with a plug in her ass. She slid into the restroom and rushed to one of the many empty stalls. Desperately, she yanked her panties down, flipped her skirt up and sat on the toilet. With all her might, she tried push it out. But still under the influence of the command, her anus refused to reject the foreign object. As that didn’t turn out well, she went for a more physical approach. She slipped her fingers under the round flange and tried to pry it out. But her fingers simply turned limp, as if her fingers had lost the ability to grip.

Confused but not deterred, she tried again. The result was the same. Her fingers simply refused to pull it out. "Fuck!" Clara exclaimed.

Still not giving up,. she looked around the stall for options. Her eyes soon landed on the tap by the side of the wall. The cross knob of the tap would certainly serve a good leverage point. She carefully negotiated through the narrow space between the tap and the wall until the side of the cross was under the flange of the plug. Now, all she had to do was to lunge forward and the cross would do the pulling for her.

"" she whimpered when she realized her body simply wouldn’t more. "Fuck." she exasperated. The command was truly absolute. Her entire body simply refused to take it out.

Without much of a choice, Clara decided to endure it. If this was what the woman wanted to play, she would indulge her. Carefully, she slid herself away from the tap and pulled up her panties. Yes, if this was the best the woman could do, then Clara would survive it. She would never crawl back into her office and beg her to take it off.

Instead, Clara went straight to her class. Every set of eyes, including the professor’s, immediately turned to her when she walked into the classroom. Ignoring their curious glare, she slowly walked until she reached her desk at the last row and practically eased onto her seat like an old lady.

"What’s wrong with your face?" Amanda, one of her entourage, asked.

"What’s wrong with it?" Clara voice hitched.

"It’s red. You’re having a fever or something?" Amanda frowned.

Shit. Clara hadn’t really thought about it. But now that she did, she could feel the heat off her face.

"It’s the weather." Clara gestured at the sunny morning sky.

"Uh huh." Amanda was not convinced but thankfully decided not to press on.

As the class resumed and the professor began explaining on current market trends, Clara began to feel the tightness in her bowel. She kept her composure and sat really still on the chair. She tried her best not to think about it, to listen to the lecture, to find something, anything at all, to distract herself from the plug in her ass.

She briefly wondered if she could ask Amanda to pull it out for her but quickly thought better of it. Amanda was just a friend. Just as any other friends she ever had in her life. And Clara had no doubts that Amanda wouldn’t be able to keep that a secret too. By noon, every student would know she had a plug in her ass and that Clara would never allow to ever happen.

As one professor went out and the other came in to conduct the next lesson, Clara began to feel the pressure building. And it wasn’t just her asshole. Somewhere along the line between discomfort and humiliation, Clara felt a mild arousal creeping into her. The thought of someone could find out and the contrasting vacancy of her pussy compared to her asshole warped into something lustful that Clara couldn’t understand how. It simply felt so wrong it felt good.

Clara inconspicuously eyed her neighbors, making sure that no one was paying too much attention to her as she leaned her body sideways to reduce the pressure. But that only made it worse as gravity tugged against the massive plug, pulling on her tightly constricted anus along with it. That made her pussy throbbed in excitement. So much that she couldn’t even concentrate in class. Not that she ever did in the first place.

Her mouth dried and her face flushed. Her thoughts became incoherent and whatever happened in front of her was simply just a blur. Her hands began to tremble as arousal gripped onto her like a vice. She pressed her hands onto her mount and clamped her thighs tightly and hoped it would reduce the ache on her pussy. It did not help one bit.

Hours upon hours, Clara finally couldn’t hold it on anymore. She didn’t want to play the game anymore. There’s no reason this could be called a justified mean to punish a girl. She was no longer in the mood to keep her composure anymore. She wanted that thing out and then find a spot to masturbate. Period. On the third class, Clara walked out class and trudged back to Ms. Penrose’s office, each step made her pussy clenched and exacerbated her arousal.

Without any reservation, she barged in to her office unannounced. Ms. Penrose was sitting at her desk, piles of paperwork stacked on the otherwise empty desk. The woman raised her brow as a knowing smile curved at her lips.

"Get this thing out of me." Clara snapped. Her voice throaty and angry.

"Close the door Clara." the woman said nonchalantly and Clara immediately obeyed. It wasn’t a command. Clara closed it willingly. Even she wouldn’t want the world to see her ass stuffed with a goddamn plug.

"There. Get it out now." Clara limped to the couch. Her knees were dangerously close to buckle. When she reached the couch, she carefully eased herself onto the cushioned seat. Her body was visibly trembling and god only knew how many people she crossed path a few moments ago noticed that too.

"Is that how you beg, Clara?" the woman stood up from her desk, her voice darkened.

A shiver ran down Clara’s spine. Every inch of her skin prickled with fear. She had just walked in to the lion’s den and her fate was already at the woman’s mercy. Yet, a part of her didn’t want to admit defeat and remained defiant.

"I’m not playing this stupid game of yours anymore. Take it out." Clara hissed angrily.

"You think this is just a game?" the woman chuckled eerily. Then, her eyes glowed in a brilliant blue. "Get up."

Clara body tensed and then like having a life on its own, her body rose from the couch and stood still.


A moments later, Clara was stark naked, standing poise.

"Squat down."

Her body complied. Clara yelped at the motion as the plug slipped slightly out of her before slipping back in from the contraction of her anus.

"What are you doing?" Clara exclaimed desperately.

"Stand up." the woman ignored her.

And she did.

"Squat down."

"Stop..." Clara groaned.

"Keep quiet and widen your legs." the woman snarled.

Clara’s jaw locked in place and her lowered limbs parted simultaneously. The woman palmed the girl’s exposed pussy before sliding two fingers into her wet slick. Then, a third finger joined in.

"Is this how you beg, Clara? Didn’t I tell you to address me as mistress?" the woman sneered as she thrust her fingers hard and rough into Clara’s pussy.

Clara eyes rolled back and her body trembled at the assault to her pussy. A long trembling groan rocked out from her throat.

"You can’t win against me, Clara. Give in. Beg me to take it out." the woman breathed.

"Fuck you." Clara replied when her voice came back. She was nobody’s bitch. She wouldn’t let herself fall so low anymore.

The woman clicked her tongue as she shook her head. "Clara, you are a sadist greatest joy, do you know that?" the woman said. "You keep fighting even though you know you will not win."

"I won’t give in to you, bitch." Clara snapped. Every bit of the sense of compliance, feigned or forced, disintegrated. Clara didn’t want anything to do with this woman anymore.

"That won’t do, Clara." The woman shook her head in disappointment. "Keep quiet, keep your legs open..." she commanded. "...and Clara, do thirty squats." she finally added with a lopsided grin.

Clara’s body moved on it’s own, squatting and standing, squatting and standing, up-down, up-down, up-down. Clara moaned through her closed mouth. Her face flushed with heat. Tears of agony rolled down her cheeks as the plug moved in and out to the movement of her body.

The woman stepped away and languidly sauntered to her desk. She then removed her white blouse and black pencil skirt and folded them neatly on it. From her drawer, she took out a leather underwear that looked like a thong. Sultrily, she put them on and tightened the straps to her hips. There was a ring of sort attached to the front of the garment she was wearing. From the same drawer, she took out a mean looking dildo that had a bulging studded tip.

Clara watched in horror as the woman locked the dildo to the ring on the leather garment she wore as Clara continued her squats. It became clear to her that what’s going to happen next. The hair on the back of her neck rose. She was terrified beyond comprehension. That thing was huge and there’s no way it could fit inside her. When the woman came back, Clara had just finished her squats and was panting in exhaustion.

"Sit on the couch and spread your legs."

Clara did as ordered, lifting her soles onto the couch and spreading her thighs.

"You’ve gotten pretty wet, haven’t you?" the woman mocked.

Clara looked at her pussy and was shocked to find her pubes drenched with her own juice. Yes, she was aroused by the plug but she never thought it would be at such an extent.

"I think we have to do something about it, don’t we?" the woman said sardonically.

Grabbing the base of the dildo, the woman rubbed the studded tip along Clara’s wet slick. Clara shuddered at the contact as tiny blunt nubs scrapped the opening of her love hole. As the rubbing intensified, Clara began to feel light headed. She couldn’t think straight anymore as her pussy ached sweetly under the sensual touch of the tip.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" the woman asked.

"No." Clara whimpered. She wanted her to slam that dildo in alright, but she just wouldn’t say it. Saying it would mean that the woman had won.

"No?" the woman raised her tone, all the while nudging the tip deeper into her, but never deep enough just to drive Clara insane.

"No..." Clara shuddered.

"Don’t lie, Clara. Tell the truth." the woman’s eyes glowed.

"Yes. Please, yes. Fuck me. Fuck my pussy." Clara heard her own raspy voice.

The woman flexed her hips and thrust forward. Every last thick inch of the mean looking tool slid into Clara’s wet love hole. The girl tensed and wide-eyed and her lips formed a large ’O’.

"Do you like that?"

"Yes." Clara whimpered, still under the woman’s mind control influence.

The woman pulled out all the way and stopped. Then, she lifted Clara’s chin and forced Clara’s eyes to meet hers. Clara could see the glow in her eyes faded away.

"Do you want that thing inside you again?" the woman asked with a grin.

With her controls back, Clara resumed her defiance. "Get the fuck away from me." she spat at the woman.

"Tell the truth." the azure glow returned.

"Yes. Please put it in again." Clara helplessly said.

The woman chuckled victoriously and then pushed the thick dildo back into Clara’s wet hole. This time, she didn’t pulled out. She undulated her hips, moving the dildo in and out of Clara’s pussy in a leisurely fashion. One hard inch after another, slowly going in and out.

Clara bit her quivering lower lip. It wasn’t enough. The woman wasn’t fucking her, she was teasing Clara. The bulging tip gliding in and out only made Clara wanted more, wanted to be fucked hard and fast.

"Tell me what you want, Clara." the woman said.

"I want you to fuck me harder." Clara, unable to lie, groaned through her clenched teeth.

"Like this?"the woman hastened her thrust, the dildo shot into her pussy hard.


Ms. Penrose drove harder and pummeled the dildo into Clara’s pussy repeatedly.

"Yes. Yes. Yes." Clara squealed in delight at every hard pound on her pussy.

Gripping her thighs for supported, the woman rocked her hips hard. Her thighs smacked against Clara’s bare ass at every thrust and threatened to dislodge the plug inside Clara’s asshole. Clara’s body, still under the previous command, kept the plug in despite of the hard pounding happening just half an inch up.

"Do you want to come?" the woman asked, never slowing down her thrust.

"Yes. Oh yes." Clara hissed.

"Beg me."

"Please let me come mistress." Clara repeated those words as if that’s the only thing she knew how to say. Nothing else mattered anymore. Everything she felt was down on her pussy and her asshole. The strong sensation wrecked her mind like a violent tornado. It was crazy. She was crazy. Crazy for wanting the woman to fuck her crazy.

"Come, Clara."

Like a switch being flipped, Clara convulsed and her eyes rolled back. Her back arched and her toes curled. A long raspy inhuman cried rumbled out of Clara’s throat as pleasure ripped through her body like a tsunami. When the dildo evacuated her pussy, a stream of love juice sprayed out of Clara’s opening and stained the wood panels below.

After the nerve-wreaking release, Clara’s head limp to the side as she gasped for air while her body still locked in place by the mind control, legs spread and her pussy unprotected, still at the mercy of the woman.

"Do you like that?" the woman cooed.

"Yes." Clara said, not sure if the mind controlling or that she genuinely did like it.

"You see, Clara. There’s no fighting me." The woman’s voice soften and trailed her fingers along Clara’s sweaty forehead.

At least not yet. Clara said to herself inwardly. But she’s too tired to think about fighting now. All she wanted to do want to lie down and have a nap.

"And I’m going to prove to you again and again until you remember that." the woman grabbed Clara’s hair and forced her to look into her eyes.

Clara squealed in agony when the woman pushed the dildo back into her pussy. With the mind control still in effect, Clara’s legs remained wide open for the woman to access her battered love hole.

"Your punishment has just begun." the woman hissed and began rocking her hips violently, coaxing Clara’s pussy to come again. It didn’t take long before Clara reached another explosive climax.

"Now, let’s see if we can get the third one out of you." the woman remarked snidely.

Clara shook her head in protest, but without the will of her own to move, her body remained the subject of Ms. Penrose’s mercy. And mercy was not something the sadistic consultant showed often.

She pounded the poor girl for another good fifteen minute, forcing her to come for the third time. By then, Clara so exhausted that her thighs were beginning to close due to fatigue.

"Emmm...look at your pussy. So red, so well fucked." the woman stared at Clara’s wet snatch. The pussy was slightly parted, revealing all the red soreness deep within. Then, she held up Clara’s head by her hair. "Will you fight me again?"

"No. Mistress." Clara whimpered breathlessly.

Not now, Clara told herself. Now, she would submit. She couldn’t win over the woman under such compromising situation. But after she learned more about the woman, she would fight. She would make sure the woman paid for everything that she had done to her. She promised herself that. And she wouldn’t stop finding a way to settle the score even if she die.

"Tell me the truth." the woman’s eyes glowed once more.

"I will fight you." Clara blurted.

"I see." the woman smirked. "I will see you try. For now, I think you’ve got what you deserve. You may let go of the plug now."

And just like that, Clara expelled the large black plug out of her asshole and the rubber device bounced on the floor.

"That’s it for today. I will see you tomorrow." she stood up and walked to her desk. "And Clara, there will be consequences if you break the rules."

Aching all over her body and especially her pussy, Clara staggered to her clothes and languidly put them on. When she was done, she walked out of the room dejectedly. Today, she had definitely lost the battle. And today, she realized she might not win the war after all.


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Incest sex - hot for cock
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think for a scant moment then leaned toward me so I did the same and we
kissed, tongues and all then the 3 of us traded kisses.

"Gosh daddy having 2 men to fuck me is going to be great." I back my head
away and raised my eyebrow but I wasn't alone because Jaren did the
same. "Well, you're going to keep fucking me aren't you Jaren?"

My friends' hand had gone behind me and was cupping my butt cheek while
mine rested on his shoulder. "I really don't know what to say to that," he
finally said quietly. I asked if he was doing okay and he nodded his head.

"This has totally taken me by surprise Eric," he said. "I mean, I just
never thought, I never pictured myself being with a boy, let along your

"Did you like it Jaren," Ashe asked him. "Was it fun for you sucking my
cock and fucking me and stuff?" He nodded his head.

"Honestly it was amazing. I never thought that being with a boy could be so
hot, so incredible. And I can't believe that I sucked your cock too Eric
and had you cum in my mouth. Sure, I did that stuff when I was young teen
but it never occurred to me to do it as an adult. I've never looked at any
guy with that in mind." He paused then said, "At least I don't think that I
did. But I'm glad that I did it and I hope you're okay with it too." I told
my friend that it had never occurred to me to be with a man either. Or a
boy for that matter."

"My daddy didn't either til I got him to Jaren," my son explained then went
on to tell our friend, and now lover, how it had all transpired. "I love
getting fucked so much and when I asked daddy about another man fucking me
I was thinking about you fucking me. I'm really glad that you did it too
Jaren." Ashe moved his head forward and kissed Jaren on the mouth again who
kissed him back without hesitation.

"Now what," Jaren asked. "I don't mean just tonight but like, from now on?"
I said that I honestly didn't know because this had been a little
impromptu, although not completely. I suggested that we take a shower so
continued the conversation there. Jaren was treated to his first washing by
another person admitting that his girlfriend had barely even washing his
back when he asked. Jaren groaned loudly when Ashe washed his asshole.

"I never licked a hole before tonight and I'll be goddamned if I didn't
love doing it." That said, Ashe made him lean against the wall then
proceeded to rim him causing lots of loud moaning and groaning. When Ashe
stopped Jaren turned around, Jaren's hand was gripping tightly on his rock
hard cock.

"I..." he started. "Uhm, I think..." He paused again. "I think I want to
try a cock in my ass," he finally blurted out. Jaren seemed a little
embarrassed by that admission but I consoled him.

"I know how you feel Jaren. I've been thinking the same thing since I
started fucking Ashe. He's fucked me a few times but because of his size it
isn't much. I've been thinking more and more about having something bigger
in my ass. I've even considered buying some toys," I admitted. We finished
and dried off then went back into the living room. Jaren had to leave
because he had dogs he needed to let out but we agreed that he should come
back over the following night, Saturday to which he agreed. We sent him off
with plenty of hugs and kisses then Ashe and I sat down and talked.

The crux of it was that Jaren was a sweet heart of a guy not to mention
pretty hot looking. Both Ashe and I agreed that it had been hot as fuck for
both of us doing stuff in front of him, watching him with each of us.

"I can't believe he actually wanted to suck your cock papa and have you
shoot your sperm in his mouth." I told him I was surprised as he had
been. So that all said, we got dressed and jumped in the car and headed out
to a locally owned ice cream parlor for a tasty desert. It was there that
Ashe brought up the idea of being with another boy.

The topic came up because of the amount of boys, young teens actually, that
were out and about on a Friday night. And there were a lot of them. And a
lot of them were cute as all hell. As we sat at an outside table Ashe
gently nudged me or casually pointed this boy and that, asking if I thought
he was cute or stating that he had a really cute butt or in some cases what
he perceived as a healthy boy bulge.

"Would you like to be with another boy papa," he asked me. Honestly I
hadn't given it any thought. I mean hell, I had one hot boy at my
fingertips and one that was willing to drop his drawers at any time and
allow me to have my way with him. More accurately it was him having his way
with me although the outcome, no pun intended, was the same. I told him
that I hadn't considered it.

"Well I think it would be just as hot seeing you be sexy with another boy
as it was having Jaren be with us. I think that watching you fuck a cute
boy or suck a cute boy would be lots of fun. Of course he would have to
fuck me too." I chuckled because that was a given. At least I thought
so. It would turn out that was not quite accurate.

"I think it would be more difficult locating another boy that might favor
us with his presence baby boy. It's a little different than snagging an

"Not really papa. I could find us a boy really easy I think." I asked him
why he thought so. "Because I can ask a boy questions about sex and stuff
and not get into trouble. I can show a boy my cock in the bathrooms really
easy. Boys do that at school all the time and nobody cares. Boys are always
waving their dicks around and they talk about doing stuff with other boys
all the time. It would be easy to get a boy to play with us."

I mulled that over as I spooned ice cream covered in nuts and warm
chocolate sauce into my mouth. As I looked at the dozens of boys milling
about, joking with each other and just being boys, I saw a half dozen or
more that peaked my interest, an interest that was now more focused than it
had been barely 10 minutes earlier. Indeed, sucking one of their cocks
would be exciting especially since we were talking about boys that were
sexually more mature; boys that were sperming. I wasn't all that interested
in having Jaren cum in my mouth, nor was I disinterested, but a young
teenage boy might well be a different story. I'd have to give that some

So it was that Jaren returned the following night. On that go around he and
I spent more time making out and sucking each other's cocks that we had the
night before. Clearly we were both more at ease with each other and willing
to do some exploring. Of course Ashe insisted that we try it because it was
hot to him seeing us like that. And also, of course, it wasn't like he was
sitting idly by either; oh no. My boy was busy sucking a free cock, getting
his cock sucked by a free mouth, rimming or getting rimmed. It had been a
great 3 way suck fuck fest.

Ashe fucked Jaren and then I fucked him, much to his and my delight. He
declared that he kind of liked getting fucked, being the passive partner in
sex. He liked it in a missionary position, legs back, and looking at my
face as I slammed 7 plus inches of moderately thick man cock up his virgin

We both fucked my son a couple of times and while I didn't have Jaren fuck
me I did have him cum in my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his thick
gooey sperm and actually didn't mind it a bit. It did make me wonder though
what a young teen boys' sperm tasted like. I'd read somewhere that it
didn't have the strong bleach type taste of a more mature male but of
course I had no experience with which to judge that. Jaren would change
that. That is, Jaren with Ashe's assistance would change that.

It was about a month after our first encounter and Jaren had become a
regular weekend visitor, enough so that he brought his dogs with him so he
wouldn't have to go home to take care of them. The first Friday night that
we did it, we stayed up until 1 in the morning fucking each other's brains
out. I had allowed Jaren to fuck me for the first time and while I didn't
particularly pant after it, I did wonder what it would be like being with a
younger boy.

"I've had something come up that I could use some help with," Jaren said
one night as the 3 of us lay cuddled up on my bed. We had just finished an
interesting situation whereby I had fucked Jaren while he was blowing
Ashe. My body had been perpendicular to his; that is, crosswise to him,
holding his upper leg up out of the way as I pummeled his hairless
hole. Ashe had gotten him to shave his hole and his balls and trim down his
pubic thatch. Ashe had been mostly perpendicular to Jaren so in effect it
was like a human H with Jaren as the cross bar.

"I think my 13 year old cousin might be coming on to me." That certainly
got my son's attention. Jaren went on to say that he and Kyler tended to
roughhouse and wrestle since the kid was little and it seemed lately that
the boy had been feeling his uncle up seemingly by accident. I'm pretty
sure that he's gotten hard too, in fact I know it because the last time his
hard cock was pressed against the back of my leg.

"I've noticed that whenever he stays at my house he tends to wander around
in his underwear. It seems too like I catch him checking my crotch out."
Ashe asked Jaren if he wanted to play with his cousin. "Honestly, I never
thought about it before we, well you know, but now. Yeah, I wouldn't mind
having a go at him. He's a cute little fucker and I wonder how big his cock
is and judging from the bulge in his briefs he's pretty big for his
age. I'm pretty sure he's sperming because I've seen small wet spots on his

"Well why don't you have him spend a weekend with you and we could all hang
out together." Jaren got a shocked expression on his face and Ashe laughed
then went on to explain. Maybe we could go to the zoo or a movie or
whatever. The 2 boys would likely get along just fine, if not great, and of
course they would have to use the bathroom and Ashe would have no problem
showing Kyler his cock, in the appropriate context of course. Ashe was sure
that if he whipped his out to go pee Kyler would most likely do the same
and once they had showed each other their cocks then the door way to
discussing other things, like doing stuff with boys and such, was likely to
come up. Essentially it was exactly what Ashe had told me a month before
when the topic of another boy came up.

"Trust me Jaren, I can find out pretty quick if Kyler is interested and if
he is then I can find a reason to get things started." We talked some more
about it and with Ashe's insistence that he could make it happen Jaren
started getting excited about the possibility.

So it was that Jaren and Kyler showed up bright and early the following
Saturday morning. Jaren hadn't been exaggerating about Kyler being a
cutie. About 5 feet tall, his dark brown, almost light black hair was cut
in a layered bowl cut, that is, it had the bowl shape but was layered so
didn't look real severe. He had large hazel green eyes, straight and
crystal white teeth, a button nose with a very light smattering of barely
noticeable freckles. He was an adorable boy.

Jaren had showed up around 8 so Ashe and I were still in briefs,
intentionally so, and Ashe's briefs were quite briefs, low cut bikini style
in a pink with a raspberry trim. Jaren didn't need to knock, he just came
through the door. Ashe went bounding to greet him and all but leapt into
Jaren's arms, threw his legs around Jaren's waist and arms around the man's
neck and kissed him full on the mouth. Jaren's hands were under my son's
small butt for support and after the lengthy kiss Ashe rested his head on
Jaren's shoulder. Of course none of it was lost on Kyler.

Once set down, Ashe went over to Kyler, who. Jaren introduced and offered a
handshake and quick peck on the mouth. "Jaren has told us a lot about you
Kyler. I hope we can be friends," my boy said, using his little kid
voice. Ashe may well have had a future as an actor. The kid was good. As
for the kiss, well, Kyler most likely viewed my son as a little boy, which
he was, and young kids can get away with stuff like that. When Ashe turned
to come back to the dining room table Kyler all but ogled my son's tightly
clad butt, again, the crease under each cheek clearly visible.

Jaren and Kyler joined us, shared some bacon and cocoa and we talked about
the day. The boys seemed to hit it off quickly and when Ashe said he needed
to take a shower he invited Kyler to see his bedroom, the teen readily
agree and off they went. I winked at Jaren.


I didn't really have a solid plan about how I was going to work on Kyler,
it just sort of happened. I was glad that Jaren went along with it and
picked me up though because it had been a perfect move. I had put off
taking a shower in the hopes that I could get Kyler into my room. Gosh he
was so, so cute. The second I was him come through the door I wanted to see
him naked and stuff.

I stripped my briefs off right away and Kyler practically stared. I asked
if he was okay and he said it was just a little weird having a boy he
didn't know just wearing briefs around him then strip naked in front of

"You mean you've never done that," I asked and he said yeah but with
friends not a boy he just met. "Well it's no big deal I mean, it's just us
boys." I grabbed my towel to head down the hall to the bathroom and asked
Kyler if he wanted to talk while I was in the shower and he said okay. I
knew that he watched my butt all the way down the hall.

"Don't you worry about your dad or Jaren seeing you naked," he asked before
I made it through the door. I said no and reminded him it was just us
boys. I all but ran into Jaren coming out of the bathroom and of course he
checked me out. Inside with the door closed Kyler commented about Jaren
seeing him naked.

"I'm just a little boy Kyler and you're not. I bet you even got hairs on
your cock." The boy nodded his head and grinned. "Can I see em," I asked
him. Kyler didn't waste a moment, shoving his briefs and underwear down
just enough for me to see his new moss. There wasn't much, a dozen strands
but still it looked cool. I asked if he had a big one so he shoved his
clothes all the way down and showed me.

His boy stuff looked really cool. His balls were all the way dropped and
seemed kind of big and were totally smooth and his cock hung against
them. I asked if I could touch him and he nodded his head so I felt on his
hair and said they were so soft. I cupped his balls for a moment but he
pulled away.

"I'm gonna get a boner if you keep doing that," he said, pulling his
clothes back up.

"That would be maximus," I said. He had a curious expression on his face so
I said, good, the best, or whatever. "I get boners all the time. My dad
says it perfectly natural." Kyler want to know if my dad had seen my boner
and I said all the time. Of course the next question was if I'd seen his
and gave him the same answer. By now the water was running so I got in the
shower. Through the curtain he asked if dads cock was big and I said it
was, smiling to myself. I believed that I'd hooked a fish.

"Have you ever seen my uncle Jaren's dick," he asked. Our shower curtain
was a map of the continents so the area that was water was pretty much
clear. I could see Kyler groping at the front of his jeans.

"Yeah, a couple of times, mostly in his underwear though." He wanted to
know how that happened and I commented about pissing in men's rooms or
outside when we went hiking, that sometimes we all just hung out in our
briefs especially like we were that morning, around breakfast.

"Have you ever seen his boner," Kyler whispered. I said that I had seen it
in his briefs when he got up in the morning; that sometimes he didn't drive
home because of having beer on his breath so spent the night.

"Awesome," Kyler said. "I've never seen an adult dick before," Kyler said
and when I asked if he wanted to he said yes. I finished, since I had
already showered with my dad, and dried off, Kyler watching intently. "You
got a cute butt and stuff Ashe," he said quietly, one hand covering the
other one in his lap. I was sure the bottom one was moving.

"Thanks, I bet you do too," I said. Kyler stood up, turning as he did so,
and dropped his jeans and briefs to show me his naked butt. In the mirror
facing him I saw that his dick was half way hard. "Are you getting a
boner," I asked him and when he nodded his head I said "maximus."

"That's good," he asked and I nodded my head and said that boners were
cool. "Have you ever, you know, uhm, touched another boys' boner?" I said
yes then started toward my bedroom with Kyler in tow. When he closed the
door I turned to face him, my cock standing straight up in front of my
body. Kyler quickly shoved his clothes back down and stood right in front
of me. We did the sword fight thing, neither of us saying a word then I
took hold of his cock and stroked it so he did the same to me. Without
asking him I dropped to my knees, pulled his cock down and put my mouth
over it and started to fuck him.

"Fuck Ashe, you like sucking cock too," he groaned and I nodded my head. I
didn't suck him long but as soon as I stood up Kyler dropped to his knees
and sucked me. Again it didn't last long. "You got a really cute cock Ashe,
I hope we can do more stuff together. We talked about doing stuff with
other boys and while I hadn't, I used Jaren as an example, leaving his name
and his adult status out of the picture. Kyler said that he had played with
a few boys and loved it.

"I kinda want to try it with a man though," he said wistfully. "Your dad is
pretty hot Ashe, I wouldn't mind doing stuff with him." I asked him about
doing stuff with Jaren. "I really want to but I don't think he would and
then he might not like to hang around me anymore." I let the topic drop,
already formulating a plan to make it all happen.


When the boys came out of Ashe's bedroom I knew instinctively that things
were going to work out. I thought I detected a bit of a bulge in Kyler's
jeans as well. We headed out for a day of fun, movies and the zoo as Ashe
had suggested. During the movie the boys sat in the middle and I could see
that at times Kyler had his hand on Ashe's leg. We did have a brief moment
at one point where Ashe and I were alone.

"Kyler wants to play but he's afraid that Jaren won't like him if he tries
something. Ask Jaren if it's okay if you do something with Kyler first. He
thinks you're hot so if you and him do stuff and Kyler sees me doing stuff
with Jaren it might make things easier."

I checked with Jaren and he said that he didn't mind if I had first shot at
his cousin and he agreed that all things considered it probably would make
things go easier. Throughout the day Kyler seemed to try to be next to me
and I got a little sense of his flirting with me. We got home around 5
after a quick meal at a pizza place then settled in to watch some movies.

"Can we just wear underpants papa," Ashe asked me. We all know the answer
to that one. I had to say that clad only in briefs Kyler was even more
desirable. He had a nice boy bulge and knowing that I was going to be
playing with him before the night was out made my heart beat fast and my
cock firm up.

The boys lay on the carpet in front of the sofa, a pair of glorious boy
butt waiting to be investigated. The boys would wrestle around a little
then settle down and do it again. There was some cock grabbing, Kyler
always looking toward me and Jaren to make sure it was okay. The lights
were dimmed pretty low so that helped considerably I think.

After the first movie we sat there quietly although Ashe and Kyler were
goofing around again and I was wondering how things were going to get
started and before the thought left my brain my boy made the move.

"Hey papa, you should give Kyler a back rub." Then to Kyler her said, "Papa
gives the best back rub ever, you would love it. Jaren can give me one."
Kyler said okay so the boys moved a little farther out onto the carpet
while Jaren and I got down with them.

"You guys should take your jeans off though cuz they're kinda scratchy on
bare skin," Ashe suggested. The boys watched while Jaren and I stripped
down to our briefs, Kyler checking me out closely. They rolled onto their
bellies and we both straddled their legs.

The kid had a dynamite butt. The twin globes rose up from the small of his
back into a pair of picture perfect mounds. I started at his shoulders, as
did Jaren, but we were only into it a half minute before we were stopped.

"Wait Jaren, I want to take my underpants off," Ashe said. He stayed on his
belly and started the process saying, "Take your underpants off too Kyler,
it feels a lot better. Kyler did as requested and I found out immediately
that his butt was even better unclothed. The boy didn't have a real long
butt crack either. In fact his ass was perfect in every way. We worked our
way down the boys' back, kneading deeply into growing muscle and earning
lots of moans and groans in the process. As I worked on the small of his
back it brought my head closer to his delicious butt and I so wanted to
kiss it, to lick it, to explore the slightly dusky crack between the

Jaren was going to stop at Ashe's butt however my son nixed that right off
the bat so Jaren continued to do just what I had done. Ashe was moaning
softly. Kyler had been mostly quiet so far so I asked the youngling how he
was doing.

"I'm really good," the boy said in a husky voice. I worked his tender butt,
gently peeling him open to see his puckered hole while Jaren was doing the
same with my son. I worked down his legs as well and the boy spread them to
reveal his hairless balls resting in a puddle of skin on the carpet. God
what a view.

"Now do my front Jaren," my son said and then rolled over. Needless to say
he was raging hard. Seeing Ashe roll, Kyler did the same and we all got our
first view of the young teen. The kid was awesome.

His boner looked to be about 5½ inches or so long. His balls hung
sweetly below and rested against his crotch, the sac of eggs completely
hairless and eminently lickable. I could see a smattering of small black
hairs poking out from beneath the shaft while it wasn't proof positive, I
was damned sure the boy was sperming. Of course Jaren had said that he saw
spots on the front of the boys' briefs so there you have it. Regardless, I
could hardly wait to taste it.

"You guys got boners too," Ashe said softly. "You should take your
underpants off." I stood, Jaren right beside me. Kyler's eyes were glued to
my front as I hooked my fingers in the waistband of my red American Eagles
and tugged them off.

"My god you got a big fucking dick," the boy said, clearly in awe. If Kyler
had any thoughts about Ashe not making any comments he didn't voice them. I
dropped back down to straddle the boys' legs and allowed my balls to rest
on his.

"Do you shave your nuts Eric," he asked and when I nodded my head he wanted
to know why.

"Feel them and you'll know the answer." The boy was reluctant.

"Go ahead Kyler; you'll see," my son said in encouragement. Kyler reached
down and brought his open hand up underneath me, me rising up a little to
help him out. Kyler hefted my sac.

"So soft," he said quietly. He then took hold of my cock, felt up and down
the length of it, clearly in awe.

"Will you suck my cock Jaren," Ashe asked. That caused Kyler to turn his
head and watch his cousin lower his head and take my son's cock into his
mouth and begin to bob on it. I watched the boy closely, his hand had
remained on my cock. When he turned his attention back to me I asked him if
he wanted me to do that to him and he nodded his head.

I lowered my upper body as I took hold of his raging boner then put my
mouth over it and swallowed him whole. Kyler gasped audibly and pushed his
tender little butt up off the carpet. With his cock in my mouth I moved
sideways so that I was beside him which allowed my right hand to cup and
fondled his smooth sperm makers and earning another gasp. I felt his hand
touch my leg so moved a little and a second later Kyler had my cock in his
hands again.

"Fuck you suck cock so good Jaren," Ashe said, "I love it when you suck
me." I figured that Kyler would learn sooner rather than later about his
cousin's involvement with us and now it was out. Kyler turned his
head. Understand that the boys were side by side with only inches
separating them.

"Has he sucked you before Ashe," Kyler asked and my son nodded his head.

"Yeah, plenty of times. I didn't know just how to tell you," Ashe
said. Before Kyler could respond he said, "Do you like to kiss?" When the
boy said he'd never done it my boy asked him if he wanted to try it and got
a head nod. That said, Ashe closed the narrow distance, moving his upper
body closer still. "It's really easy, just do what I do."

That said my son put a hand on Kyler's cheek then gently kissed the boy on
the mouth 2 or 3 times. He asked what Kyler thought about it and our new
friend said he liked it. "This time just let your feelings take over,
okay?" Kyler nodded his head and a moment later the boys were kissing
seriously, mouths open, and nostrils flaring. I looked at Jaren who was
still sucking Ashe's cock but saw me, grinned and winked.

Kyler was the one that broke the kiss. "I wanna suck on your cock Eric
before I cum." I moved up next to his head so Kyler simply rolled to his
side, propped himself up on an elbow and guided my cock to his
mouth. Looking down on his sweet young teen face made my heart flutter. I
wondered if the boy was going to let me fuck him and certainly hoped that
would be the case.

Next to us Ashe told Jaren that he wanted to suck the man's cock but
suggested that Jaren simply straddle Ashe's body in a classic 69
position. Kyler wanted to see that so let go of my dick and turned over. I
took the opportunity to reach over his hips and take hold of his cock and
stroke him a little bit.

"Can we try that Eric," he asked and my answer was to lay next to him which
prompted the boy to roll toward me and moments later I had his cock in my
mouth while mine was captured in his mouth. Kyler had his top foot flat on
the carpet and as I wrapped my arm over his hip to clutch on his butt I
drew in the heady fragrance of a growing boy. His scent was much stronger
than the more sweet fragrance of my son and I reveled in it, loving it.

I let go of his cock and pressed my face against his smooth nuts then
nuzzled the soft sac with my lips. I managed to get on of his balls into my
mouth so suckled on the egg and moved it about with my tongue.

"Fuck Jaren, lick on my hole, lick on my pussy," Ashe cried out and once
again Kyler had to stop what he was doing to see the action. Ashe had
pushed his tender little back and Jaren had peeled the twin cheeks open and
was worshipping my son's asshole as if it were his last meal.

"Oh man I couldn't do that," Kyler said.

"That's what I said Kyler too," Ashe panted, "Until I did it. You won't
believe how it feels, goddamn," Ashe groaned as another wave of pleasure
crashed through his body. When I asked him Kyler said that he showered
early that morning. I wasn't sure I wanted to eat an asshole that was going
on 12 hours old so told him that after he washed it good I'd be happy to
show him how it felt. He said that was fine.

"God Jaren I need you to fuck me," my son finally said. "I really need your
cock in my pussy."


Regina and her violin

Regina and her violin
Regina loved her violin, but it was a pleasure to put it down. She had spent most of her day carrying it around town, on her hour long commute to her day job to then back across town to her gig that night. She had played nineteenth-century movements all night, and even her dress was a nod to that century. But the performance was over, and she was happy to be relaxing and drinking wine with the other musicians at the hall.

She stood by the window, letting the night air fill her lungs. Winter wouldn’t be over for a few months yet, but it was such a gorgeous and unexpectedly warm night given that she half leaned out of the window.

‘Don’t jump!’

Startled, she turned around to see Noah Ward smiling at her broadly, just before she spilled her wine all over his white shirt. Regina frowned, and looked around frantically for something to wipe his shirt, as if that would help. Noah looked a little helpless as he ran his hands through his hair.

Was there ever going to be a moment where she didn’t look like a complete idiot in front of him? She wished that she could stop having a crush on him; her affections certainly weren’t going to go anywhere with her fellow violinist was constantly seeing her at her worst.

‘I am so sorry…’ she began.

‘I startled you…’ Noah said, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. Regina’s attempts at apology were halted as her breath was caught in throat, watching him slowly reveal the undershirt he wore beneath.

‘It’s too hot in here anyway, don’t you think?’

She nodded, pushing her lank hair out of her face. The sudden glow of her cheeks had nothing to do with the heat outside.

‘More wine?’ Regina looked at him, relieved that he was willing to brush over her clumsiness, and nodded. Noah smiled, and walked over to the leftover wines on makeshift bar. ‘What were you drinking?’

She following him slowly to the table, and stared at the bottles.

‘That one,’ she said, pointing to the cream-colored label. Her bare arm touched his as she did, and the faint brush of contact made her tingle all over.

With a start Noah turned to her at the touch, and promptly spilled the wine down the front of her dress.

‘I’m sorry Regina,’ he said, looking nervous and much the same way that she felt when she was around with him.

‘It’s nothing; afterall it’s usually me spilling things or being awkward around you…’ She looked up at him, and was surprised that he looked down at her confused. ‘I always seem to be a disaster about you…’ she explained.

‘You always seem fine to me,’ Noah dabbed her throat with a napkin from the bar.

The tips of his fingers on her throat made her tingle all the more.

Regina stared at him, and he began to dab the napkin lower, just at the hollow of her throat. She watched him silently as her chest heaved, and she felt as if she was transported to a romance novel, the type her music always reminded her of. A nervous smiled crossed her lips. She had always known that she had a small crush on Noah, but with him in front of her as close as this, she knew that it was not small at all.

He handed her the napkin, and moved back. Regina moved forward with him.

‘You were amazing tonight—as always,’ he said.

‘Thank you, you too…’
He picked up the wine again, and refilled her a glass. With a delay, Regina dabbed at the drops of wine on her luckily black dress. The sweet scent of the wine was high; since they had both had accidentally bathed in it.

They were alone in the middle of the atrium, and it was very clear that Noah was aware of it too. She took a sip of wine.

‘This is good,’ Noah looked at her, and raised his glass.

Regina nodded.

He put down his glass suddenly.

‘I have such a crush on you Regina, I don’t even want to drink any more wine before I do or say something stupid.’

Regina finished her glass like a shot.

‘Like what? Spill more wine on me?’
They both laughed.

‘I always wanted to hang out with you, but you always seemed to avoid me and now we are here and I don’t know what to say.’
Suddenly there was the sound of a violin, a cello—a string quartet.

Their fellow musicians had filled the room.

‘Dance with her!’ they cried.

Noah laughed, and stepped back to bow to her.

‘May I?’ he offered his right hand.
Regina pressed her hand still damp with red wine, to her chest, and nodded.

Keeping a polite, almost prudish distance from her, Noah put his hand on the small of her back. She looked up into his eyes and saw a playful smile Regina moved in closer, but Noah kept a distance between them. A bit confused, she looked down and then immediately realized why.

She felt a flush of warmth travel the entirety of her body when she realized her being close to him had made him hard, yet the feeling was also a combination of pride and protectiveness of him. She stayed in front of him, and prevented the others from seeing his condition as the crescendo peaked.

The music stopped, and there was applause. Regina turned on a pivot to face them, keeping Noah’s crotch covered.

‘Okay you guys, thanks for the serenade, but give us a moment.’

‘Regina and Noah sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S…’ the cellist sang, as he left the atrium with the others.

The singsong rhyme echoed in Regina’s head as the atrium emptie. Noah spun her around to face him with ease. His dark eyes glowed, as he looked down at her. When she moved closer to him this time, he pulled her close and she felt what she had been hiding from the others.

But not from herself.

His lips were wine stained and soft on hers, and his breath sweet. He held her long hair in his fist, and tugged softly as he kissed her temple and then her mouth again.

Regina was drunk on the scent of wine and his kisses. His body was hard under her fingers, as if he were an athlete and not a musician.

He swung her around so that she was parallel to one of the more expensive paintings on the wall, so close that she was afraid they were going to knock it from its hook. But the torrent of their desire streamed alongside the painting, and it was undisturbed. Unlike them.

As they danced, she teased him with closeness, him panting and pulling at her skirt with an eager desire. Regina felt electric with excitement at his expression of lust, and finally, she stopped her steps and threw her arms around his neck, her hair wild about her shoulders. Noah held her hair again tightly in his fists, kissing her neck with a passion that might as well have set her on fire; the touch of his lips was like a direct line to her clit.

‘Regina…’ he started, when he lifted his lips from her neck.

‘Regina, do you want a ride?’ The voice of her friend Kay echoed from below.

‘I’ll give Regina a ride…’ Noah offered quickly. His words were more powerful than the crescendo of any music she had played or heard that night, and offered an even more delicious rush as she took his hand and followed him out of the room, and into the night.


brother and his younger sister

 brother and his younger sister
A story of the tensions between a brother and his younger sister.

My name is Rich, I am 44 and the eldest of three children. I have two sisters, one is about two years youger than me, her name is Sherri, the other is about 4 years younger. Ever since I could remember there had been a subtle tension between me and the younger of my two sisters. Her name is Gina, she is smart, pretty and had learned very early on how to get her way and stay out of trouble. She was a master at manipulating our parents so that she always seemed to get away with anything she did while my other sister and I were always in trouble with them. I had always resented this when we were young and had not been close to her because of this.

Things started to change after my parents separated and my dad left home when I was 16 and Gina was 12. My mother then had to take a full time job to pay the household bills and support her three children. This turn of events had left Gina with no one to manipulate, no one to turn to when she wanted something. She tried to work her manipulations on mom when she was home from work but mom was too tired to deal with it and shut her out for the most part. She then turned to Sherri for attention but she didn't have anything to offer so she finally turned to me. I at least had a car and a job so I had something she wanted, money and a ride. Only thing was, I had so much resentment of Gina built up inside that I wasn't falling for any of her crap.

Gina was getting a little desperate as time went on, she was trying anything she could to get me to come around to her way of thinking. About the time she turned thirteen her body started to develop very quickly. Seemed to me like overnight she had grown some very large tits and her hips and ass started becoming more round and full. This is when she discovered her ultimate power over men, me included. She noticed me watching her when she walked around the house. She started wearing more revealing clothing or no clothing, just her bra and panties or a skimpy bikini.

The summer after she had turned 14 and I was about to turn 18 she really started to pour it on. I was sitting in the family room watching TV when she came in wearing some very short terry cloth shorts and a tube top. She walked up in front of me, standing between me and the TV, with her hips thrust out at me. I looked up at her with an annoyed look on my face and told her, "You make a better door than a window, get out of my way so I can see the TV."

"Rich, I just wanted to show you my new shorts that I got to wear over my swim suit. Just feel how soft they are!" she said.

"I don't want to feel how soft they are," I said, "Just get out from in front of me so I can see the TV!"

"Oh, come on, just feel them." Gina said, then turned around and stuck her behind in my face and ran her hands over her buns.

"No way I am going to feel your shorts on your ass like that!" I said.

"What, are you afraid to touch me?" Gina said to me, looking over her shoulder.

I was turning red, my dick was starting to swell as she stared at me while continuing to run her hands over her ass cheeks.

"Okay, fine. We'll just do it this way." Gina said.

She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts and pulled them down. She then bent over and pulled them off her feet and deposited them in my lap. She stood in front of me in just her bikini bottoms and tube top that barely restrained her tits waiting for me to feel her shorts. I picked up the shorts and threw them behind me over my head towards the hallway. She just glared at me and then turned and stormed out of the room stopping to pick the shorts up while muttering to herself, "He wouldn't even feel them..."

A while later, as I was walking to my room, I heard the shower running. As I turned the corner in the hallway towards my room I saw the bathroom door was open and Gina was standing there naked. I almost tripped over my own feet as I suddenly stopped and looked at her. Gina heard me and turned and looked at me for a second and then slowly closed the door. I hadn't seen her naked since she was about five years old, now at fourteen she was so gorgeous. My dick was so hard that she could have had anything she wanted from me at that moment. I rushed into my room and closed the door, lay down on the bed and pulled my dick out of my pants and stroked myself to a quick orgasm, my cum squirting all over my chest and belly.

It's strange, from that point on, my relationship with Gina changed. We were actually becoming more friendly with each other even though she did like to tease me with glimpses of her body from time to time. She stopped being so self-centered and bitchy. She also had her first boyfriend and I think she had also lost her virginity to him. Things settled down between us with only the occasional brother and sister types of disagreements.

A few years later when Gina was eighteen and I was twenty-two, my mother got a new job in a town about fifty miles away and my sister Sherri decided to move there with mom. Gina didn't want to move away from her friends and I wasn't going to move away from my friends or job so we decided to get an apartment and share it. This arrangement worked out well for both of us and we became even closer. Gina and I were pretty liberal with our dress around the apartment, often walking from one or the others bedroom to the bathroom in our underwear or just wrapped in a towel.

Then it happened.

I woke up early one morning with a piss hard-on and rolled out of bed and headed sleepily to the bathroom. Without paying any attention to the fact that there was light coming from under the door I opened it and walked in. Gina was standing naked at the sink looking at herself in the mirror.

"Oh shit Gina!" I exclaimed, "I'm sorry, didn't realize you were in here. I just have to pee really bad."

Gina just looked at me and smiled, "It's okay, come on in and pee."

She didn't seem to have any problem with me seeing her naked or being in the bathroom with her while I pissed. I was a little shocked at her ease with this but also a little excited, my dick still hard as a rock and pushing out my shorts.

"You sure?" I said, "I mean, I can wait till you're finished."

"No problem." Gina said, "If you don't want to pee in front of me I will leave for a minute, it won't bother me but it looks to me like you are desperate to relieve yourself."

I just shrugged my shoulders and moved over to the toilet and fished my dick out of the top of my shorts and tried to push it down to aim at the bowl.

Gina watched and said, "Nice hard dick you have there Rich, but it looks like you will play hell getting it pointed down enough to hit the toilet bowl with your pee."

"You standing there naked, watching me, isn't helping any." I said.

Gina just smiled and moved over behind me and with her tits pressed to my back she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of my shorts and pushed them down to the floor.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm going to help you with your problem." She said, as she took me by the hand and led me into the shower.

Intrigued, I went along and stepped into the shower with her. She stood in front of me looking down at my hard dick.

"Okay," she said, "Go ahead and let it go."

"What?" I said with a bit of hesitation. "You want me to pee on you?"

"Yeah, I want you to pee on me. I have always wanted to try this and it will keep you from making a mess on the floor. It really excites me to think about trying this!" she said with a big grin on her face.

Wow, here I was, standing naked in the shower with my naked sister, who I had all this history of tension with, and now our first real sexual contact with each other and she was asking me to get into some water sports with her. I think if my dick throbbed any harder it would explode!

"Come on, just concentrate a little, relax a little, and let it go." Gina said as she sat back on the shower seat.

I was so excited I was having trouble letting go with my pee. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back and tried to clear my head. I stood there for a little while and then finally felt a little trickle flow out and run down my dick and over my balls. Then a flood of pee came flowing out and shot all over Gina's tits and belly and ran down over her pussy. Gina jumped a bit as the pee first hit her and then groaned as it flowed over her. She reached down and rubbed her clit as I aimed the flow right at her pussy. The pee splashed over her hands as she worked her clit until she spasmed in a strong orgasm.

"Ohhhh, I'm cumming so hard!" Gina screamed as she writhed around in the seat.

After a bit my pee quit flowing and I shook the last few drops off the end of my dick. I turned and reached for the shower faucet and cranked it on. The cold first bit of water caused me to jump. I took the hand-held shower head and pointed it down until the water warmed up a bit. Gina stood up and wrapped her arms around me pulling me to her, pressing her piss soaked tits into my back and kissed me on my shoulder blade.

"That was the wildest thing I've ever done. I've never cum so hard ever!" Gina moaned in my ear.

I hung the shower head back up and adjusted it to spray over us. I then turned to face my sister, wrapped my arms around her, leaned my head down and kissed her passionately. She responded by pushing her tongue into my mouth tangling with my own tongue. I then took the bottle of liquid soap off the shelf and took the top off and poured some of it over Ginas' tits while rubbing it into a lather with my other hand. Her tits felt wonderfully slick in my hands as I continued to kneed them. The soapy lather was running down over her stomach and across her pussy with my hands following the same path. Gina was also busy washing me, working her way down to my dick, stroking it with soapy hands just as I was working my fingers over her clit. Gina and I then moved under the spray of the shower and rinsed the soap off of each other. Gina then slowly dropped down to her knees and took my hard dick into her mouth and started sucking me deep into her throat. Soon I was on the verge of cumming but didn't want to shoot off in her mouth before I had a chance to get my dick in her pussy. I pulled her head off my dick and had her turn around and lean on the shower seat. She did and then spread her legs and arched her back thrusting her pussy back at me.

"Wow, what a beautiful sight." I thought to myself as I got down on my knees behind her.

"Come on Rich, get that big hard dick into my pussy and fuck me as hard as you can. I want to come again but with you inside of me!" Gina growled.

I took my dick in my hand and slid it up and down between her pussy lips and then pressed forward into her opening.

"Oh damn Rich, your cock feels so good in me, filling me so well. Now slam that big boy in and out as hard and fast as you can. Make me cum!" Gina begged.

I didn't need to be asked twice. I pounded in and out of my sisters pussy as hard and fast as I could. As I was doing so, I reached around and cupped her tits in my hands and then pulled and twisted her nipples between my fingers causing her to moan loudly. Gina had one of her hands down at her pussy rubbing her clit and alternately reaching further down to feel my balls. Soon I was close to cumming, I could feel the cum rising from my balls.

I leaned in to Ginas' ear and asked, "Where?"

Immediately understanding, Gina said, "In my pussy, cum in my pussy. It's okay, I'm on the pill."

That word from her sent me over the edge and I started shooting off, deep in my sisters pussy.

Gina said, "I'm almost there, keep going as hard as you can."

I kept slamming my dick into her and soon she was cumming, her juices running down over my dick and balls.

"Yessss! Yessss! Yessss!" Gina screamed.

I stayed inside her, riding out her orgasm. After a while my dick started to soften and slipped out of Ginas' pussy. We both sat up on the shower seat, breathing hard, letting the water from the shower head rinse off the sweat and cum on our bodies. The water felt good cascading over us as we sat there in the afterglow of the sex we just shared.

"Will we ever do this again?" I asked.

"Ever, is a long time. Who knows what may happen." Gina replied with a grin on her face.


MTSW - Mother Teacher, Sister Whore

MTSW - Mother Teacher, Sister Whore
My name is Jason and I am average in nearly every aspect you can imagine. My height is average, maybe slowly above, have short brown hair and brown eyes and though I am quite strong and muscular I am not ripped. I am an average student and average at sports. The only thing I am above average is having sex, thanks to lots of practice. At the moment I am 21 years old and studying at University.

Anyway the events I am going to tell you about took place a few years earlier when I was still going to high school. I was living in a small city in an average house together with my mom and my sister. My dad had died a few years ago and since then I was the only man in the house, which was quite a challenge from time to time. My sister Alex was one and a half years older than me and was going to high school as well, where she was a senior. My mother worked as a teacher and since we lived in a small city that had only one high school the three of us were going to the same high school every day.

You may think I was the lucky guy to always have good grades and never get into any trouble. I have to tell you, this is far from truth. Of course I never had my mother as a teacher – so no good grades without any work for me. In additional my mother always immediately knew when I was in trouble for not bringing my homework or being cheeky, which meant double the trouble – immediately. Also I always had to hear from my friends that my mom hade quite the looks and was the hottest teacher at school.

At this point I have to tell you that my mom was in fact really good looking. She was quite tall and slender but had some curves at the right places. She had a tight butt and some awesome DD breasts. You could tell all that by simply looking at her because she always wore tight skirts with low cut blouses. Also her short brown hair and reading glasses which she wore most of the time gave her a sassy impression. Though my friends got on my nerves by telling me how hot my mom was I have to admit now they were absolutely right.

Since I hit puberty and got interested in girls I started to look at my mother in a different way. I sometimes spied after her and tried to get a look at her while she was changing or taking a shower. Sometimes I got lucky and afterwards I masturbated to these images. I even thought of her some times when I had sex with one of the girlfriends I had over the years.

But I never really admitted it to myself. I always told myself that I was just coincidently walking by my mother’s door when she was undressing and that I only picked up her sexy underwear, that she had forgotten in the bathroom, to put it in the laundry. It went so far that while masturbating I told myself I was only thinking of a woman that looked just very similar to her.

Now that I think about it I lied to myself quite a lot. But let me get on with my story…

The events I wanted to tell you about started the Friday I forgot my laptop at school. Ooooh he forgot his laptop that sounds exciting, I hear you say, but you have to know it only was the first link of a long chain of coincidents. So let’s get back to the story. I hated the idea of spending the whole weekend without my laptop as I had all my school stuff on it and let’s admit it I would have no excess the internet and mostly important to porn. So I went back into the building. One minute later and I would have stood in front of closed doors but the cleaning lady had not locked them yet. I went up the stairs to my locker and got my laptop. As I put it into my backpack I was quite relived. Just when I wanted to make my way home I heard a quiet noise. At first I thought I had imagined it, but then I heard it again. It was a soft moan.

I walked down the corridor and as I went further the noises got louder. Finally I halted in front of a door that led to an ordinary classroom. It was left ajar so that you could look inside. I took a glance and could not believe what I saw. I needed a moment to realise what was happening. There on the teacher’s table was my mother lying on her back with her skirt pulled up and her blouse unbuttoned. Her breasts were heaving up and down and she was moaning as she was fucked by a student. Her legs – which ended in red high heels – were crossed behind his back so she could push him into her even harder. I only saw his back, but he was older than me, maybe a year above me. She had her eyes closed and moved rhythmically as his dick went in and out fucking her hard. Can you believe it? I just stood there and watched my mother getting fucked by some guy. It was like my own personal porno. And damn it was a hot one. As if I was in a trance my hand wandered down and grabbed for my already hard dick. I slowly opened my pants, got my rock hard feller out and started stroking it while my mother and her lover were moaning in pleasure.

I lost my track of time. It was only me jerking off and those two fucking like bunnies. I was completely in my own world. Suddenly I lost my balance. While wavering around I touched the door which swung open a bit and made a quiet creak. My heart stood still and I stood there frozen. He seemed to have not heard anything, but my mother opened her eyes and moved her head slowly in my direction. As she saw me I thought she would jump up and scream. But she just smiled at me and closed her eyes again while starting to moan even louder.

I knew it was time to go but I just stood there and kept on masturbating. Now that the door was further open I had an even better view. Every now and then my mother discretely looked into my direction while fucking him and smiled – or was it some kind of devilish grin? I cannot say. Finally she gave the guy a sign to stop for a moment and sat up. She pulled his shiny wet dick out of her. After climbing down from the table she got on her knees and started to suck his pulsing cock greedily. She positioned herself so that she could look me in the eyes the whole time. I had never experienced anything that hot before. Finally she had him put his dick between her wonderful tits. This was a fantasy I had had for so long I could not remember. Every time his dick went up there was her eagerly waiting tong to lick it. I felt that I could stand this horny performance not much longer. Pressure was building up inside my balls. I quickly took a tissue out of my backpack and finally exploded into it. My mother’s eyes widened as she saw that. I could not remember the last time I jerked out such a lot of sperm. The guy fucking my mom reached his climax as well and his juices spilled all over my mother’s face and tits who tried to catch as much as possible with her mouth.

I quickly picked up my backpack and as my mom licked his penis clean I quietly got away. Quickly I went down the corridor and threw the fully soaked tissue into a bin. I went down the stairs and through the front door which was locked by now but flung open thanks to the firefighting standards. Outside I took a breath of fresh air. I could not believe what had just happened.


When I got home I directly went to my room. On my way I heard my sister shouting at her phone. She had troubles with her boyfriend like she had 24/7. In my room I laid down on my bed and in my mind there was the scenery I had seen in my school today. I could not stop thinking about my mum having sex with this guy. Who was he? I could not remember seeing him before. Maybe it was because I only saw his back. Also there was quite a resemblance to me. He was an average guy like me with nearly the same built. His hair was brown and short just as mine, a bit darker maybe. Or was I just making that up because I wanted to be in his place?

Hours passed by as I lay on my bed and thought about today’s events. The sun was already going down when I heard the front door slam. This had to be my mom. I suddenly got a bit nervous. Somehow I had managed to avoid thinking about the future. What would happen now? Would she speak about it? Should I bring up the topic? Would we just act like nothing happened at all? And how would or relationship go on? I had been always close to my mom, was that over now? I knew she was having sex with students and she knew that I was at least in some way lusting after her.

I was quite worried as you can see. But for the moment my fear was not relevant. I could hear that she was going directly to her room. I was relived.

I must have fallen asleep. When I awoke an hour later my mom was sitting on the corner of my bed. I was a bit confused at first but then everything came back to my mind and I have to say I nearly shit my pants. She just sat there and stared at me with her dark green eyes. She had changed from the business like teacher outfit to a more casual yet sexy one: a blue skinny fitting low cut t-shirt that showed a lot of cleavage and stretched around her wonderful boobs pared with very tight grey yoga panties. She was barefoot so you could see her painted toenails that matched her green fingernails. I sat up and I think I saw her smirk a little as she began to speak: “Jason we have to talk.” Oh good this is Going to be tough, I thought. “Since your father passed away I felt quite lonely. Not that I was really lonely, I always had you and your sister, but in a different way. I missed your father. Not only his person, but also certain habits we had, you know? We had a very active sex life and when he suddenly died I was not used to go so long without sex. I needed to get laid. I was craving for it, you know? And so after a year I could not keep it together and started having affairs with students. I made sure, they were each going on only for a short span of time and that I would not get caught. Although it should have been a temporary solution in the beginning I started to enjoy it more than I should have. I had sex with so many different guys I lost track on counting. I fucked them in nearly every place and position you could imagine. Some had bigger penises, some smaller, some were better, some not that good, some…”

“Mom,” I had the feeling that I had to interrupt her “you don’t have to tell me everything.” Although now I am sorry I cannot tell you any more details.

“Please, Jason you have to listen to me. This is very important”, she said. “Where was I?”

“You were telling me about when you were fucking every guy in school”, I wanted to say but instead said “The affairs, you were telling me abut he affairs.”

“Right”, she said “I was having a lot of sex and it was exciting and awesome, but it was not right in some way. I know it was not right in an ethical way, but I don’t mean that. It was missing something. It was not wholly satisfying. It didn’t have the thrill I had when I was with your father. I was having sex, pretty good sex from time to time, but I was missing something.” She made a short pause as if she was thinking of how to say it. “But today when I saw you as you were watching me fucking this guy and masturbating it was there again. You were on my mind lately a lot. I often had fantasies about you. I don’t know where these fantasies were coming from. I imagined you fucking the shit out of me and me licking your penis. I even spied on you from time to time and tried to catch you masturbating. That’s why I fucked a lot of guys that looked similar to you.” So I was right. “But I didn’t know how to approach you. Fucking a student, yea – but fucking your son? That is something different.” I noticed her slowly coming closer to me. She got on all fours and started crawling up to me giving me a wonderful look into her cleavage. “But now that I know that you are hot for me as well I can’t spot any problem any longer. Can you?”

I had a tent in my pants since I imagined her fucking all those guys at school and since then it had gotten only worse. In the meantime she had come really close so that now we were face to face. She rose to her knees and came even closer so that as I was sitting on the bed with my back against the board my legs were between hers. She looked me deeply in the eyes and there was a very sexy feeling in the air. I can tell you although I was masturbating to her images I had never lusted that much after my mother. Then without a waring she sat down on my crotch slowly rubbing her clit and firm butt on it. She put her hands behind my head and pushed it into her cleavage. While my face was buried in her tits my mother began to moan loudly. Her flesh smelled so good, I nearly passed out. I grabbed her firm butt and pushed it down on my crotch as she continued moving her hips back and forth. With my hands on her ass I could feel that she was wearing only a thong underneath. Her fingers were moving through my hair as she kept on pressing my head into her cleavage. I kissed her tits. Then I moved my hands up and started to massage them as well. My mom let go of my head. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up over her face. The sight was breath taking. There in front of my eyes lay the most beautiful tits I had ever seen, embedded in a black bra. You could see her hard nipples push through the material by now. My mother saw me staring. “Do you like that?” she asked. I simply nodded my head unable to speak. “So go on and get them. Grab them. Kneed them. They are yours. I am yours. Just take me”, she insisted. I eagerly pushed them out of their cage and did exactly that. They were so nicely shaped and round. As I kneaded them I felt how soft but at the same time firm they were. In the meantime she moved her hands behind her back and opened her bra to let go of it completely. Now there was no holding back. I kissed them, licked with my tongue around her nipples and sucked them into my mouth. I softly bit into her nipple which made her moan loudly and press her crotch on my hard dick even more. “That’s the way mommy likes it”, she moaned.

As I went on playing with her tits and fondling her ass my mother obviously became hornier and hornier. She kept brushing her crotch over my erected dick, that was pressing against the fabric of my trousers and finally she could not wait any longer. “I want to see your dick”, she whispered into my ear. She got down from my lap and sat down next to me. She hunkered over my crotch. With a few quick moves she had unbuttoned and opened my trousers. You could see that she had a lot of practise at this. She put her hand between the waistband of my boxer shorts and my stomach then she slowly moved it forward until she reached my erected penis. A shiver went through my body as her slender cold fingers wrapped around my rock hard warm cock. My mom pushed down my boxers and trousers with one hand, while she guided my dick out into the daylight with the other. Her eyes were glued to it. After a moment of pure silence she started stroking it. Her hand went up and down a few times and she said: “Wow. It has grown quite big, since I saw it the last time. It looks so good. I always wanted to know how it tastes.” With that being said she lowered her face onto it. She kissed it softly and then took it into her mouth. I think there is no need in telling you how awesome it was. My mom’s head bobbed up and down again and again. Every now and then she stopped to lick with her tong around the tip of my cock. Her warm moth and quick tongue felt like heaven. In the meantime my hand wandered down to her crotch and I started to massage her pussy with my fingers. After some time I pushed my hand into my mom’s trousers and started to fuck her wet hole with one finger then went up to two and three. Her moaning increased more and more. Every time I was close to cumming my cunning mom would stop for a few seconds for me to calm down. I thought it could not get better, but man was I wrong.

After a while she raised her head and looked me in the eyes. “Jason, baby I now need your cock in my wet pussy or I am going crazy”, she said in a trembling voice that showed her craving. She rose to her knees and I could see the dark grey stain her juices had created in the crotch area of her yoga pants. She leaned over to give me a deep kiss throughout which I grabbed her boobs again. Seriously I could not get enough of them. Then she lay down on her back and pushed her hips in the air so she could take off her pants. With a quick move she took them off and her thong followed shortly after. She tossed it over to me and I held it to my nose to inhale its fragrant. “Do you like the smell of your mommy?” she asked. I did and also said so. It had a kind of sweet fragrant. My mother got up again and positioned herself over my lap with one leg on either side of me. She grabbed my dick and directed it to her warm and wet pussy. As the tip of my penis touched her lips she let out a moan. She rubbed it on her entrance for some time. Then finally she slowly let herself down and pushed my hard cock into her inch by inch. It was incredible to feel that tight pussy around me. As it was in the whole way my mom paused for a moment and gave me a deep and passionate kiss.

Breaking the kiss she lifted herself up just to let her body fall down on me again. She started slowly but picked up speed quickly. My mom rode my dick like she was crazed, smashing herself into me harder and harder. I had her tits weaving up and down in front of my eyes. She was nearly screaming and as I adjusted my movements to her rhythm she said: “Oh yessss, Jason, this is exactly what mummy needs. Give me that cock of yours. Give me all of it.” I was giving all I could but I had never experienced anything that good and so it was no wonder that I was now reaching my peak. “I’m going to cum mom” I said. “Do it. Come on baby, give it to me. Fill your mom with your wonderful cum” came her answer. And I did. I felt it spurting out of my dick straight into her. Burst after burst erupted into my mother’s pussy. And as I orgasmed I felt her pussy contracting even harder around me as she was reaching her orgasm as well. This made it even better and kept on ejaculating my semen into her womb.

Her movements slowed down until she finally came to a stop. After a short pause she got down from me and we both lay down on our back next to each other still breathing heavily. My hand caressed over her beautiful body and I kept fondling her gorgeously shaped tits. My mom rolled herself to the side and gave me a deep and passionate kiss. The she looked me in the eyes and said: “You know we will be doing this very often from now on.”


My Gf Sister

My Gf Sister
Magnus Meske was a tall, blonde, blue-eyed Scandinavian type living in a small Wisconsin town. His girl friend, Brook Olander, was basically a female version of him. They had been unofficially engaged for about a year but Brook’s strict Lutheran upbringing meant that there was no sex until after marriage and she didn’t want to tie the knot until her older sister did so and that didn’t look very promising. Charise couldn’t even keep a boyfriend never mind marry one.

He really loved Brook but he got so frustrated with her attitude that he spent a lot of his time watching porn movies and jerking himself off. Magnus had his own apartment and so he was able to carry on his little pastime without being disturbed. One day however he forgot to lock the door and who should walk in unannounced but Charise.

Shocked, he quickly tucked his dick inside his boxers and tried to play innocent but Charise smiled, sat down beside him on the sofa and turned the TV back on.

“I only came to borrow your paper shredder,” she purred, “But that can wait, I don’t get the opportunity to watch this kind of stuff at our house. Magnus just swallowed hard and didn’t know what to say, he didn’t even want to watch the guy fucking the woman’s ass on the TV anymore. He was just too embarrassed.

“That looks as if it would hurt,” said Charise leaning forward to get the best possible view.

“I’m not sure,” he mummbled, rubbing his face with his hand as if to hide it from her.

“Haven’t you and Brook done it.”

“We haven’t done anything,” he replied, trying to sound shocked by the suggestion.

“Gosh do you mean to say that after all the time you two have being going out together you haven’t fucked my little sister.”

Now he was genuinely shocked as he never expected Charise to use such language.

“Brook wants to remain a virgin until after we’re married.” he said, “So I don’t press her on the issue.”

“So you sit in your underwear and jerk yourself off in front of the TV instead?” she smiled with a twinkle in her eye.

Magnus was struck dumb, he didn’t know what to say.

“Come on – admit it you were buffing your Banana when I came in.”

“I was just examining it for medical purposes.”

“While watching porn?”

Magnus was getting agitated, “Look why don’t we switch off the TV and forget this whole episode happened. I’ll get you your paper shredder and you can go.”

“What if I let you fuck me – would I be welcome to stay then?” she asked.

This time he was really up against the ropes. In one way he wanted the
memory of what had transpired erased but the idea of fucking Brook’s older, an incredibly gorgeous sister, was beginning to gain appeal.

The woman on the TV was now sucking the man’s cock as if she hadn’t eaten for weeks. Charise put her hand where she could see Magnus’s dick bulging and asked if she could suck it for him. He didn’t reply but he raised no objection when her fingers crept inside his flies and produced a prize winning boner.

When she bent over and slid it between her lips he sat bold upright, “OMG,” he cried out, “That feels so good.”

Charise absorbed as much of it in her mouth as she could and then withdrew it, his body shook violently until she dived on it again and this time she sucked and worked it with her long fingers until he was gasping for breath. Magnus could feel his balls begin to tingle and his sperm start the journey upward.

“I’m cumming,” he cried, half expecting her to jerk the rest of it out like they do on porn shows – but she didn’t – she swallowed the whole lot.

He leaned back on the sofa and tried to get his breath back as the man on the TV was diving into his partners muff. Charise stood up and just started to strip, throwing her clothes all around the room yelling, “Yippee – it’s mine turn.”

Magnus was now getting into the swing of things and he too took off his duds and threw to the wind – so to speak. Then he grabbed Charise and laid her down on the sofa, placed his face between her legs and parting the petals of her flower with his fingers he just looked at it. Even though it was not shaved like the woman on TV he thought it was still a thing of beauty.

When his tongue touched the edges of her lips she gasped and lifted her legs so he could bury his face deep into her muff. Her head was still turned so that she could see the woman on TV being licked out as well, this seemed to make her need to cum more urgent. When the woman groaned Charise groaned, and this seemed to drive Magnus into a tongue flicking frenzy.

Her ass was squirming all over the place and she began to scream as she had an extreme orgasm that shook every part of her body and made vagina vibrate and ooze cum. While she was still trembling he moved up her body so that he could suck the hardened nipples on her big round tits and then he slipped his dick into her hot wet groove as the man on TV was cumming all over the woman’s face.

When Charise felt the width of his manhood widen the entrance to her pussy she clung on to him digging her nails into his back. Magnus, normally a gentle type of guy, despite his size, became like a wild animal. There was now a new couple on the TV screen and although he couldn’t see them he could hear the sounds of their bodies colliding and slapping against each other.

These sounds and the sight of Charise’s tits moving to and fro like two jelly molds made him ram into her cunt with powerful strokes and as the speed of his thrusts increased she began to yell ‘Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” over and over again.

When Magnus felt his cum moving up his tubes he increased the pace even more and she was going frantic, throwing her arms around and screwing up her face as though she was in pain. As he shot his load deep inside of her she screamed and clung onto him so tight he made it difficult to make those final thrusts to milk every single drop left in his dick.

Charise really couldn’t believe that this 25 year old man had never fucked a woman before, she herself had been poked on many occasions but she’d never experienced what she’d had with Magnus. As they sat and relaxed and watched more people fucking each others brains out on the TV she came up with a rather original idea.

“You say that Brook doesn’t want to get married until I’ve tied the knot,” she began. Magnus just nodded his agreement, “So why don’t I marry you – you can fuck me all through our engagement – official or unofficial and so everyone will be happy.”

“But will Brook be happy?”

“Of course she will – I’m going to let her be a bridesmaid.” she said, as she slipped her hand in his boxers and started to jerk him off.

Magnus closed his eyes and managed to stammer, “What – ever – you – SAAAAAY – CHARISE!!”


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