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During my last year of High School my father had taken on a new job that required we move. I wasn't any too happy about it, wanting to finish out my senior year with friends and activities that I was involved with. But there was no way around it, and I reluctantly remained with my family as we moved several hundred miles away to our new home and a new way of life.

Though our family had "moved-up" as they say, those first few weeks into summer before the start of the new school year were very trying for me. I didn't know anyone, nor had I really met anyone at that time to pal around with or do things with. Worse, I was having difficulty finding a job (that I liked) in order to save some money towards the car I'd been hoping to finally get that summer.

Two doors down from where we lived, there was a spacious home sitting on three acres of the most beautiful greenery, lawn and flowerbeds. I noticed however that it didn't seem to be in the best of shape, far from what it could be anyway. As I enjoyed gardening, working outside more than anything else, and in desperate need of some money, I decided to inquire with the owner of the home to see if there was any work for me there.

On the day I first met Mrs. Steel, I had gone to her door with the hopes of landing at least a part-time job for some quick easy money. I had no idea if they already had a gardener or if there was even someone who took care of the grounds, but if they did, he or she certainly wasn't doing a very good job of it. By the looks of things, the grass hadn't been mowed in several weeks. And for a home that elegant looking, and so huge, it didn't make much sense to me.

She opened the door and by all appearances, looked like she'd been in bed for a week. She was wearing some frumpy old worn housecoat, her hair was a mess, and she looked worn and tired as well. By the looks of her, I didn't figure there was much chance of landing any sort of a job, my first impression being that something financially disastrous had happened and she was just waiting to be evicted. Pressing on however, I told her who I was, pointed out where I lived, and stated I was interested in landscaping, gardening etc.

As I stood in the door telling her all this, I noticed that she wasn't exactly unattractive, and in fact, under normal circumstances would probably be a very attractive looking woman. She was certainly in her mid too late fifty's perhaps early sixty's even, but looking older than that at the time I first met her. To my surprise, she seemed interested in my offer, and explained her present situation.

"Three month's ago my husband died," she began telling me. "Steven was the one who really enjoyed working out in the yard, keeping things up and all that. We'd once talked about hiring on a gardener, especially as it became more and more difficult for him to spend the time this place constantly needed. But for one reason or another, we kept putting it off, doing it ourselves. And then of course Steven died suddenly of an unexpected heart attack. I've been trying to keep up with it, but as you can see, I'm falling behind in it myself, and frankly, haven't had the energy or the desire even to do it."

After she had explained this to me, things made a little more sense, but I still wasn't sure she was too keen on hiring me. That was until she told me she'd pay me a hundred dollars a week! Although that was more money than I'd seen in my short lifetime that I could call my own, I still hesitated, feeling somewhat guilty about accepting such a salary for keeping things in shape for her. Mrs. Steel explained to me that I would definitely earn every penny of it. As that also included maintenance on their pool, as well as doing odd jobs around the house for her when she needed help doing something. Having heard that, I readily agreed. My very first day "at work" would be bright and early the next day. The first order of business was mowing the lawn, but at least they had one of those mowers you could ride on, and that was something to look forward to all by itself. The second major thing would be to clean out the leaves and garbage that had fallen into the pool over the past few months.

I showed up at her place bright and early the next morning. I preferred working in the yard early anyway, my favorite time of day when things were still peaceful, quiet, and fresh. And though I would soon be waking up the neighbors once I started on the lawn, I enthusiastically set out to begin to make a difference in how the place would look once I was done. Mrs. Steel had already given me a set of keys to the shed where everything I needed was secured and waiting for me. So I didn't need to bother waking her up when I began my day.

I had spent the past two hours out front mowing, and already the place looked one hundred percent better. Heading out back to finish up there, I ran into Mrs. Steel as she came outside to greet me. The first thing I noticed was that I had been right. She was an attractive woman, very much so. She had obviously gone through some sort of metamorphosis during the night, as I now saw her with a little bit of makeup, and entirely different looking. But to my immediate delight, I saw that she was wearing a tied in front halter-top that clearly defined her well rounded breasts, and deep cleavage that hinted at the smoothness of her dark tanned breasts. She wore a pair of white shorts that showed off her dark tan, as well as her shapely legs. Needless to say, she looked like an entirely different woman than the one I had met the day before.

"It's such a lovely morning. I thought I'd at least come out and give you a hand. After all, it's not your fault the yard's in this bad of a condition, so the least I can do is help you," she said.

"Thank you Mrs. Steel," I began to say, but she interrupted me.

"Katie. Please call me Katie," she told me.

Even so, it was difficult for me to call her by that name, and I continually addressed her as Mrs. Steel, sometimes Katie after that.

"I'll start on the pool," she explained, and told me about the pool cleaner and how it worked. "You finish up with the mowing, and then come over and help me with this."

As the backyard wasn't nearly as big as the front yard, primarily because of the pool and floral gardens, it didn't take me even half the time to mow, as had the front yard. I put the mower back in the shed, and then went around the house to rejoin her by the pool. I had just started up this narrow slate stone path between the house and the open-air green house they had also kept for growing their roses, placed my hand on the small gate that opened into the back yard, and froze!

I know Katie was expecting me to come back around the other way, as she was still looking over her shoulder in that direction. But as I had left some grass clippings in bags to set out in the garbage, I had gone around the other side of the house. So it was that I stood watching her remove the western style bandana she'd been wearing, allowing her shoulder length hair to fall free. Interestingly, she had one silver streak that swept back nearly down the middle, and reminded me slightly of Mrs. Munster, though I certainly would never ever have referred to her in that way. But what froze me in place was the fact she had untied her blouse, and realizing she was braless then, watched as she took the bandana and wiped the sweat from her exposed breasts. Still looking in the other direction for me to come back around, I stood there momentarily, still looking at her beautiful full breasts, almost afraid to move. And in so doing was caught looking.

It wasn't the fact that she simply had bared her breasts, but the fact that they were so beautiful. Katie had the biggest darkest areola, (though I only knew them then as nipples) that I had ever seen before, and I had seen several women's breasts in a few stroke-books, but never any women's nipples like hers. To me, they were the most erotic looking pair of 'tits' that I had ever laid eyes on. And so literally frozen in place as I was, caught looking as Mrs. Steel suddenly turned to look in my direction as though realizing since I'd not come back around the other way that the possibility existed, I'd come around from the side that I had. And there our eyes locked on one another.

Initially I felt embarrassed and a little alarmed that she might think I was actually spying on her. " So much for my permanent job," I thought. But Katie merely smiled, turned away from me so as to once again cover herself, and retied the blouse she was wearing back over her breasts.

"Sorry, didn't mean to embarrass you," she told me. "It's just so damn hot already, and I'm sweating like a pig as it is."

I walked through the gate towards her, a little dizzy and a little unsteady on my feet. But it had been an innocent incident after all, and if Mrs. Steel wasn't going to make any big deal out of it, then neither would I.

An hour or so later we'd finished cleaning the pool. Katie suggested we break for a light lunch, and as a reward for all our hard work, suggested we go for a swim afterwards. I reminded Katie that I of course didn't have any swim trunks, and though I could certainly run home to get some, I worried about getting stuck at home doing one thing or another for my mother instead. Katie quickly informed me that she was sure she could dig out a pair of trunks that Steven had worn without my having to run home.

Following her up to her bedroom, I once again felt a little shy and extremely nervous. Sitting on the edge of her bed while she rummaged through several drawers, she finally found a pair of swimming trunks that would fit me. I watched as she quickly located a two-piece bathing suit of her own, and invited me to change clothes in her bedroom while she stepped into the bathroom to change. I quickly stripped out of my clothes and piled them in one of the chairs sitting near the bed. Looking up and towards the bathroom, I saw then that the door had not been closed all the way. A small crack gave me a peek into that room and I saw Mrs. Steel's reflection in the bathroom mirror. Once again, I sat watching as she undressed, watched as she cupped her breasts turning sideways in the mirror to look at her self, releasing her breasts, turning, cupping them once again as though wishing they stood up off her chest a little more firmly. I for one thought her breasts looked perfect just the way they were. They were in my young eyes, quite sexy and very alluring. I had never seen boobs as large as hers were, but had limited experience in trying to compare them to the very, very few I had seen. To me, just looking at her as she examined and touched herself was exciting beyond words. And because of that, I immediately achieved an erection, which I did not initially perceive as being a problem until I realized she'd soon come out of the bathroom.

"Mrs. Steel....Uh Katie? I'm going to go ahead and run down to the pool. I'll meet you outside," I yelled at her into the bathroom.

Katie had by this time of course finished dressing and just as I stood up to leave, she came walking out of the bathroom. Once again we caught one another staring and looking at each other. Me with a tent-pole bulging out of my swim trunks, and her with those full breasts of hers barely contained within the confines of a nearly too small top. Her white two-piece suit certainly highlighted her dark tan, and glancing down briefly as I did, I also noticed the slightly darker area that was shadowed between her legs through the material of her bottoms.

I stammered momentarily, unsure what to say or do. "I um...ah...was just going." Dropping my hand down as nonchalantly as possible, to cover my obvious erection, I finally managed to get my legs unstuck from the floor and headed out of the bedroom.

"Here!" I heard Katie softly yell at me then, turning, I just managed to catch the bath-towel she'd thrown towards me, but the suddenness and unexpected toss of the towel in my direction once again revealed my obvious stiffness. And worse, showing it off from a side view that I saw her glance down at as I reached up to catch the towel.

"I thought you might need a towel," she finished saying, still looking at me, smiling, though I noticed her eyes once again travel down to my still standing tent-pole.

I was sure she wasn't smiling at me in any suggestive, certainly not in any sort of an 'interested' way. It was more like in an understanding; don't worry about it, sort of smile. I was grateful for that, and used the towel to wrap around myself, and hurried on down the stairs with Katie following behind me.

We swam for quite a while, splashing water on one another and generally having quite a good time. The coolness of the water rapidly melted my erection so that I was soon comfortable around her, and as we swam, talked and enjoyed one another's company, I relaxed considerably.

Though the trunks Katie had given me to wear felt a little big, and I occasionally had to readjust them, it became second nature for me to do so and I gave it no further thought. I eventually decided to go off the diving board when Katie asked me if I knew how to do any "flips" off it that she could watch. I was delighted to show her what I could do, 'showing off' and climbed out of the pool and stepped onto the diving board. I hit the end of the board springing high into the air, and slid through the water in a near perfect vertical entry. And promptly felt my trunks come off in the water. When I surfaced a short distance away, I turned around looking behind myself to see if I could spot them floating. Katie was already standing there in the middle of the pool, holding onto them.

"I guess they're a little big." And then she laughed, unable to help herself.

Though I was a little embarrassed, even feeling my cheeks flushing, I laughed along with her, but hesitated in approaching her in my obvious nakedness. I fully expected her to toss the trunks over to me, watched her even as though she was going to do just that, and then was stunned as they went sailing through the air far over my head to land over by the Patio table instead.

I turned back around to look at her, confusion showing in my face I'm sure, and saw her reaching behind obviously undoing her swim-top.

"You know, in all the years we've owned this pool, I have never once gone skinny-dipping in it!" Katie then tossed her own top over to the side, landing near where the spot my own trunks had landed. I saw her reach down knowing full well that she was now removing the bottoms to her bathing suit too. This was also wadded up and sent sailing across the pool to land on the edge near the steps leading up and out.

"Good place for them. I'll leave them there to put back on when I get out," she casually commented. Flipping onto her back, she floated momentarily while I stood in the shallows at the opposite end of the pool, though kneeling so as not to expose myself to her. I was more than confused now and totally unsure what to make of all this as she so calmly floated on her back. Those breasts of hers so easily exposed, as was the dark patch of her pubic hair now clearly revealed to me as she lay on her back floating there in the water so uninhibitedly. And though it was exciting as hell to see her like this, I also felt more relaxed than I'd been a short few moments ago.

Finally at ease, becoming more and more so as we continued to talk, swim around, it was simply too tempting, and far too easy to continually find myself gawking at her nude body, especially her breasts as she sometimes stood, or floated on her back. Eventually my cock had once again stirred in arousal, and feeling it growing, I made a hasty retreat out of the pool and sat down in one of the patio-table chairs. Though I didn't put on my wet swim trunks, I did grab my towel and laid it across my lap. Katie had brought out a pitcher of lemonade with lunch, and I quickly poured a glass pretending to be thirsty and sat their drinking it, watching her.

She of course had seen me exit the pool. I knew she had followed me over towards the table, and though my ass was obviously exposed to her viewing, it wasn't nearly as bad had she seen my reawakened erection. When I sat, I did so with my towel already positioned in front of myself so that I would conceal my pre-"dick"-ament before sitting down.

Mrs. Steel swam over to the edge of the pool closest to me. She was perfectly concealed in this fashion, standing below the lip of the pool in such a way that I could not see anything of her except for her head, neck and upper shoulders. We'd left the pool cleaner on the entire time, allowing it to finish doing its job while we swam. I saw her taking in the hose, fully expecting her to ask me to shut it off, (dreading that) but was surprised when she never mentioned anything to me about it, but obviously stood there now holding on to it as we spoke. It was then that I noticed a peculiar expression come over her face. I had seen that look on my own face in the mirror when I had once caught my reflection while masturbating in the bathroom. And it was the very same one I was seeing now on her face!

"So," Mrs. Steel began speaking, and I picked up a slight quivering edge to the tone of her voice as she did. "Do you think I have an ok body for a woman my age? I bet not though huh? I'd guess you have several young girlfriends with cute little bodies to look at occasionally."

I had no idea what to say to that, about to respond anyway, but she merely continued speaking, so my own response stuck in my throat, and I merely sat watching her instead. I was certainly intrigued, curious, perhaps intimidated and even a little bit afraid, but sitting there watching her doing whatever it was that she was doing was getting to me. My cock was as stiff and as hard as it had ever been, and the fear of her telling me to get up and do something for her, like turning off the pool cleaner was suddenly a bit worrisome.

I was so into my own thoughts and wildly running imagination at this point that I had hardly heard a word or been concentrating on what Mrs. Steel had been saying. Sort of like coming in on the middle of an innocent conversation, and hearing something else that could have been taken as anything but innocent. And for a moment, that's what I thought I was hearing.

" least that long since I have even seen a man's...cock," she said bluntly. "And the last thing I wanted to do was frighten you off, but it would mean so much to me if you would come over here at least, and just let me see you."

I know I sat there looking dumbfounded. But I had just barely tuned back into whatever it was she had been saying. The word cock was certainly embedded into my thoughts, and something about her wanting to see it. When I saw her look change from the pleasured one she'd been showing me to one of uncertainty, even suddenly being ashamed of what she'd just said, I knew my inaction had mistakenly been perceived as something else entirely. I saw her face soften, almost like she was going to start crying or something.

"Wait!" I heard myself call out it a higher than normal pitch, though it sounded like a voice belonging to someone else, certainly not mine.

I stood up, dropping my bath towel completely, revealing my hard swollen member to her scrutiny, and bravely walked over to sit down on the edge of the pool where she was still standing. Almost immediately I realized what it was she had been doing with the pool cleaner too. She still had it nestled between her legs, and obviously had been using it to pleasure herself with while she had stood there talking to me.

"You know what I'm doing?" She asked. Though it was more of a statement of fact than a question really. I nodded my head yes with sudden wide-eyed understanding, and an overwhelming wave of excitement suddenly coursing through and over my entire body.
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