One day in the farm

One day in the farm xxx
I chat a lot, and one day, being very horny, went into a regular room of mine to see what was up. As usual the pervs starting to message me, wanting to know if I really did dogs. I never talk to just anyone, but one man got my attention.

First of all, he was within a two hour drive. Secondly, he said he had two experienced dogs; a lab and german shepherd, plus a horse. He went on to say that the lab had successfully mated with several women and invited me to visit the next day, a Saturday...I was dripping wet and knew I would visit them the next day. I didn't sleep a wink that night!

I did all I could to be as beautiful as possible. I wore nothing but a red mini dress and red crotchless panties, accessorized with black stilletoes and my lovely tan. After a bit of driving around looking, I finally phoned the man for help. He met me at the head of the hollow, and I followed him to his small farm.

He was pleasant enough looking, but on the heavy side. That wasn't important to me; all i cared about was the hot dog sex I was going to have with one of the most beautiful dogs i have ever seen. Whatever this man wanted, he was going to get it, as long as I got to have his dog. He kept commenting on my beauty as we strolled across the big front lawn to the waiting screen door...

Inside, i sat on the couch and urged the big dog over. He obeyed happily and I spread my legs, showing him my freshly shaved pussy, exposing my clit. He began licking my cunt expertly, looking into my eyes every now and then soulfully.

The master ordered him to put his paws on my shoulders and the dog did what he was told as i eagerly grabbed for his magnificient cock. I stroked it for him (and me lol) until precum oozed from the tip fluidly. The dog, magician like, slid his cock into my cunt hole effortlessly due to my wetness and wanting. I let him fuck me that way a couple of minutes, then guided his big dick to my anus. As he fucked my asshole I took his knot and came hard again and again, him still looking soulfully into my eyes. We were in heaven.

Soon i was on all fours in the floor and the handsome dog was pounding my asshole deliciously, I, begging the master to let me show him how much i appreciated his letting me have this day with his dog and with him. Smiling, he dropped his jeans and his cock protruded from the hole in his boxers. Hungry for his dick and cream, i immediately began to suck it intently and expertly as i felt the animal fuck my anal opening. i was in heaven!!! i asked master to give me his cock and he complied. i sucked the master off three times that day and the dog at least as many times.

I will never forget how awesome it was that day. i got dog cock i needed so badly, as well as man cock! The dog fucked me four times! (3 assholes and 1 pussy fuck before it was all said and done.)

This dog, from a whore ass slut like me, was the best fuck i have had in my life...I sure do wish the old boy would cum visit me with his dog, so we could really have some fun!!!

After spending the day with them, and wondering abuot the shep and the horse, I was still as horny as I had been when i got there! The horse and shepherd were outside when the man and his dog walked me to my truck. I drooled silently, wanting them too, but sensing he was in a hurry, I got in my truck and drove home delighting in the magic of this day.
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