Dirty Downloads with Chuck and Nicolette

Dirty Downloads with Chuck and Nicolette xxx
"Damn... look at that one, Nicolett. He is FINE," my friend Gena said as she pointed to a picture on my computer monitor.

I looked at it. It was a picture of a naked boy, about 18 or 19 years of age. His penis was hard, he had a little smile on his face and he was, indeed, really, really cute.

"He's pretty hot," I said.

Gena was my best friend, even though she was 21, a year older than me. We'd been friends for quite some time. Right now I was over at her house and we were, as we often did, downloading porn. We loved looking at cute boys naked, ideally ones our age.

"I would LOVE to get that dick inside me," Gena said.

I kind of envied my friend. She'd lost her virginity last year and had since been fucked by three other boys. She kept telling me how wonderful it was. She even showed me a picture of one of the boys who had fucked her. He was really cute and it made me very jealous.

She clicked onto a couple other pics. Now up on the screen were a pair of boys, one probably 20 or so and the other a year or two older. They were both naked in a shower. In the next picture they were laying on a bed together, the younger boy sucking on the older boy's penis.

"Aw, how cute," I said, looking at the boys.

"It's a waste," said Gena. "He should have that in ME, not in the other boy's mouth." She got a few more pics from the same series. "Oh, here we go."

The pics in question showed the boys now getting it on with a couple girls. Each of them was fucking one of them. There were even close-up penetration shots.

"Damn... lucky girls," I said.


I reached down and rubbed at my crotch a little. "Wish they were here right now," I said quietly.

"Girl, when you gonna get fucked?"

I sighed. "I have no idea."

"Well, you'd best be making it soon. I lost my virginity when I was a month younger than you."

"Yeah, I know."


"I just gotta find the right boy."

Gena snorted. "The right boy is the boy who says yes."

"Yeah, yeah."

Then we came to a series of pics showing a boy with an incredible body. His face was blacked out but his body looked just wonderful! He was obviously older then a teenager, probably about 24 or so, but his pubic hair was shaved off. He had blond hair on his head, we could see that much. It actually reminded me vaguely of my older brother Chuck's hair.

"Wow," Gena said as she scrolled through the pics. She came to a butt-shot. "Now THAT is a perfect white-boy ass!"

"Yeah, it is," I breathed. The boy's butt was just mind bogglingly cute.

The next pic was a close-up of his penis. "Oh, now that I want in me," Gena said with a delighted sounding sigh.

"Yeah, me, too," I said, picturing that penis sliding in and out of my vagina.

"Well, look who's finally getting all horny!" Gena said with a little laugh.

"Oh, shut up. Just because I'm not a slut like you..."

"Uh-uh, girl! Four boys ain't no slut."

"It is if they're all in the same week."

"Oh, shut up."

The two of us then got very quiet as we sat there looking at the photos of this very, very pretty naked boy. He was my ideal dream! He was sooo cute! His penis looked magnificent! I kept picturing it sliding in and out of my eager vagina. God, was this man ever sexy!

Then, as we got to one of the pictures, I noticed something that made my blood run cold. There, in the background of this picture, was a small shelf on which sat a bunch of trophies. The exact same shelf that sat in the bedroom of my 18-year-old brother, Chuck.

We scrolled through a few more photos, and I was no longer paying attention to the boy in the pictures. Instead I was looking at the room behind him. There was the Linkin Park poster my brother had near his bed. There was his dresser. There were his books. And on the bookshelf, next to the books, I could clearly see a photograph in a frame. I knew the photo showed my brother and I when we were on vacation at Disneyland a couple years ago.

There was no escaping it. The boy in these pictures, the boy I wanted so much to have fuck me, was my brother.

"Holy fuck," I whispered.

"Yeah, he is pretty fuckin' sexy for a white boy!" Gena said, rubbing at her crotch.

I said nothing, I just nodded. I really didn't want to try and explain this to my friend.

On impulse I said, "Can you burn me a disc with these pictures on them?"

"Girl!" Gena said with a little grin. "About damn time you started getting into one of these boys. Hang on a moment." She put a blank CD into the drive and started it copying. A few minutes later it was done and I had what looked to be about three hundred photos of my brother naked, hard and masturbating.

"Thanks!" I said, putting the disc into the backpack. I made a show of looking at my watch. "Hey, I gotta get going home, Gena."

"Uh-huh!" she said with a knowing grin. "Gonna spend some time double-clicking your mouse, eh?"

"Something like that." I grinned weakly.

"Well, you go girl. Have a good time!" She turned back to her computer and I let myself out.

It seemed to take forever for me to get home, but I finally did, and once there raced upstairs. I knocked on Chuck's door. I didn't think he'd be home, but I wanted to be certain. He wasn't. I let myself in and looked around, comparing what I'd seen in the photos with what I saw in his bedroom. Yep. It was the same. It was indeed my brother in these pictures.

This left me with many, many questions as I made my way back out into the hall and then to my own bedroom. I booted up my computer and loaded in the pics, looking at them as I sorted through the questions in my mind. Why was Chuck doing porn? Why was *I* still turned on, even though I knew they were of my older brother? And just what the hell was I gonna do about it? I mean, I couldn't talk with my Mom and Dad about it. They'd want to know how I'd seen the pictures and then Gena and I would get into trouble. I couldn't just confront Chuck about it, though. Could I?

I pulled off my jeans and panties and started fingering while I looked at some of the shots of Chuck's penis. Why couldn't I confront him about it? I mean, I had no clue exactly what I'd SAY, but I could come up with something. I really wanted to know exactly why he'd made all these pictures. Maybe I COULD just ask him.

Finally all thoughts of what I was going to do were banished from my mind as my finger worked its magic between my legs, giving me a very powerful orgasm as I stared at pictures of my brother's naked body displayed up on the screen.

Now I had guilt to deal with, too. Eventually, though, I knew I'd think of something. It would just take a little time.

* * *

Four days, in fact, went past before I finally had time to think of a plan and execute it. I waited until one morning after our parents had gone to work. It was about nine when I went out from my bedroom to Chuck's and knocked on his bedroom door.

He opened it after a couple moments, wearing only a pair of boxers. As I glanced at his body I knew now even more than before that the boy in those photos was indeed him.

"Oh, hey, Nicolett. What's up?" he asked a little muzzily. I guessed I'd woken him up. That was part of the plan. I wanted him to be too out of it to give me bullshit answers.

"Can you come to my room for a second?" I asked.

Chuck yawned. "Why? I was sleeping."

"I need help with my computer."

Chuck sighed. "Can it wait?"

"Not really."

"What's it doing?"

"Hard to describe. You'll just have to come see." I smiled at him. "Besides, I'll owe you one. I'll help you out on your history homework next time."

"Alright, fine." He followed me out into the hallway, still wearing only his boxers. I could see a faint bulge where his penis was. I wondered what it might be like to see it in person and not just on the computer screen.

When we got to my room, I pointed to the computer. "Take a look and see if you can tell me what's wrong."

"Ok." Chuck sat down and pressed the spacebar to get rid of the screen saver. Then he sat there and stared at the monitor for a good minute or so. "Nicolett... where did you get this?" he asked, pointing at the screen.

I moved over to look at it. I'd made up a little montage of Chuck's photos and set it as my wallpaper.

"You know," I said, "The Internet can yield the most interesting things."

"You downloaded these?"


"From where?"

"A place me and one of my friends download pictures from."

"That's not helpful."

"It wasn't supposed to be."

A long silence reigned. "Look," Chuck said, "you're not going to tell Dad and Mom about this, are you?"

"No, of course not."

He let out a sigh. "Good."

"Why did you take these pictures?"

Chuck squirmed a little. "Well... you really aren't going to tell ANYONE about this, are you?"


"Does your friend who you were with know who the pictures are of?"


"How did you know?"

I pointed to the background.



Chuck ran his fingers through his light blond hair. "Ok. Well... a couple months ago I met this girl. She and I were spending a lot of time talking with each other on the Net. And one day she asked if I could take some pictures for her. So..." He gestured towards the screen. "So I did."

"I see." I sat down next to him at the desk, my eyes trailing down to where his inner thigh disappeared into his boxers.

"Yeah. She sent me some of her, too. We both agreed to blot out our faces in the nude shots. I don't know why they ended up on the Net, though."

"Well... maybe she sent them to a couple friends or something."

Chuck shrugged. "Maybe. I said she could. I sent hers to a couple of my friends, too. We kept talking about wanting to get together and... well, meet." He blushed. "But it never happened. I lost touch with her a couple weeks ago."

"That sucks."


"Well... for what it's worth... they're nice photos." I smiled a little.

"They are?"

"Yeah. I mean, before I knew who was in them, I thought they were really, really, REALLY nice, if you know what I mean."

Chuck laughed a little. "HOW nice?"

"Uh..." I blushed. "Well, very nice. That was before I knew it was you in them, of course."

"Of course." He looked down at his chest. "Do you really think I look good in them?"

"Well, yeah. You've got a really nice body and everything."

"Thanks, Nicolett. You look pretty nice, too."

Now it was my turn to laugh. "Yeah, but you won't see any naked pics of ME posted on the Internet."

"Yeah, probably not," Chuck said with a laugh of his own. "So what did you like best about my body? If you don't mind me asking."

I shrugged. "I don't know. You've got a really nice chest, and a very cute butt." I laughed a little once more. "And your... you know... IT... looked really neat, too."

Chuck looked down at his boxers. I thought I saw something twitch under the fabric. "Neat, huh?"

"Yeah. Except I thought boys had hair down there."

"We normally I do. I shave it."

"You do? Why?"

Chuck just shrugged again. "I don't know. I just think it looks better without hair."

"Oh... so, like, is it shaved now?"


"Can I see?" Hurriedly I added, "I don't mean the whole thing. Just the part where the hair should be."

"Uhm..." Chuck considered this and then shrugged again. "I guess it isn't anything you haven't already seen in the pictures. Ok." He pulled his boxers down just enough to expose his bare pubes. I could also see just a hint of the base of his penis. Clearly he was shaved nice and smooth. There wasn't even any stubble yet. He must've shaved pretty recently.

"Wow," I said. "THAT looks cool."

"Thanks," my brother said with a little smile.

"Can I... do you mind if I... you know... just touch it a little? The shaved spot, I mean?"

"Well... yeah, ok, if you want to."

I reached out a hand and ran my fingers along the bare patch. The skin was very smooth and very soft. It was exquisite to touch.

"That's pretty sweet," I said.

"See? That's why I shave it. I don't like having a big tangle of hair down there."

I nodded. "Maybe I should shave mine. I don't have a lot of hair down there, but I do have some."

"How much?"

"Not a lot." My throat went a little dry as I suddenly said, "You wanna see?"

"Uh... ok."

I pulled down my shorts and panties enough to expose my small patch of hair, which also showed the top of my slit. I wasn't sure why I wanted Chuck to see this, but whatever the reason, I knew that I wanted him to.

"Wow... that looks pretty cool," my brother said, staring down.


"The hair is kind of... I don't know. It doesn't look bad, though."

"You wanna touch it?"

Chuck hesitated for a bit and then said, "Well, if you don't care."

"I touched you, so it's only fair."

"Ok." Chuck's fingertips were soon running through my sparse hair. It felt amazing having a boy touching me down there, even if the boy was my brother.

I found that I was actually holding my breath. I let it out slowly and said, "That feels really, really nice, Chuck."



"You know," he said after a moment. "I found that it felt a lot better to touch myself down there once I didn't have the hair anymore."



"Maybe I should shave it all off, then."

"How much do you have? Is it just this bit here?" He said, still running his fingers gently through it.

"No, there's a little bit more."

"How much more?"

"A little bit."

Chuck laughed. "I had hair above my... well, my penis... and some along the sides of it, too. Do you have hair like that?"

"Yeah... some above my... vagina..." I felt somewhat comfortable using the word since Chuck had just used the correct word for his anatomy. "And some along side it."

"Oh, ok." He looked down to where his fingers were still browsing through my fuzz. "How much hair?"

"Not a lot..." I swallowed. "You... you wanna see?"

"Yeah. If you don't mind."

"Well... I've seen your penis and everything. So it's not a big deal. I mean, we're just brother and sister," I said, partly to remind myself.

"Yeah. That's right. We are." Chuck nodded as if he'd only just remembered that fact.

I sat up a little and pulled my shorts and panties down to my knees and then spread my legs to expose my virgin vagina. "See?" I said, pointing. "Just a little hair."

"Yeah..." Chuck put his hand out and ran it through the patch of hair on the top of my vagina and then ran a finger down each side of my slit. Little shivers of delight went through my body at his gentle, tickling touches. It was better than anything I'd ever felt.

"So..." I managed to say. "You think I should shave it off?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I think you should."


"You know how to shave?"

I shrugged. "Kinda."

"Well... you wanna be real careful when you're shaving around down there. It's pretty sensitive, I'm sure. At least if it's anything like my... penis."

"Oh. Ok. I'll try not to cut myself or anything."

Chuck took a deep breath. "If you want... I'll help you shave it."

"You will?"

My brother nodded as his fingers continued to caress the tangle of hair between my legs. "I mean, since it's your first time you should have help, right? So you don't cut yourself."

I nodded. "Yeah, that makes sense." I didn't know if it did or didn't. All that I really knew was that it felt very nice having my brother's fingers roaming around the outskirts of my vagina and if he was helping to shave me, I'd probably get a lot more of that.

"Ok. Well, you wanna do it right now?"


"Alright." Chuck stood up. For a moment I saw his penis tenting out his boxers and then he turned away from me. "I'll go get my shaving stuff and meet you in the bathroom."

"Ok," I said, my eyes following my bother's butt as he walked out of my bedroom.

Quickly I pulled up my shorts and panties and went into the bathroom where I sat on the toilet and waited for my brother to arrive. When he finally did, he had added a pair of jeans to cover up his boxers, though he was still shirtless.

"So... you ready, Nicolett?"


"Ok. Let me turn on the shower. It's easiest in the shower."

"Alright." I moved aside so that my brother could get the shower started.

Once the water was running he pointed and said, "Ok, get in."

"In the shower?"


I looked at the water. "Uh... ok." I stood up and pulled my shorts and panties off, leaving my loose- fitting t-shirt on. Shyly I opened up the shower curtain and made ready to step inside.

"Aren't you going to take off your shirt, too?" Chuck asked. "I mean, you don't want to get it wet, do you?"

"Oh... uh, I guess not." I pulled my shirt up off my head, leaving me now totally naked in front of my older brother. I quickly got into the shower, longing to feel the water caressing my bare skin.

"You look really nice, Nicolett," my brother said in an odd voice.


"Ok... uhm... well, get yourself all wet and stuff, especially your vagina."

"Ok." I started soaping up and then I said, "Hey... I should probably close the shower curtain. Otherwise water will get all over the place."

"Oh... I hadn't thought about that," Chuck said, looking a little abashed. "Uhm... well... the thing is it's easier to shave with the water on. Sorry, I'm used to actually being in the shower when I do it, you know?"

"Yeah... well... you could get in here with me. It wouldn't be a big deal."

Chuck thought about this. "I guess that would make it easier," he said eventually. "Alright." He started pulling down his jeans and boxers and once he was naked got into the shower with me.

Now I was able to see my brother's naked body for real and not just in pictures. His penis was hard and smooth and looked just beautiful, as did the rest of his body. For a moment the two of us just stood there, looking at one another naked in the shower.

Finally Chuck broke the spell. "Well.. let me get past you for a second so that I can get wet myself. It's a little cold just standing here, you know?" he said with a little laugh.

"Right, ok." I stood aside and awkwardly we moved past each other, our bare butts brushing just ever so slightly.

Chuck got under the water and soaked his whole body down. I stood there watching the streams of water cascading down his nude form. I never wanted to be water so much in my life.

When he was done soaking Chuck said, "Ok, get yourself wet once more and then we'll do this thing."

"Alright." We switched places once more, butts brushing again as we moved past each other. I got my vaginal region good and wet and then turned towards Chuck. "Ok, I think I'm ready."

"Right." My brother reached out of the shower and came back with a little net-bag. He opened it up, pulling out a can of shaving gel and a couple different kinds of razors. He looked at me. "Right. Uh... let's see... ok. I'm going to turn off the shower part for a bit, but keep the main faucet flowing. You go sit on the edge of the tub and spread your legs."

"Ok." I moved over to the edge and sat, my eyes watching my brother's nude body as he fiddled around with the water.

Once the flow had switched from the shower to the main faucet, he sprayed some of the gel onto his hand and crouched down in front of me.

"Ok, Nicolett. When you shave, the first thing you do, after you get nice and wet in a good hot shower, is to put on the shave gel."


"I'll do it for you this time," he said, reaching out his hand. I closed my eyes part way as I felt Chuck's warm, gentle touch between my legs. He rubbed the shave gel into the larger patch of my pubic hair and then down along each side, the tip of one of his fingers barely brushing against the entrance to my vagina. I nearly came right then and there.

As soon as everything was gelled up with this nice foamy gel, Chuck took one of the razors from his bag and held it under the faucet. Then he pulled it back and looked me in the eyes.

"Ok. You gotta stay perfectly still for this, ok? I've never shaved a girl and I don't want to screw it up."

"Alright, Chuck."

Taking a deep breath, Chuck put his razor near the larger patch of hair and started running it slowly across. I felt an odd tugging sensation as the hairs were cut down to size. At one point the heel of his hand brushed against my clitoris and it was a real struggle not to squirm with pleasure.

"Am I doing ok, Nicolett? It's not hurting you or anything?"

"No," I said with a little gasp. "Not at all..."


I held my breath a little as Chuck took a handful of warm water and poured it onto my vagina, washing away the gel. He touched up his shave a little and then said, "You gotta spread your legs a little more."

"Alright," I said in almost a whisper as I spread them.

"Good. That's perfect," my brother said. He took the razor and slowly ran it down the sides of my 20- year-old vagina. His touch was so gentle. It felt sooo wonderful. When he moved the razor from one side to the other, it left one of his fingers resting right against the entrance, the tip pressing just slightly into me. It was all I could do to keep myself from pushing my hips forward so that he'd slip inside.

Finally Chuck said, "Ok, I'm done." He took another handful of water and rinsed me off. "Go ahead and get yourself good and rinsed and I'll see if I need to do any touch up." He stood up, giving me a great eye-level view of his wonderfully hard fifteen-year-old penis.

I stood up myself and turned the shower part on again, rinsing off in the spray. I looked down at my vagina while I did so. It was totally smooth, totally hairless. My probing fingers, one of which slipped up inside in a brief effort to lower my levels of arousal, found no sign of any hair.

"I think you got it all," I said to Chuck as I turned around.

"Lemme look." He knelt down and peered closely at my vagina. After a short glimpse he took his razor and hit one spot then said, "Yeah. Looks nice and clear."

"Cool." I rinsed off again and said, "Hey, let's dry off and go look in the mirror in Mom and Dad's room."


I shut off the water and Chuck and I got out. We toweled off, our eyes looking over each other's naked bodies as we did so. Chuck's penis was still hard. I experienced a brief fantasy of that penis pounding within my vagina and felt a little shudder of delight and desire pass through my young body.

We actually wrapped the towels around our naked bodies as we went into our parent's bedroom. I don't know why. I mean, we'd seen each other naked, touched each other a little and were about to stand naked side-by-side. Why cover up? But we did anyhow.

As I had guessed, once we were in our parent's bedroom, we both dropped the towels and stood there, side-by- side, looking into the mirror at our naked, hairless bodies.

"That looks pretty sweet," Chuck said.

"Yeah," I said, nodding at my big brother. I giggled. "You know, I've never seen a naked boy in real life before today."

"I've never seen a girl naked before," Chuck said with a smile.


"So... now that you're dry, can I see how smooth you ended up being?"

"Sure." I laid down on the floor in front of the mirror. "I don't want to screw up their bed," I said to Chuck by way of explanation.

My brother nodded. "That's smart." He got down on the floor next to my and placed his hand between my legs, running his fingers along my bare pubes. "That's sweet as all hell," he said. "It's sooo smooth." His fingers continued to probe around between my legs. Suddenly he said, "Hey, I thought you dried off."

"I did."

"Yeah, but it feels kind of... I don't know... damp."

"Oh..." I grinned a shy grin. "Well... girls get wet sometimes. It's like how boys get hard, you know?" I said, still running my fingers along his bare skin at the base of his penis.

"Yeah..." Without asking my brother, I reached over and ran my hand along his smooth pubes. "It's really cool that we're both shaved now."

"Yeah. I kinda wonder..." Chuck trailed off.


"Well... I wonder what it would be like to... well, rub our skin together... you know... my pubes against yours."

"Oh!" I thought about it. "That might be cool. How would we do it, though?"

"I don't know," Chuck confessed.

"So... you wanna try to rub the bare parts together?"

"Sure, but how?"

Chuck shrugged. "I don't know... I thought of one way, but... I don't know."


Very nervous looking my brother took a deep breath and carefully said, "Well... if my penis was... you know... kind of... like... inside your vagina... and I was in far enough... then we'd be rubbing the bare parts together."

"Oh." My mouth went dry again. "Would you... would you want to try that?"

"I don't know... maybe... if you wanted to."

"Wouldn't that mean we were..." I blushed again. "That we'd be... having sex?"

"I'm not sure... I don't think so... I mean, I'd just put it inside you to see what it felt like to have our pubes rubbing together. We'd each have a little taste of what it's like to have sex, but it's not like we'd be really Doing It."

"That's true." I thought about it for a bit. I really did want to know what it would feel like to rub together. Plus I'd know what it was like to have a boy's penis inside my vagina. Even if it wasn't really sex, it would still be interesting. "You'd just put it in and then we'd rub together a little and then you'd take it out again, right?"


"You wouldn't tell anyone would you?"

"No. Would you?"

"No... have you ever had it in a girl before?"

"No. You ever have a boy in you before?"

I shook my head. "No." I thought a little more. "It really wouldn't count as sex, would it? I mean, we're not doing it to have sex, we're just doing it to see what the pube thing would feel like, right?"


"I guess we can try it," I said, finally. "Just to see what it's like."



We stared at each other for a bit.

I said, "Well... I guess you should get between my legs and we can try it."

"Alright." Chuck got between my legs, his penis sticking up and suddenly looking very large. He took it in his hand and said, "Uh... where exactly does it go?"

I put my hands down to my vagina and parted the labia to expose the hole. "It goes right in there."

"Ok." My brother scooted forward and for the first time ever I felt a boy's penis touching my vagina. "Right here?"

"Yeah.." I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and held it, waiting to be penetrated by a boy for the first time.

Between my legs I felt a pressure that seemed to build and build and then suddenly yielded. Something wonderful was entering my body. I felt myself starting to be stretched open a little as inch by inch my brother's 18-year-old virgin penis opened up my 20-year-old virgin vagina. When he stopped moving, I opened my eyes and looked down, seeing nothing but our bare pubes meeting. The beautiful penis I had first seen in pictures was now deep inside my body.

"Oooh..." Chuck whispered, looking into my eyes. "Wow... it feels... so good..."

"Yeah..." I managed to say. I couldn't believe I really had a boy inside me!

"I guess we know... what it feels like now..." I could tell he was fighting hard to keep from fucking the shit out of me.

"Yeah... but we don't know... what the rubbing is like..."

"Oh, yeah..." Chuck pushed against me and pulled back a little, then did it again. I let out a gentle sigh as I felt his penis sliding inside me.

"That feels really good," I said quietly.

"Yeah, I know... for me, too..." Chuck lowered himself down a little until his bare chest was against my breasts. I savored the sensation of his naked body spread out on top of mine. "Do you want me to take it out now, or can I leave it in for a bit?"

My mind was whirling, overwhelmed by pleasure. "I guess... you can leave it in me... for a little bit longer..."


My brother and I laid there for a few seconds, just holding each other. Eventually I became aware of movement between my legs as he started sliding his penis back and forth inside my vagina once again. It felt really nice.

"Oh, Nicolett, this is so nice..." Chuck whispered as he started fucking me a little faster.

"Yeah..." I reached down and rested my hands just above my brother's butt as his speed began increasing. The faster he moved within me, the better it felt.

I turned my head a little and saw us in the mirror. Chuck's head was thrown back a little. His eyes were closed, his mouth was open slightly. I could see the muscles in his butt and all over the rest of his move as he fucked me. I couldn't see any sign of his penis, but I knew exactly where it was.

"Chuck?" I whispered to him. "Look in the mirror."

Panting a little, Chuck turned his head. For an instant he stopped thrusting and then suddenly closed his eyes and let out a few grunts. Inside my vagina his penis started kicking around as a warm fluid feeling filled me up. He held himself against me, as deep inside me as he could get, as his whole body shuddered on top of mine.

I was looking up into his face as the shuddering finally he stopped. Breathing hard, Chuck opened his eyes and looked down at me.

"I just... had an orgasm..." he whispered.

"So you came in me?" I asked softly.


I ran my hands up and smoothed his hair back. "I think this probably counts as sex, then," I said with a little smile.

"Yeah..." Chuck replied, smiling a little himself.

I ran my hands down to cup my brother's butt. "I'm glad we did it. It was really nice."


Chuck and I held tightly onto each other for several minutes, just hugging and talking, his penis still inside me. Eventually he started fucking me again, and came inside me once more. We had sex four more times that day before our parents got home. It was exhausting, but certainly fun!

The next day when I saw Gena she commented how happy and tired I looked. She said that I had that "freshly- fucked" look that most girls got after a night of passionate sex, but when she tired to corner me and get me to confess, I just grinned mysteriously and walked away from her.

It can be very nice to have secrets!
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