Sarah birthday

Sarah birthday xxx
Lisa giggled with Diana as they walked up the steps to Sara's house. Diana was such a crack up, she always had Lisa in stiches. She had just finished reminding Lisa of the time, back in high school, when a couple of boys had drilled a hole in the girl's locker room wall so they could watch the girls showering. Her and Diana had heard about it in the quad before heading to P.E., and at the end of P.E., had gone into the showers, lathered each other up, and made out, knowing they were being watched. Lisa never let on that she'd been super turned on by the whole thing.

"Simon so wanted to jump your bones after, after he saw that!" laughed Diana.

"Only because he didn't see Sara." said Lisa laughing ruefully.

"Well, not everyone looks like that." agreed Diana as they reached the top step. "If she wasn't our best friend you know we'd hate her for being so beautiful."

Diana stopped, and bent over to pet Sara's huge dog lazing comfortably on the porch.

"Hey Mozart!" Lisa said kneeling beside Diana and stroking the huge beast affectionately. Mozart panted contentedly.

"Such a lazy bones." smiled Diana as they both took a few minutes to caress Mozart's silky fur.

Lisa finished scratching under his chin and stood up, stretching as if suddenly infected by Mozart's condition, then made for the door. A moment later Diana joined her, spanking her loudly on the butt.


"You know, we aren't that bad lookin Lis." said Diana laughed, scooting in front of Lisa and pressing the doorbell.

As Lisa rubbed her ass, she knew it was true. They were both hot. It was just that Sara could have been a Jessica Simpson double, except maybe that she was better looking. Still, neither Diana, or Lisa had any problem finding a boyfriend, especially after the shower thing in High School.

"I know." Lisa said looking over at her friend who quickly shot her hands behind her to ward off an attack, smiling. "Its still not fair that someone could be born that gorgeous."

Diana rang the doorbell again.

"I bet she gives it up to a boy this year." whispered Diana crossing her arms while they waited.

" I hope so!" laughed Lisa shaking her head in disbelief.

Lisa had given it up to her 11grade teacher Mr. Jenkins. He was so hot for a forty year old man. She had fantasized about it for months before seducing him after a football game he was chaperoning. She smiled remembering the affair that had lasted the rest of the year and into summer vacation. Diana's frustrated sigh interrupted her reminiscing.

" Sara!" yelled Diana pressing the doorbell repeatedly.

"I don't hear anything when you press it Di"

Diana pressed again and both girls leaned forward trying to hear. Nothing.

"It's broken, call her cell phone." suggested Lisa.

"Naa" smiled Diana reaching for the handle. "She won't mind, with her parents gone for Vegas, no one is home but her anyway."

The door was unlocked. Diana started to open it slowly, when Mozart plowed between them, knocking them aside and ran into the house.

"Shit!" Lisa cursed barely catching her balance. After a moments pause to she if Diana was okay, she ran into the enormous house following Sara's family's dog. She stopped in the foray. Diana quickly joined her.

"Where did he go?" panted Diana.

Lisa shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know. Lets find Sara,.. that dog loves her. She'll be able to get him out faster we can. He probably outweighs the both of us combined."

Together they hurried through the grand parlor and down the marble hallway towards Sara's room.

As they neared, Lisa could see that Sara's double doors were open. Reaching the entrance Lisa smiled, there sat Mozart watching something out of their view, obviously interested. Lisa took a step toward the Saint Bernard and heard a passionate moan echo out from around the corner. Her breath caught in her throat and Diana squeezed her arm.

"No way!" Di mouthed smiling excitedly. Lisa grinned back and shared they shared a silent giggle. Lisa knew she should turn around and wait for Sara to finish, but finish what? Did she have a boy in there? Was she finally giving it up? Lisa's curiosity drowned out her caution and she walked forward into Sara's room with her friend, arm in arm. As quiet as mice the peaked around the corner.

Lisa's breath caught in her throat. Sara lay face down on her bed with her naked ass raised in the air, her fingers sliding in and out of her wet, shaved pussy. So many thoughts ran through her mind in that split second. Sara shaved! She's finally masturbating! Her shock was immediately replaced by a familiar fire that rushed through her body, as she watched her friend's goddess-like body in the throws on passion, pleasuring herself.

Sara' incredible, lightly tanned legs shook and she let out a sexy moan as she starting cumming. Lisa looked at Diana and they shared a glance, both of them were flushed, slack jawed in disbelief. How many times had Sara told them she never masturbated? God Sara was beautiful and in this position, so incredibly sexy, Lisa felt her body responding as Sara's fingers slowed to a stop, though her soft moans continued. Her amazing butt swayed back and forth as if seductively offering itself to a lover. Sara removed her hand slowly and reached under herself, pinching her nipples that were pressed into the soft down comforter. Lisa was stunned at the beauty of it.

Mozart suddenly stood from his position at the foot of the huge bed, took a couple of steps, and leaning forward, licked Sara's wet, shaved pussy in one long stroke from her clitoris up across her lips and over her asshole. Lisa held her breath and made to step forward and stop the dog, but Diana held her back. Before she could decide whether to break free or not. A deep moan escaped Sara's throat and Mozart licked again. Another ecstatic moan echoed out through the room.

In one motion, Mozart leap onto the bed and mounted Sara, his huge front paws on her back pushed her further into the white down comforter, holding her firmly in place. Both girls stood in shock, watching, enable to move.

"Not now boy!" came Sara's ragged, still panting voice from underneath the huge beast. "No boy! Please!" Sara cried, "get off me!"

Lisa saw the huge penis emerge from its sheath, and again wanted to step forward, her breath coming in gasps, her nipples hard and aching. It was massive. She only resisted the urge, because she watched Sara's incredible ass lift and squirm to get into position for the dog cock.

"Oh God! No boy!" Sara begged her hot body leaning back, pressing, desiring. "please no!"

From where they stood Lisa could see the huge cock, glide over her friend's wet snatch until it found its mark. Sara moaned with desire squirming backwards onto the huge pole as it slowly sank into her amazingly beautiful body. Diana's fingernails pressed into Lisa's arm, but she could only watch as the massive Saint Bernard continued to sink his enormous cock into one of her best friends. Slowly the dog pressed forward. Sara screamed out in agony, though her body responded by pushing back, squirming as if it couldn't get enough. A rivet of blood ran down Sara's leg.

"This isn't happening to me!" Sara cried out loud just before Mozart thrust forward impaling Lisa's friend completely.

Sara screamed out in agony, but her body continued to push back, her ass moving invitingly beneath its lover. Mozart panted more quickly, but didn't move for a moment, his dog cock buried deep within his goddess bitch. Diana's heavy breathing at her side echoed her own mounting desires from viewing the taboo scene before her.

Slowly Mozart pulled his cock out halfway. It was even bigger than before and glistening with Sara's juices. Sara took a loud shuttering breath, her body trying to get back what it had lost. Mozart paused for a moment before thrusting forward once more. Sara's cry was a mixture of pain and the lust filled, heated passionate moan of a woman giving into getting fucked completely.

Lisa felt her body responding to the scene before her. She could feel the panties beneath her shorts becoming drenched, her breathing was shallow, and her nipples were hard and ached beneath the confines of her bra.

"I'm getting fucked by a dog!" came Sara's sex filled voice.

Mozart again pulled out halfway and paused, and again Sara's ass lifted, pressing backwards for more. Again he thrust forward, and then pulled back, quickening his tempo, not bothering to pause, as if his only thought was to satisfy his bitch.

"Oh God!" came Diana's whisper near her ear. Lisa could only agree. Sara was being fucked. It was the sexiest, horniest thing she'd ever seen or could possibly imagine.

Mozart's panting increased as his pace quickened matching Sara's moans of ecstasy.

"Oh yes!" Sara screamed, pressing back into each thrust, her body building towards an orgasm. Lisa brought one hand up to her mouth and the other involuntarily grabbed Diana's thigh nest to her.

"Oh God!" Sara groaned.

Lisa watched as an enormous ball formed near the base of Mozart's huge cock. With each powerful thrust the ball parted Sara's pussy lips a bit further. She watched as Sara arched her back begging for more. Mozart must have sensed the time was right and gathering himself, thrust forward with all his might, plunging the huge knot into Lisa's gorgeous friend.

"Ohhh baby!" Diana gasped next to her as they both watched Sara's beautiful body shudder and bucked beneath her family pet. Sara's cries of ecstasy filled the room as wave after wave of orgasm seemed to rent her incredible body.

Mozart pushed as far in as he could and held that position. From where they stood they could see his balls contracting. A flood of juices seemed to explode out of Sara's pussy, running in little rivers down her quivering legs. Panting, Sara looked to the side away from Lisa and Diana towards a full length mirror.

"I just fucked a dog!" she groaned loudly, her ass still moved teasingly beneath the massive dog she rasped out between ragged breathes.

"You sure did Sar-bear!" said Diana suddenly releasing Lisa's arm.

"Oh my God!" Lisa heard herself say as if in a dream, moving towards the bed.

"That was the sexiest, horniest thing I've ever seen in my entire life!" gushed Diana also moving towards the bed.

"No shit!" Lisa found herself agreeing, her body was on fire still, her tits literally throbbed with desire.

Sara turned even brighter red and tears started to flow down her perfect cheeks. She started to panic, moving as if to get away,

"Don't move Sara!" said Diana coming over and petting Mozart's huge head. You're tied with him. It could hurt you if you pull it out to fast."

Lisa reached, out wiping the cascading tears off of Sara's gorgeous face as she sat down next to her friend.

"Don't cry Sar-bear", Lisa said filled with affection for her friend, "We won't tell anyone, right Diana?"

"No way!" agreed Diana still petting Mozart, "Good boy, such a talented doggie."

Lisa had to smile at that remark, Mozart wasn't just good, he was incredible! She tried to slow her breathing, but her body was fighting her. She smiled reassuringly as Sara looked up at her and their eyes met. Lisa couldn't imagine anything more beautiful, more perfect than her friend.

"I didn't want it to happen! I didn't mean for it to.." Sara began eyes pleading begging Lisa to believe her.

"We know, we came in.." began Lisa

"And let in Mozart on accident!" finished Diane.

"You were here the whole time?" she moaned, and Lisa could tell from her voice that another small orgasm had just taken her friend. Sara panted searching Lisa's face, obviously still swimming in the feeling, aware quite profoundly, of the huge cock buried deep within her. Lisa heard Diana giggle as she smiled down at Sara.

"When we came in you were having an orgasm with your pillow. God I wish I had your body! Bitch!" laughed Diana.

"Can I be the bitch next?" said Lisa laughing, not really sure if she was joking or not.

"He'll need an hour or so before he can do that again.. to one of us." Diana laughed, and Lisa couldn't help but join in.

"I'll flip you for it!" continued Diana.

Lisa lite up when she saw Sara smiling back at her. She leaned forward and kissed her friend lovingly on the cheek. Sara pulled her hand from beneath her chest and set it on Lisa's thigh. A shiver of electricity went up Lisa's leg into her throbbing pussy at the touch.

Still looking in Lisa's eyes Sara moaned again her mouth opening, her breath still ragged. Lisa felt her breath catch at the beauty of it and suddenly her lips were on Sara's and her tongue met Sara's in passionate kiss that enveloped her world.

"Lisa, come try this." She heard Diana saying and pulled herself away from Sara who immediately smiled and bite her lip.

"I've wanted to do that for the longest time." blushed Sara smiling up at Lisa. "but.."

"I know Sar-bear." soothed Lisa smiling back, knowing that she had often fantasized about getting with her friend.

"Lisa!" insisted Diana.

Lisa held a finger to her lips, still smiling down at Sara. Sara winked back at her, face still flushed with the ecstasy, the huge cock was giving her.

Lisa turned away from Sara and saw Diana was on her knees behind the dog, looking closely at something. Lisa slid off the bed and joined her other friend. Diana was pointing at the dog cock buried inside Sara's shaved pussy. Lisa leaned forward also. There was a lot of cum still running down Sara's amazing thighs. Diana reached forward and scooped some onto her finger. Smiling at Lisa, she popped it in her mouth. Lisa felt the heat return as she watched her friend suck her finger dry of the mixed juices.

"Mmm" Diana smiled, obviously enjoying the experience and taste.

Lisa looked back at Sara's swollen vagina and the huge cock stuck inside. Breath coming in shallow gasps, she gave into desire, leaving all caution behind Lisa leaned forward turned her head sideways, and licked Sara's pussy and Mozart's cock sucking hungrily at the juices coating the area.

"Oh!" whimpered Sara.

Lisa had always love the taste of cum. Giving a blowjob was her favorite thing to do.. and it did wonders for her popularity. Two very distinct favors soon had her mind and body wanting more.

"Shit Lisa!" laughed Diana pulling Lisa back.

Diana took Lisa's place and buried her head between the stud and his bitch. Lisa sat back on her heels heart racing. She didn't want to wait an hour.

Mozart's knot released with an audible popping sound and Sara's relieved moan echoed out through the room. Diana leaned back, and together Lisa and her watched as Mozart pulled out his monstrous cock.

"Holy crap!" giggled Diana.

"Geez!" offered Lisa as she saw the end of the 11 inch cock slide out.

Sara moaned contentedly and rolled over onto her side, her fingers still playing with her engorged nipples. Lisa watched her friend close her eyes and moved around Mozart. Crawling across the bed she let her hand caress Sara's legs as she made her way up Sara's body.

Sara's eyes opened and she smiled up at Lisa opening her arms and squirming onto her back. Lisa softly fell into Sara's hug and held her friend tight. She was such a good friend, and she'd just been through a huge life altering experience. Lisa vowed to be an even better friend despite the heat Sara's naked body elicited from her.

After several minutes Lisa felt Sara pull on the sleeve of her blouse.

"This has to go." Sara breathed into Lisa's ear. Lisa pushed herself up with her arms, still atop her naked friend. The girl beneath her was a vision, gorgeous beyond imagining. She paused a moment taking it all in.

"I shouldn't be the only one naked here Lis!" insisted Sara, tugging again on her friend's sleeve.

Lisa smiled back and sat up, undoing the buttons on her blouse. Sara helped her pull it off and threw it to one side of the bed. Lisa's fingers shook slightly as she un-did her bra and let that fall away revealing her c-cup breasts topped by rock hard nipples.

"and your shorts too!" ordered Sara an impish grin lighting her face.

Lisa rolled to her back beside Sara and tugged off her volleyball shorts. Electricity coursed through her body as Sara's fingers gently played with her left breast and nipple. Finally naked, Lisa leaned towards Sara and their mouths met, tongues dancing over and about in a lust filled tango. She felt Sara's incredible breasts on her own. Lisa's breath caught in her throat and she pulled away to breath. Sara smiled shyly at her, and beckoned her to slide back on top. Lisa let herself be guided and again kissed her best friend. Lisa felt Sara's hands pulling at her ass, and she ground her newly shaved mound up against Lisa's.

"When she lets go, she really lets go!" thought Lisa, enjoying her friend's new found lusts. Lisa pushed away from the kiss and rising to her hands and knees, worked her way down Sara's neck kissing her way towards her chest. Sara's moaning began again as Lisa let her full lips surround one of Sara's hard nipples. She teased and bit just like she liked guys doing to her, and moved to the other perfect breast applying the same affection to it.

Lisa had never been with a girl other than Diana in the shower, and that was just a show. She reveled in each sigh and moan that escaped Sara's lips, as her hands and mouth explored breasts to good to be true. Making up her mind what should come next was easy. Licking and kissing, she moved down Sara's body, across her stomach, pausing at her belly button. Sara's giggle made her smile, but she kept going, moving further down the bed until her kisses touched Sara's newly shaved mound.

Lisa slid her hands under each of Sara's thighs and slowly kissed the top of Sara's pussy. She was rewarded by a sigh of pleasure. The taste of her friend's pussy juice mixed Mozart's cum entered her mouth again, as the smell of their sex filled her lungs. Lisa let her tongue explore Sara's pussy lips and her swollen clitoris. She kissed and sucked just the way she liked it. Sara's body responded to each caress, aching, shuttering.

Lisa's tits truly ached now and she felt her juices running down the inside of her thighs as she pleasured her friend. She heard Diana say something, but was lost in the rapture of eating Sara's pussy. It passed into her mind briefly that Diana might disapprove, but just as quickly left it altogether. She hungered for the favors her tongue found, her only desire was to be found pleasing to the goddess beneath her.

Lisa felt and heard Sara explode anew into orgasm and slowed her ministrations, lifting her head to see Sara's face. Her friend lay coated in a thin layer of glistening sweat, breathing in shallow gasps.

Lisa was taking her hands out from under Sara's legs, still on her knees, ass still raised in the air, when a tongue passed over her pussy.

"Oh" she moaned looking to the side still on her elbows.

Lisa turned quickly and saw Diana peek out from around her thigh and smile evilly. Her friend disappeared again and moments later the tongue slid over her pussy again, sending sparks through her body. Panting from the pleasure of it, Lisa turned back towards Sara who was smiling at her.

"Guess its your turn Lis!" giggled Sara, still trying to catch her breath.

Suddenly, a large rough tongue passed over her raised ass, and then over her pussy and asshole. Panic filled her, but Sara's hand reached out to her comfortingly. She looked up into her friend face as again the rough tongue licked her pussy, this time entering her slightly. She felt her body respond and spread her legs a little bit, ass still high in the air. She felt the bed bounce as Mozart jumped up onto it, his silky fur slid up her buttock and over her back. His front legs moved to either side of her shoulders, the silky fur of his underside caressing her back.

"Guess he doesn't need an hour!" laughed Diana from beside her. "His cock is huge Lis, you're going to love this!"

Lisa held her breath and looked to the side at Diana who was holding Mozart in place, petting him. She felt something hot touch her asshole and panicked, raising her ass up higher.

"Not there!" she chocked out, leaning forward slightly away from the huge dog prick.

Again the hot cock pressed against her rosebud, with more pressure.

"No!" Lisa cried out.

She tried to wringle upwards, to guide the cock to her pussy. The hot member kept pressure on her asshole, insistent, unyielding.

Lisa tried to move forward, but Mozart's massive head dropped down over her shoulder prevented that as he pushed again.

Lisa felt her asshole expanding and screamed out.

"No Mozart!" said Diana trying to pull the dog backwards. Sara sat up from between Lisa's arms and pushed the massive dog's shoulders, but to no avail.

"Ahhh, no!" Lisa cried.

Pain erupted in her ass as Lisa felt the dog's massive cock head pop past her sphincter muscles. The pain was so intense for a moment she couldn't breath, or move. She was helpless to stop it. She whimpered pleadingly as her friends fought the huge beast. Despite their best efforts, Lisa felt the enormous cock sliding further and further inside of her.

"Oh God Lisa!" screamed Diana, "I can't get him off!"

Her muscles involuntarily relaxed as she readied a scream, and the pain lessened considerably. Fighting against her desire to be tense, Lisa concentrated on relaxing the muscles in her ass.

"Oh no!" cried Sara shoving against Mozart as hard as she could.

"Its... okay." Lisa panted, relaxing her muscles even more until the pain melted away almost completely. Her breath came in gasps, but Diana and Sara stopped fighting Mozart.

"You sure Lis?" asked Diana her voice filled with concern.

She'd never done that with any boy. She'd seen the huge dog cock, and knew she was going to die from this, but it was probably already too late.

"Y.. y oh.." she sighed as more and more cock filled her virgin bowels.

She expected to be torn in half, but relaxing seem to allow her body to adjust and expand.

"Yes!" she gasped.

As Mozart's massive penis continued slide in her ass, a fullness she'd never experienced multiplied the lust she'd had minutes before. Her body was on fire, her breasts ached like never before, and she moaned in pleasure.

"Oh yes!" Lisa heard herself say as more and more cock filled her ass. She opened her eyes long enough to see her friend's astonished faces, and pressed back into the huge cock.

"Holy shit!" whispered Diana.

Mozart's head left her shoulder, but Lisa didn't try to escape. Pleasure of a kind she'd never experience flooded her body until she could feel Mozart's balls up against her dripping pussy.

"You're okay Lis?" asked Sara, shocked.

"Oh yeah," Lisa heard herself say, lost in the feeling of having a massive cock in her ass. "I.. should've tried.. oh,.. this a long time ago!" she breathed as Mozart started to pull back.

Lisa groaned and cried out in ecstasy as he thrust it back in.

"Someone... Lick,... Me!" she moaned as he pulled it out and thrust it in again.

Sara quickly squirmied out from underneath of her and turning around, kissed Lisa soundly, then scooted down head first between hers arms and Mozart's thick front legs until she was beneath Lisa once more.

Lisa felt Sara's kisses on her each of her swollen, aching nipples, as Mozart slowly thrust into her again. Her body was on fire. Sara's kisses continued down, pausing to play with her belly button ring.

Slowly out, then back in. Sara's kisses worked their way down from Lisa's belly button.

Out, then back in further than before.

Lisa cried out in pleasure, Mozart's cock was expanding, filling her even further.

A touch on her sweet spot sent Lisa gasping. She felt Sara's tongue exploring her clitoris, sucking her lips, as Mozart pulled part way out and then buried himself in her again. Lisa gasped as small orgasm rushed through her, then another, more insistent this time.

Mozart picked up his pace and Lisa cried out as the little orgasms built one upon the other. She felt his knot pounding against the outside of her stretched asshole and pressed back, wanting to tie with him. She felt the dog's huge power and Sara's tongue flickering so quickly over her clitoris. Building, building..

"Oh....shit!" Lisa screamed as the cock inside her ass exploded, sending amazingly hot liquid into her bowels.

Suddenly, Lisa's conscious world was overloaded as the biggest orgasm of her life crashed through her being.

Lisa awoke to that warm glow she always felt after having had sex, only this time the glow was incredibly magnified. She opened her eyes slowly, her body was exhausted and sore, especially, her ass. She saw her friend's faces staring down at her in concern.

"You okay!" cried Sara tears running down her face.

"Lisa?" asked Diana also quite teary eyed.

Lisa wiped her own eyes and smiled up at them.

"I must.. I must've passed out!" she groaned, sitting up with their help.

"Are you okay?" asked Sara again.

"Okay? Lisa sighed, smiling at each of her best friends in turn. "I just got fucking up the ass by a 250 pound Saint Bernard.. "

She paused...

"I'm great!"
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