A Brief History

A Brief History xxx
I like to think of myself as a fairly normal guy. It's
hard to hide the fact that I think about sex all the
time. My friends realize this a little as my humour
manages to include sex to a large degree. Most people
who talk to me most likely wouldn't realize just how
big a part of my life it is.

Although I am happily married, I'm always seeking sex
with a bit of an edge. Over the years I've been
involved with a number of local women I met through
various internet personal services as well as a few
from work. Many of these women have had a distinctive
submissive nature to them and allowed me to do things
with them that some men might dream of. Despite this,
those times I've managed to get my wife involved in
things, even to a small degree, provide me with the
biggest pleasure.

I think my wife always new about this drive in me, but
largely took a don't ask, don't tell approach. Every
once in a blue moon though, she'd surprise me with a
bit of willingness or initiative that I don't always
see. Over the years, bit by bit, usually during drunk
sex sessions, I've let her into my private pleasures a
little bit at a time. Over the years she's learned more
about my exhibitionistic tendencies and my desire to
show her off.

Probably the first time she surprised me was one of the
times we were away from town on a camping trip. We were
hiking in the mountains and stopped for a rest. It was
a scorching hot day and we were high enough that a nice
cool wind would snap up now and again. It was a fairly
popular area and we ran into people quite frequently on
the hike.

During the rest, my wife looked at me and asked if I
had my digital camera. It was a pretty recent purchase
that we hadn't had very long. I said yes and she just
got up and told me to come with her. We moved a little
ways off the trail and behind a big boulder. She didn't
say anything when we got there and just started

Although I had requested she pose ever since I first
met her, she had adamantly refused. I was pretty sure
she was worried about me sharing her pictures. So I was
caught completely off guard and she had to tell me to
get my camera. Thank god for large memory cards because
I went crazy before she told me to come over and fuck

I have to admit, I was so excited I didn't last long
before cumming. I was going to go a second time but I
guess the mood passed and a quickie was what she
needed, because she stopped me, we got dressed and
continued on our hike.

That was the first time she surprised me. Although I
tried to get her to pose for me again, at home and out
hiking on other trips, she always refused.

Months later, at a wedding of one of her friends, we
all got more drunk than we had in years. Perhaps a bit
too drunk. She was one of the bridesmaids and was
wearing a strapless formal dress. Somewhere late in the
evening, we were sitting around the table with her
friends snapping pictures with the disposable cameras.

One guy took a camera and started snapping pictures
down his pants. The same guy then crawled under the
table and tried getting pictures up some of the girl's
skirts. I was so drunk most of what I saw was very,
very blurred. I wasn't the exception at the table.

For some reason I got an urge when I saw him under the
table by us, my wife's dress was a full length one and
I just reached down and hauled it up. She let out a
little squeal and the guy under the table yelled out
something unintelligible, with everyone else at the
table bursting into laughter.

Even in my drunken state though I noticed something.
Although my wife was "fighting" with me to get her
dress back down, she hadn't clamped her legs together.
I was turned towards her in my seat, my left hand
holding up the dress, my right on her left thigh, and I
noticed she could have easily clamped her legs together
but didn't.

I don't know what inspired me, but I just leaned over a
little, grabbed the edge of her panties and pulled them
to the side. I still remember the distinctive click of
the camera under the table and a loud "woo hoo!"

Time seemed to slow down and I remember the shocked
look on my wife's face. I don't know if it took longer
than it did, but she seemed to pause, letting it
happen, giving the guy under the table a few moments,
before snapping her legs together. She didn't mention
the incident when we got home, but we jumped into bed
and had a very intense, somewhat rough, sex session
before the booze took the last of our stamina and we
passed out.

It was a pretty uneventful winter and spring with the
next memorable even happening at the beginning of
summer. We'd gone on a nice relaxing camping trip to a
lake just a few hours from home. The drive back was a
bit tedious and well, I got bored. My wife looked just
as bored and on the border of falling asleep.

While driving I reached over and gave her breast a
little squeeze. She just looked over and gave me a
little, "oh well, that's my husband" kind of smile. I
did that a few times before reaching between her legs
and squeezing her pussy over her shorts. She let out a
little sigh and closed her eyes. I thought she was
going to just go asleep. I groped her pussy a bit more
and then, looking like she'd fallen asleep, stopped and
focused on driving.

When I hadn't touched her in a bit, she opened her eyes
and looked at me and just said, "Why'd you stop?"

I immediately resumed and even went further, pulling
the legs of her shorts up and fingering her pussy.
After a bit, I tried to undo the button on her shorts
and pull down the zipper. It was a task that was beyond
my one hand dexterity. She surprised me, by just doing
it herself and pulling her shorts down to her knees. I
didn't hesitate and went to town fingering her, playing
with her clit and trying to get her legs spread

That entire time I was having a bugger of a time trying
to keep from crashing, looking at my wife with her legs
spread wide and peeking at traffic coming towards us to
see if there was any indication that anyone could see.
At a point, she lowered her seat back a little and
without warning, put both her feet up on the dash. I
could hear her breath get ragged and I went to town
fingering her, trying to bring her over the edge. The
truth though was that I wanted it to last forever.

Despite our speed, I could see some people in taller
vehicles (trucks, rigs, motor homes) doing a double
take. I knew that they could see my wife, or at a
minimum, figure out what we were doing. At a point, she
just looked up at me and said, "Pull over."

I found a little side road moments later and we went
just a little ways up it before she told me to stop.
She then pulled me over on top of her and it was
seconds before my shorts were around my ankles and I
was thrusting into a sopping wet pussy. Despite the
discomfort, we were there for a while. My knees were
raw and my back was a mess by the time I put my third
load of cum into my wife's pussy. She had a very
restful nap the remaining drive back home.

Later that summer, it was 2004, something happened that
was what I thought, the pinnacle of her surprising me.
Thinking back to it, and other experiences, I have to
wonder if there is something about weddings, or just
the alcohol flowing that gets my wife going.

That event got me so excited that it was the thing that
I first put down in writing and shared with the
internet community. I wont share it all here now, but I
will share a little. I'll also admit, while its
something I remember with horny fondness, I'll also
used to get scared that I may have crossed a line.
Bringing her home after a staggette party, with her
being probably the most drunk I had ever seen her, I
made a detour. I took her to a park that I had taken a
few submissive lovers to.

Those people in the UK may know of a term called
dogging. That's why I took her to the park. My intent
had been to have sex with her in the car, letting men
watch us with her unaware. However, things quite often
work out differently then you plan.

There are two images from that night that will be in
burned in my mind forever. The first was lying on my
belly on the ground, looking forward, and despite the
dark, seeing the thick cock of this big bear of a man
stretching the lips of my wife's pussy. The second was
me standing, looking down on them, seeing him stiffen
and almost convulse, squeezing his arms around my wife,
knowing he was dumping his cum into her.

I have to admit, when fantasy becomes reality, although
there is excitement, there is an awful lot of worry.
Despite my wife conveniently being unable to remember
the later part of the evening, things were quite tense
between us for months. I don't know if it was my worry
that was affecting things or if her memory wasn't as
blank as she let on. She never mentioned the incident
or ever let on that she remembered even a portion of
it. It took the good part of half a year before things
got back to normal for us. Despite that, whenever I
masturbated, it was that night I pictured in my head
while I busily pumped my hand around my cock.

The next memorable event happened the following summer.
Friends of ours that had been together for many years
finally decided to make it official and get married. Us
boys celebrated as usually with a drunken stag party
with our group of old men moving from bar to bar in

For some reason, the wives arranged the staggette for
the bride on the same evening. Later in the evening,
both groups ended up running into each other. Given the
amount of cell phone conversations I'm pretty sure it
wasn't an accident.

The men were definitely much worse for wear than the
ladies. One of the things we had been up to was asking
perfect strangers to flash the groom. I think the whole
idea came from all the late night advertisements of
girls gone wild. I'm amazed we didn't get slapped or
into fights. Most just laughed us off, but some
obliged. Sometimes with as little encouragement as
buying them a shooter or providing a little tip.

When the groups met up it was a little awkward at
first. Despite that, there were enough of us so far
gone that it didn't matter. We were so far gone in fact
that one of the guys tried to convince the wives to
flash. They were quite surprised by our success during
the evening and we provided them all the details of our
successful negotiations.

We were caught quite by surprise when one of the ladies
(her husband wasn't with us) whipped up her shirt to
show off herself in her full glory. The men erupted
into howls and catcalls. The women were part screams,
part laughter and part shock. The last thing any woman
should do is give a poor old dirty drunk man any bit of
hope. That quick little moment of weakness gave more of
the boy's courage enough to essentially start begging
the ladies to flash.

Some of the men were trying to get other wives to
flash, some were trying to get their own wives to
flash. One of them finally did agree to do it but only
if she didn't do it alone. We were all blown away when
after a lot of negotiations, two of the others agreed,
surrounded the groom and shoved their tits in his face.
Although it was brief, I was in heaven. Not only by
seeing two sets of tits I thought I'd never see, but
also by seeing the tits attached to my wife beside the
other two pairs. My best friend was sitting beside the
groom at the time and gave me an ear to ear grin.

I'm not sure why that particular event proved to be
such a pivotal point in our life. After it, I have to
admit, the topic of her showing off came up more and
more during our sex sessions. In particular, the topic
of my best friend getting an eyeful was something that
kept coming up over and over. As well, we started to
become more verbal during sex, expanding on the
fantasies she knew I had about showing her off.

Sometimes after little get togethers and bbq's we'd
have amazing sex, talking about the times I caught
various friends taking peeks at her. As well, she
became more and more comfortable with not wearing a
bra. I'd always encouraged her to show off "the girls"
and that was one of the little pleasures (her braless)
that I always enjoyed. I tried to encourage her to try
to make some of my tamer fantasies reality but she held

What I considered little, like posting faceless
pictures of her on the internet and having sex in front
of a webcam were big no-no's. However, we did end up
having more sex outdoors while hiking and biking. As
well, during highway trips, she became more and more
comfortable having sex in rest stops. The further we
were from home, the more willing she was to be less

I can't count the number of times I saw someone
discreetly watching us from wooded areas. I also know
that some of the times my wife spotted them as well.
She never made it apparent though, never stopped me and
always let me finish before we rushed off.

Now the reason I've shared this little history. A month
ago, August, we went camping at a lake a few hours from
home. A few of our friends joined us, along with their
families. My wife and I stand out as one of the few
couples in our group without children. There were
enough kids of various ages that they managed to take
care of themselves most of the time. It was quite
relaxing for all of us to get together and just enjoy
ourselves. The drinks flowed and we kept ourselves busy
playing board and card games and reminiscing.

Later on in the evening, with the kids asleep and many
of us feeling no pain, the reminiscing took a decided
turn towards our more embarrassing and sexual escapades
throughout our youth. Bit by bit though, we lost more
and more of our group until it was just my best friend,
my wife and I sitting around a campfire.

It was a nice warm night and the three of us were just
having a good time reminiscing. Well, he and I were
reminiscing while my wife was just relaxing. I remember
having my arm around her shoulders and noticed my
friend looking her over.

I don't even think the thought registered in my brain
before my hand slipped under the neck of her shirt and
sought out her breast. I just brought my hand over it
and gave it a gentle squeeze. She didn't even budge.
She just let me grope her while she stared into the
fire. I guess she must have been a little frisky as
well because while I was squeezing her breasts and
playing with her nipples she just turned to me and
started kissing me deeply. Neither of us said a word to
each other, but there we were, sitting across the fire
from my best friend, kissing passionately and wrapped
around each other like we were all alone.

It was then that my drunken brain registered that maybe
she was letting me live out one of my more frequent
fantasies. We had talked many times during sex about
having sex in various places with not just strangers,
but friends watching. My best friend was just one of
those names that came up frequently when the topic went
that way. I didn't want to freak her out or push things
too fast, but I couldn't hold back.

I think I was trying to convince myself that I was
doing it slowly, but I think I was moving much faster
than I was trying. I ended up moving my free hand under
her shirt from the bottom. While groping her I started
moving my elbow up and away, dragging her shirt up with
it. She didn't flinch at all as her breasts came into
view. Not so much as a gasp or shiver as I pushed her
shirt up around her neck and started to suckle her

She tilted her head back and I could see her eyes were
closed. She just let me go to town on her neck and
breasts, in full sight of my buddy. I looked over at
him frequently and each time he seemed to be leaning
more and more over the fire, his eyes fixed open. When
I made my next move, I honestly thought she'd stop me.
I reached down and fondled her pussy through her pants.
Not only did she not stop me, she spread her legs.

I probably should have been more cautious, I probably
should have taken my time. The thing was when she
spread her legs I just reached under the elastic band
of her pants and shoved my hand in, straight to her
pussy. She was sopping wet and my finger slid right
into her. I ground my palm onto her clit and inserted
more and more fingers as I finger fucked her. I tried
the same stunt of moving my arm away from her body,
trying to get her pants down, but despite my repeated
attempts I didn't get more than the elastic band a
little further down.

As she had in the car long before, she caught me
unaware when she quickly pulled her pants past her
knees. She didn't open her eyes, she didn't look up,
she just whipped them down, spread her legs as far as
they could go in the chair, even slouched down in the
chair a little. As I leaned over her, she wrapped her
arms around my neck and held on. Although it was
uncomfortable, I wouldn't have dreamed of complaining.
There she was, fully exposed, the campfire lighting her
up, my friend almost falling into the fire as his eyes
soaked up ever detail of her body.

At a point I could tell she was getting closer and
closer to an orgasm. I think she had been talking to me
for a little while before I even noticed. However, I
did finally clue into her whispering in my ear, "Are
you sure? Are you sure?" over and over.

I just kept repeating yes every time she said it. Her
breath got more and more ragged and finally her legs
clamped together on my hand and she stiffened, little
shivers running through her body. When her orgasm had
subsided, her grip relaxed on my neck and her body went
limp in the chair. I leaned back and looked at her. Her
head was lolled back over the top of the chair, her
body was totally flushed. She made no move at all to
cover herself. I actually thought she might fall asleep
like that right there, if I let her.

Although it took her some time, she did start to move
again. I was surprised when she titled her head up and
looked right at my friend. I thought she'd immediately
pull all her clothes back in place but she sat there
for a while, staring into the fire, completely exposed.
She finally did decided to pull herself together and
stood up. She looked a bit confused but wandered around
the camp a bit and finally came back up to us.

She said she wanted to go to the washrooms and when I
got up she said no and said she needed to talk with our
friend. They headed off down the access road towards
the washrooms and I have to admit, I began to worry.
Despite my drunkenness I knew she'd be freaked out and
worried about him telling someone. I only hoped he was
sober enough to say whatever ever things she needed to
hear to alleviate her fears.

When they returned, she gave him a hug at the entrance
to our campsite and walked up while he continued down
the road to his campsite. We went to bed as soon as she
got back. I wasn't sure what to do, worried that I'd
upset her.

I was actually surprised when she whispered to me. She
did sound upset. She said something about that she
shouldn't have done it. She said that I wasn't even
interested in touching her anymore. That she knew it
was a mistake. She even began to sob a little. I
wrapped my arms around her and tried to comfort her.

We didn't talk but at a point, despite my worry, the
warmth of her gave me my erection again and she took
notice of it. I have to admit, I was surprised when she
turned herself upside down and proceeded to take my
cock in her mouth. My wife will admit that she doesn't
like giving bj's, that they make her uncomfortable. She
reserves them essentially for special occasions or when
she's especially drunk. I wasn't sure which way it
qualified that time. She took her time which was also a

At a point, I reached over and pulled her pussy closer
to my face. I lapped up her juices, marvelling at how
juicy she still was, at how wet her thighs were. When I
was getting into things she rolled on top of me,
putting us in a 69, grinding her pussy into my face. I
have to admit, it was hard to concentrate, she was
going to town on my cock. It was the most memorable
blowjob she had ever given me. I wanted it to last. I
wanted to savour every moment of this rare occasion.
This marvelous bj from the woman who thought she was no
good at them.

She surprised me further by giving me some very direct
instructions on how she wanted me to eat her pussy. It
was a first. She had always pretty much lied back and
let me do my thing. I was having trouble holding my cum
in my balls and was relieved when she brought her mouth
away from my cock and arched her back, grinding her
pussy against my jaw. She began grinding her pussy
against my face the same as when she would grind
against my pubic area. It wasn't gentle, but it was
erotic. I think she had to keep repeating herself a lot
because by the time I heard any instructions she was
getting pretty aggravated. She wanted my tongue as far
in as it would go. She humped my tongue as if it was a
little cock.

It was easy tell she was getting closer to a second
orgasm, another rarity with us, and she was completely
focused on getting herself over that edge. I was having
trouble hearing what she was saying, her words were
more gasps and grunts then actual English. It was at a
point not moments from when she came that I heard her
repeating over and over, "Get all of him out of me!"

I have to admit I was confused and didn't even realize
what she was getting at until after she came and was
lying on top of me. In the silence I realized, he'd
fucked her when they went to the washroom. I hadn't
been just eating my wife's pussy. I'd been eating her
pussy that had recently been filled with my friend's
cum. I was blown away.

I think she just wanted to sleep after her that. My
adrenalin and excitement were washing away my
drunkenness, leaving complete horniness in its place. I
rolled my wife onto her back and just mounted her.
Nothing delicate, no talking, just me climbing on top
of her and me shoving my cock as far as it would go
into her pussy. I wasn't in the least bit tired, and
just kept going and going and going. Although we
finally did fall asleep, I wasn't down for long before
I woke up and mounted her again. She tried to sleep in
but kept getting disturbed by her horny husband waking
her up.

I have to admit, the way my wife acted the next day,
you would never had guessed that anything had happened.
Unfortunately, a few people seemed to think there was
something off with how both my friend and I were
acting. Luckily, everyone seemed to believe us that it
was just an effect of getting old and having too much
to drink the night before.

My wife and I had a little private hike together. The
tone was pretty serious and she was very nervous. She
seemed to think that despite the number of times that I
had discussed my fantasies with her, she was very
scared that I was upset and that it would tear us

Although it was easy to tell she wasn't in a frisky
mood, I did manage to get her to a remote area where we
ended up naked in the grass together. I was fucking her
doggy style when I tried to encourage her to share the
details of her tryst. It took a lot of encouragement
and she seemed to not want to tell me. The thing is,
once she started to talk about it, I could feel the
change in her juices. Her wetness just kept building as
she told me more and more. I had to pry most of the
details out of her but by the time I came, I had a
perfect understanding of everything that had happened.

We didn't get dressed right away. We lied out in the
sun, enjoying the warmth. At a point she started
fondling my cock with her hand and it didn't take me
long to get hard again. When I mounted her again, I
took my time with slow gentle strokes and grinding. I'm
not sure why I thought about it, but looking down on
her and thinking of everything that happened, my mind
wandered back to the time I took her to the park after
the staggette party.

I don't know what gave me the courage to ask. For some
reason, while I was looking at her, she opened her eyes
and could tell something was up. She asked me what was
wrong, clearly worried about what I might say. I caught
her totally off guard when I asked her to honestly tell
me what she remember about the night after her friend
D's staggette. It was instantly clear that she
remembered something from the way she was biting her
lip. The look in her eyes that told me she was weighing
the pros and cons of telling me.

Instead of saying anything though, she moved her knees
up, stretched her legs and wrapped them tight around my
waist. When she had me in a firm grip, she started
thrusting up, meeting my thrusts and slamming our
groins together. Every few moments I would ask her
again what she could remember and her smile grew bit by
bit. Again, without saying a word, she wrapped me
tighter in her legs and thrust up towards me.

After a while, she wrapped her arms around my neck and
pulled me close. She was getting closer to an orgasm
and in between gasps said to me "don't you remember me
doing this to him that night?". Instantly I had a
picture in my head of the big bear of a man on top of
her in the grass. My perception at the time had been
that she was on the border of passing out and that he
had mounted her and fucked her hard.

When I thought back to it though I remembered two
things I hadn't paid much attention to. Firstly, at a
point he was hunched up, almost doubled over, with his
big hands grasping under her, holding her ass off the
ground. Secondly, her legs had been wrapped firmly
around him. She hadn't just been drunk, she had been
fucking him.

When that realization hit me was also when she
whispered to me, "I remember it all." It was too much
for me, I instantly stiffened, forcing my cock as deep
in her as I could and pumped what little cum I had
remaining inside of her.

There were a lot of conversations since then. A lot of
secrets that we've shared with each other. I'm not sure
where things will go from here. I do know that my wife
isn't as different from me as I may have first thought.
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