Incest Anal Threesome - Mothers and Sons

Incest Anal Threesome - Mothers and Sons xxx
The first Saturday in October was unusually warm. The sun fought it's way through the early morning clouds and swiftly heated up the land, no wind whatsoever in the air to reduce the rising temperature.

Despite the bright, sunny morning, Mike was in his mother's bed with his mother, Kath and Sarah. They were all naked, naturally, and were resuming where they'd left off after collapsing with exhaustion at around two o'clock in the morning.

Lying on his back, Mike was sliding his tongue up into his aunt Kath's rectum, the , petite thirty-three year old woman squatting over him and gripping the headboard for support, her eyes half-shut as the moaned in pleasure, her nephew's tongue skillfully wiggling it's way up into her arsehole. Further down, Sarah was on all fours, deep-throating the fourteen year old's cock, flicking her tongue over the head whilst her lips slid up and down the hard shaft. It gave her no end of pleasure to be giving a blow-job to a young lad who was over three-decades younger than her.

Behind Sarah was, finally, Claire, the buxom, big-breasted mother of Mike. At thirty-seven she was four years older than her sister Kath, and though Claire had been relatively inexperienced when it came to sex at the beginning of that year, she was on a par with both Kath and Sarah now. Wearing a large, black strap-on dildo, she lapped at Sarah's hairless, puckered anus, often moving down to the sopping cunt below and running her tongue back up, greasing up the arsehole with cunt juice as well as saliva. Once the way was sufficiently slick, Claire knelt up and pushed the head of the large, plastic cock into Sarah's arsehole, easing it steadily and listening to Sarah's muffled moans of pleasure as she was gradually impaled.

Inch by inch, the dildo was fed up into Sarah's bum until it was fully in, all eight-inches wedged in that tight rectum.

Mike was enjoying licking Kath's arsehole out, but soon fancied fucking it. He nudged his aunt to dismount him, and once she'd done so, he eased his cock from Sarah's mouth. Not that she was too bothered. By now, she was gasping and sighing in pleasure, and with her mouth free was given full reign to splutter out her obscenities, looking back over her shoulder.

"Fuck me Claire," the forty-six year old widow cried, "Oh fuck my arse! FUCK IT! YEAH!"

Claire picked up the pace, slamming her hips hard, her big tits wobbling with the force of her body humping the big dildo up into Sarah's shitter.

Meanwhile, Kath was lying on her back and pulling her legs up to her chest, parting her legs a little so she could look down. Between her thighs, she could see her nephew edging up to her, his saliva-slick prick wobbling in front of him.

"Shove it right into my arsehole," she begged, "Fuck it up there."

Mike had no intention of doing otherwise, and he nudged the throbbing head of his cock up to the puckered hole in front of him and eased forwards.

"You like that Kath?" he smiled.

"Oh yes," his aunt cried, "Oh yeah! Fuck it in there!"

The teenagers cock was making good progress as it pushed it's way in, steadily easing up to the hilt and sending Kath wild, the woman's toes curling up as she moaned in ecstasy, her arsehole stretched wide by the big cock.

"Oh fuck me Mikey, fuck me!"

Reaching forwards, Mike held his Aunt's titties and roughly fondled them as he pumped his hips, slamming his raging hard prick into the depths of his auntie's shit-chute.

"You've got such a hot arse!" he panted.

Meanwhile, Claire had eased the big strap-on dildo from Sarah's arse and they switched over, the older woman now buggering Claire. "Fuck my arse hard!" Claire panted, bucking her bum against Sarah's thrusting hips, "Oh yes, fuck me!"

Her big tits swung beneath her as her arse was pounded, Sarah working up a good sweat as she buggered the other woman into a loud orgasm. Finally, Sarah eased out the plastic phallus from Claire's anus. She was hungry for a real cock, and sensing this, Mike disengaged from his aunt's arse and came over. In a trice, Sarah got down and gripped the duvet as Mike swiftly shoved his cock into her arsehole. Claire was quick to fit the dildo back to her waist and went over to her sister where she took Mike's place, arse-fucking Kath with horny zest.

"God your arse is tight Sarah," cried Mike, "Oh fuck it's good."

"Fuck it," begged the older woman, "Oh good God that's great."

"Any more thoughts on your son?" asked Kath, still being buggered by her sister.

"Sure," panted Sarah, "He's coming over for the mid-semester holidays tomorrow, I reckon I'll seduce him then."

"Think he'll be up for it?" asked Claire.

"Hopefully," agreed Sarah, her body racked by the pleasure of Mike's hard prick drilling her bowels, "He's a quiet lad and I don't think he has many girlfriends. I'll wear a sexy outfit, give him some wine, sweet-talk him... and fuck the hell out of him! In theory."

"Well," gasped Mike as his orgasm rapidly approached, "If you were my mum I'd fuck you."

And with that, he gripped Sarah's hips hard and exploded in her bum, his veiny hard cock twitching as it pumped out thick, creamy sperm into Sarah's greasy rectal passage.

"Oh fuck," the boy grunted, "Oh fuck, oh Sarah! That's good!"

"Spunk in my arse Mikey, yeah!"

Sarah arched her back feeling the milky cum fill her intestines.

"Oh yeah," she sighed, "God yeah!"

Mike slammed his hips one more time as that last of his sperm oozed out, and finally he popped his prick from out of Sarah's arse, allowing him to sit back and get his breath. Sarah slumped forward, breathing hard and smiling, whilst Claire continued to steadily fuck the dildo into her sister's arse until Kath orgasmed, at which point they also broke up.

"What are your plans for today?" asked Claire, eventually, to Sarah.

"I've got to visit relatives," Sarah replied, "My parents. Bit boring but I might as well put in an appearance, even though I'd rather be here. I assume you lucky lot will be shagging all day."

"Well," Mike interjected, "I'm going to see my mate, Derek. He lives up the road."

"And I've got work to do," sighed Kath.

"Ah," smiled Sarah, "So you three do have busy lives outside of fucking."

"Yup," Mike confirmed.

"Well I'm going to do a little bit of tidying up," said Claire, "Then watch TV like a lazy sod."

Shortly, they all showered in turn and dressed, Sarah saying her goodbyes before she drove home. They all knew they'd meet up again in a few days.

Mike, meanwhile, went over to Derek's and Kath and Claire stayed in the house to do their normal, daily business.

Later that day, Mike was just exiting Derek's room. It was half-two in the afternoon and Derek Wilson and his mum, Alison, had to go shopping. "Great game," Derek was saying, referring to his and Mike's soccer match on the PC they'd played for the last hour, "even if you did win."

"I always win," Mike ribbed his friend.

"Yeah yeah, what about last week?"

"What about it?"

"I thrashed your arse."

"That was a fluke," Mike insisted.

They walked down the stairs and to the hallway.

"I can't see my shoes," Mike said.

They looked around for a minute. The hallway had been tidied recently and the shoes were, indeed, nowhere in sight.

"Mum!" called Derek.

"Yes honey?" Alison said, entering the hallway from the living room.

"Mike's shoes have gone," her son insisted.

"Well they can't have walked away," smirked Alison, "They haven't got feet have they?"

She laughed at her own joke, and Mike smiled also, thinking - not for the first time - that his mate's mum was pretty sexy. Damn sexy in fact.

Alison was thirty-nine years old and a keen interest in swimming kept her in good shape. Her hair was blonde and wavy, reaching just to her shoulders. She had big blue eyes and a nice, bright smile which she flashed a lot. At the moment she wore a tight, white T-shirt which showed off her tits. They weren't huge, like Mike's mum's, but they were still a good size, and captured Mike's eyes frequently. Alison wore a pair of blue denim cut-offs and short, white socks so that her nice, firm legs were on display. She'd divorced ten years ago, and brought up her two son's, Derek - who was fourteen years of age - and Simon, who was aged twelve, on her own.

"I cleared up in here," Alison explained, "They'll be in the cupboard."

She turned and opened a cupboard door next to her. Mike's shoes were on the bottom, and she bent down to fetch them.

Mike's eyes instantly fixed to Alison's arse. Her denim shorts were fairly loose, but in bending over the material stretched over her fine rear, the seemingly perfect shape of her round buttocks clear to make out.

When Alison stood and turned, Mike's eyes naturally flicked away, and happened to chance upon Derek, who'd clearly been staring at his mother's bum as well.

"Got 'em," chirped Alison, and handed Mike his shoes.

"Thanks," Mike responded, and put them on.

Alison went back to the living room again.

"See you tomorrow then," Derek said.

"Sure," Mike replied, "Come round to my house at about ten or so."

"Ten. Sure." Mike finished putting on his shoes.

"See you then," he said, "Bye Miss Wilson!"

"Bye!" Alison called from the next room.

Mike left the house, Derek closing the door behind him. It occurred to Mike that, whilst the sight of Alison's jolly nice arse was pretty captivating, the fact that Derek seemed to have been transfixed by the view too was something to be contemplated.

Claire was sitting on the sofa, watching a soap opera on the television, when Mike entered the living room. She looked very relaxed and casual with her brown hair hanging slightly in her face and with her bare feet resting on the coffee table. She wore a yellow cotton dress that reached down to the bottom of her thighs and was low cut enough to show a large amount of her deep, impressive cleavage.

"Hi mum," Mike said as he walked towards the sofa and sat next to Claire.

"Hiya sweety," she smiled, "Been up to much?"

"Not really. Just the usual, sitting around with Derek. It's hot out there.".

"I know," nodded Claire, "I'm feeling hot sitting here.".

"You look hot," commented her son.

Claire smiled, glad that she looked sexy to her teenage son even when she didn't really try to.

"I detect some horniness there young man," she smiled.

"I'm always horny mum, especially when you and Aunty Kath are around."

And with that, he reached out his left hand and tried to cup one of his mum's large tits, his hand not being big enough to encompass one of them completely. Her breasts were nice and heavy, soft but still retaining their good shape despite their size and Claire's age.

"You've got lovely tits mum," he said, a matter-of-factly, "Gorgeous tits."

Claire smiled as she watched the TV, though began to pay less attention as her son stroked and fondled her breasts.

"Are you wearing a bra mum?" asked Mike.

"Nope," Claire replied.

"I can tell. Your nipples feel like stubby rocks under this dress."

Claire's nipples were indeed stiffening under her son's light fondling, and soon the woman was staring at the TV but paying no attention to it.

"Lovely tits," whispered Mike. He loved talking to his mum like this. It was amazing how their relationship when they weren't fucking stayed pretty normal. She'd moan at him to tidy his room, croon with delight if he got good marks at school, and said classic mum-lines like 'You really should wear a coat' if he was about to leave the house when it was raining. But now, as they were building up to a good old-fashioned spot of fucking, they were utterly candid with each other.

Leaning down, Mike kissed his mother's neck, then began to move down, be stowing more kissed on her upper chest and breasts. He slipped his tongue between the deep valley of cleavage between Claire's tits, whilst his hand left her nipple to begin stroking his mother's thigh, sliding the dress up and stroking the soft skin of her legs. They so frequently flung themselves down and fucked wildly that Mike, for once, decided to draw things out a bit.

"Sit up mum," he asked. When Claire did so, Mike reached round and unzipped her dress, sliding the upper part of it down to Claire's waist, exposing her large breasts. He kissed her shoulders, her upper chest once more, taking his time until he reached her tits, which he kissed all over. Sliding off the sofa, he knelt on the floor with his head to his mum's tits, sucking hard on each nipple in turn, Claire sighing with pleasure and stroking her hands through Mike's hair.

Soon, it was time to move down again. Mike stroked his mum's shins, reaching round and feeling her tender calves whilst kissing her knees.

"That's it Mikey," Claire purred, "That's good. Mmmm. Mommy likes that."

She used the remote to turn the TV off, and now the only sounds were the birds singing in the garden, Claire's gasps of pleasure and the noise of her son kissing his way up her legs. Mike got his mum to lift her bottom from the sofa for a moment to allow him to shove the dress upwards, until it was all bunched around her waist, her tits and lower torso all exposed. Not entirely exposed though. She still wore her knickers, white cotton ones with red roses embroided on. In a snap, Mike slid them off his mum, casting them aside and slowly moving his head forward between those tender thighs in front of him. He nuzzled his mouth into the thick bush of brown pubic hair, chewing on the hairs and licking the flesh beneath. He moved upwards, kissing his mum's lower stomach, then back along her thighs, kissing the insides of them. Finally, he reached her actual cunt, and Claire panted softly as her son deftly licked out her out.

"Oh son," she sighed, "That's sooo good."

Mike licked and slurped at the juicy cunt in front of him for a few minutes, until finally he couldn't take it any more. His cock was raging hard, threatening to rip through his jeans. He stood and quickly stripped, removing all of his clothes whilst Claire took off her dress to leave her also naked. Kneeling between his mother's legs, Mike eased his long, hard dick into Claire's cunt, the woman holding her son's shoulders and closing her eyes.

"Yes," she gasped, "Oh yes baby, slide it all in."

Mike buried himself to the hilt in his mum's slick pussy and began to fuck back and forth slowly whilst fondling Claire's mammoth tits, pulling gently on the nipples as he fucked her.

"Do you know my mate Derek?" Mike asked, still steadily cunt-fucking Claire, "The guy who lives up the road."

"Derek?" said his mother, "Yeah. Yeah I know him. He's your age isn't he?"

"Yeah. Anyway, I was wondering if we could get him in on the act."

"How do you mean?"

"You know, to join in with us. He can fuck his mum and fuck you and Kath."

"And you'll fuck his mother?" asked Claire with a sly grin.

"Of course," smirked Mike, "She's pretty sexy, nice arse. She's thirty-nine I think."

"I've seen her before. So has Kath actually. Your auntie started making lewd suggestions to me, saying she fancied seducing and fucking her. Alison's her name isn't it?"


They fucked in silence for a moment, after which Mike asked his mother again her thoughts on his suggestion.

. "If we can get them to join in," she said, "Then fine. It's a case of seeing if Derek will be happy to fuck me and Kath and then his mother."

"Oh, he's as randy as me or indeed any fourteen year old," Mike confirmed, "And I've spotted him eyeing up his mother, the same way I did with you and Kath. He'll be fine, I'm sure."

"What's that?" asked Kath as she entered the living room. She'd been upstairs finishing something for work on her laptop computer.

Claire filled her sister in on Mike's plans, Kath listening intently and with enthusiasm as she stripped naked.

"I'm up for it," she grinned as she knelt on the floor next to her sister and nephew, "Definitely."

Mike eased his cock from his mother's pussy and Kath leaned down to suck his dripping cock. When she'd done that, Kath got on the sofa next to Claire and leaned back with her legs spread, allowing Mike to get between her legs and drive his prick into her cunt.

"When shall we make a move?" Kath asked as her pussy was pounded by the teenager's prick.

"How about tomorrow?" suggested Claire, "No point in waiting."

"I reckon," began Mike, "That I should go out tomorrow, at around ten o'clock. Derek's coming round here then and when he arrives, you two tell him I must have forgotten and went out somewhere, then invite Derek in and...well, do your business."

"Seduce the randy lad," said Claire, "I'm sure me and Kath can manage that."

"Sure can sis."

"And then, perhaps talk him into seducing his mother," Mike continued, not pausing in his thrusting, Kath's slit now nice and juicy as it was shafted.

"Depends on whether he's confident enough," said Claire, "I reckon me and Kath should seduce Derek's mum, Alison. I know she confessed to me once when we had a morning coffee that she'd slept with another woman."

"She has," confirmed Kath, "I went with a drink with her once, last Christmas, and she admitted to having a brief affair with a younger woman when she was still married."

"Well well," Mike grinned, "I think she's as much as a slut as you two."

Kath and Claire laughed.

"She'll be a push over," Claire insisted, "We'll seduce Derek, then Alison, and tell each of them to fuck each other. Derek has a younger brother doesn't he?"

"Simon," confirmed Mike, "He's twelve."

"That shouldn't be a problem," Kath said, "They'll be happy screwing each other, and we'll all be happy when the lot of us join up for a big orgy."

The thought of shagging Alison really turned Mike on, and he began screwing his Aunt harder. Claire had edged up the sofa a little and leaned down, sucking on her sister's stiff nipples in turn.

Feeling his cum boiling up, Mike cried out as he shot his load, a big, thick load of sperm disgorging itself from his prick into his aunt's slippery pussy.

Once he'd finished cumming, he slid out and sat on the sofa, panting for breath. Claire had quickly got down on the floor, kneeling in front of Kath and placing her hands on her sister's thighs. She plunged her head forward and greedily licked at Kath's cunt, driving her tongue inside and licking out the mixture of vaginal juice and sperm from the hot hole. Mike, meanwhile, had knelt up and pushed his semi-hard prick into Kath's face, the woman quickly placing her lips over the slimy end and sucking deeply, tasting her own fluid mixed in with the salty cum.

A female escort is something of a euphemistic title. No guy arranges for an escort merely to accompany him to a function before dropping his 'date' off with a simple goodbye. Sex will always be on the menu.

Male escorts had the same deal, and often the customer was only interest having a good, hard fuck. Not that it was all it was cracked up to be. Some women customers could be ugly - why else would they have to rely on men-for-hire? Or they could be too demanding.

The two male escorts - athletically built, strapping lads in their early thirties - who had been hired by Sarah were pleased with this Saturday afternoon client. Sarah wasn't particularly old for a client of theirs, but she was one of the sexiest looking and horny 46-year-old's either escort had seen.

On the bed, Sarah was moaning and panting orgasmically as her two male escorts fucked both her holes, one lying down and fucking his cock up into the woman's cunt whilst the other knelt behind and slammed his thick organ into her arse. In fact, Sarah had organized it so that the better endowed one was seeing to her anally. Even with the fucking session that morning round at Claire's, she was unable to go without another shag for the rest of the day.

She was bucking her tanned, slender body up against the two pricks as they drilled her, happily crying out in pleasure.

The humping paused when the phone on the bedside table rang.

"I better get that," smiled Sarah, and disengaged from her two hired fuckers.

Getting off the bed, she stood and picked up the phone after a brief moment to get her breath back.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Hi mum," said her 21-year-old son Richard down the line.

"Hi sweetheart, how are you?"

"Fine. Just letting you know that I'll be there at three o'clock tomorrow. I'll be getting a taxi from the bus-station so you don't need to pick me up. I'll just turn up on the front door."

"That's fine honey. How did the exams go?"

"Fine," Richard reassured her, "No problem. I'll get the results when I return in a week."

"Okay. Well," continued Sarah, glancing at the two escorts, waiting patiently and erect, "I'm a little busy at the moment so I'll have to go."

"Sure mum. I'll see you tomorrow then."

"See you then. Bye love."

"Bye mum. Love you."

Sarah placed the phone down and clambered back onto the bed, grinning at her two awaiting fuckers.

"That your son?" one asked.

"Yeah. He's at University but he's coming back for a week. He won't be here until tomorrow though, so we've plenty of time."

"Wanna carry on what we were doing?" the other escort asked.

"Tell you what," Sarah suggested, "Let's try double anal. I want both your lovely big cocks in my shitter at the same time."

"I think we can manage that."

Both guys remained in the same position, one lying down and the other kneeling over his colleague's legs. Sarah gripped both the cocks together so that they seemed as one, her slim fingers barely managing to reach round the full girth of both members. Kneeling astride, she backed up, steadily taking the two cocks into her arsehole. They stretched her sphincter to the same extent as when she was fisted, so though there was a struggle and some crying out, Sarah eventually managed to fully impale herself, two long, fat cocks stuffed in her rectal passage.

"That," she panted, "Is fucking nice!"

Later that day, Mike entered the local shop to buy a magazine. It was the only shop in the village, fairly large and pretty much sold everything. It even had a video-rental section.

Picking up the appropriate magazine, Mike was about to head to the counter when he spotted Alison browsing through the fruit and veg section. She had a basket containing a few basic items, and wore the same cut-offs and T-shirt as she did earlier. Mike decided to go over to her, admiring his friend's mum before she'd noticed him. Alison wasn't necessarily going to turn heads with her beauty, but she certainly had a pleasing, pretty face that captivated a lot of men who were familiar with her. Mike's eyes flicked down to Alison's tits, heavy underneath the thin T-shirt, and then to her shapely legs. Finally he reached her, and Alison turned.

"Oh, hi Mike," she smiled.

"Hi Mrs Wilson," Mike said.

"You can call me Alison you know, I don't mind."

"Oh, okay. Alison."

"Whatcha up to?"

"Just buying a magazine. Nothing much."

"I'm getting a few things in for dinner. I've run out and I can't be bothered to go all the way to the supermarket in town. Maybe I'll go during the week."

Mike tried to think what to say next. He wanted to keep up the conversation; he rarely spoke to Alison for very long, and he was enjoying being able to admire her face. He could also smell her perfume. Nothing fancy, just a light hint of a flowery, fresh odor.

"Where's Derek?" he asked casually.

"At home. I think he's got some homework, then he'll probably spend all evening watching telly. I'm afraid he's growing into a bit of a couch potato. What about you, got anything planned for rest of the weekend?"

Mike smiled inwardly as he though of the conspiracy he and his mother and aunt were cooking up.

"No," he answered, "Nothing much. I'll probably see Derek again tomorrow."


" you want a hand carrying the shopping? If you're heading straight home that is."

"Sure," said Alison, pleased, "I'm pretty much finished."

She bought the last couple of items and paid at the counter after Mike had paid for his magazine. Then, the boy took one of Alison's two carrier bags and walked with her for the ten-minute journey to their street. They chatted, Mike telling Alison about school whilst the woman spoke of her work and her current application for promotion. Mike just enjoyed walking alongside her, thinking of how sexy she was and how great it'd be if he was fucking her soon. Alison in turn found a little thrill in being accompanied by this charmingly polite young man. Eventually, they reached their street, and Alison thanked her son's friend and headed home. Mike grinned to himself, watching Alison's lovely arse as she walked up her garden path, before he finally went into his own house.

Derek yawned when the TV programme finished. His younger brother, Simon, sat up and fetched the TV-guide from the coffee table.

"Hope there's something good on," Simon muttered.

A glance at the time on the VCR confirmed that it was 9:30, almost bedtime. Derek got up off the sofa and left the living room, heading up the stairs. The door to his mum's room was partially open and the light on, so he assumed she was in there, probably getting changed after the shower she went off to have twenty-minutes ago.

Deciding to have a shower himself, Derek walked to the end of the hallway towards the bathroom, the door to which was also open and the light left on. Casually, Derek pushed the door open and received instant confirmation that his mother was not actually in her bedroom.

Alison was standing in the middle of the room, which was slightly steamed from the shower. Alison's nightgown was draped over the heated towel rail, meaning Alison was, of course, naked. She was facing the door and had her arms raised as she toweled her hair when her fourteen year old son had stumbled in.

Of course, in the brief second before panic and embarrassment kicked in, Derek's eyes took in the view of his mother's naked body. Those lovely long legs, the small patch of blonde hair around her pubis, the nice, flat belly and the most beautifully rounded breasts. Then he was flushed with embarrassment when he and his mother made eye-contact when Alison took the towel from her face and saw her son.

"Er..." stammered Derek, "Er...sorry mum. Sorry."

He immediately backed out of the room closing the door.

"Sorry," he repeated.

"It's okay son," Alison cheerfully called.

Derek took a deep breath as he hurried down the hallway, heading down the staircase. He was soon taking a piss in the downstairs toilet, breathing slowly. He felt embarrassed of course, though this feeling was rapidly being pushed aside by his testosterone, which was nudge-nudging and wink-winking his mind as it forced him to summon up the image he'd seen. He'd always reckoned his mum was pretty sexy, had taken a bit of pride when some of his mates (including Mike) had complimented his mother (he'd pretended to be offended of course). His mum went swimming a couple of times a week, and often Derek would too, usually wondering whether it was wrong - and if so, whether it mattered - that he usually looked a little too long at his mum when she padded around the pool in her two-piece bikini.

Like any teenage boy, his mind seemed to be able to take a photographic image of any glimpse of naked female flesh, and his studied the memory of his mum's body. Seeing her in a bikini before, he knew she had nice legs and good size tits, but to see those breasts bare, and her cunt,w as really thrilling him.

As he thought of this, Derek realized he'd finished urinating and was now getting a hard on. As if it had a mind of it's own, his right hand was stroking his cock. He jacked himself off for a minute before figuring it might look suspicious staying in the toilet for so long, so after waiting for his prick to soften, he zipped himself up, flushed the loo, and stepped out, heading towards the stairs.

"Hi sweetheart," Alison was saying as she walked down the stairs in a pink dressing gown.

"Oh, hi mum," responded Derek, "Sorry"

"Oh it's okay," Alison smiled, now standing at the bottom of the stairs next to her older son, "Don't worry, it was my fault for not closing and locking the door."

"I still shouldn't have barged in like..."

"Like I said, don't worry. Besides, I used to bathe you when you were a toddler. In fact we'd have a bath together. I've seen you nude millions of times. Not, however, recently."

A hint of dissapointment in that last sentence was unintentional, and there was a small pause as Derek picked this up. He quickly decided to say something, to diffuse the pregnant pause.

"You look nice anyway," he said, cringing inwardly as he realized what he was saying; complimenting his mother's naked body.

"Oh thanks sweety," Alison smiled, genuinely charmed. She then gave her son a little peck on the cheek. "Want some supper?"

"Yes please."

"Toast and hot chocolate?"

"Yeah. That'd be great mum."

Alison ducked her head into the living room and asked her younger son if he wanted supper.

"Yes please mum," Michael replied.

"After that it's bed-time," Alison said.

"Aw mum, it's Saturday. No school tomorrow. Can't I stay up and watch the movie?"

"Okay," said Alison, then stepped back into the hallway, "You go on upstairs then, I'll bring it up," she said to Derek.

"Cheers mum."

Alison walked into the kitchen, Mike heading up the stairs, both of them re-running the previous few minutes in their minds.

In his bedroom, Mike realized his cock had re-stiffened. He had a fairly large collection of porn for a boy of his age. He used to keep it in a barn in a nearby field, to stop his mother from finding them, but now he'd bought a little case with a lock on it, to which he'd fitted a padlock. He took the case from under his bed, opened it with the key, and took out his favorite mag, which contained his favorite woman. Dropping his pants, he sat on the edge of the bed and began jacking off.

His fist stopped in mid-stroke as he realized something about his favorite porn model, this chick he jerked off too more than any of the dozens of other women within his glossy magazines. The woman was in her thirties, short blonde hair and nice, big tits. Her eyes were blue, and she smiled pleasantly in all her pics. Derek, for the first time, realized that this chick looked a lot like his mum. Not exactly like her...but a lot like her. For a moment, he thought this was a bit perverse, but quickly his mind accepted it. In fact, in the light of what he'd just seen, he continued to pump his cock with his fist whilst super-imposing the image of his mother's face onto this porn model. It wasn't long before he came, splattering his cum onto the glossy pages, a big dollop landing on the left-buttock of the model.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and Derek swept the magazine into the case and shoved it under his bed, pulling up his trousers at the same time, all with practiced skill. He looked totally innocent when his mother knocked and entered the bedroom.

Or so he thought. Alison hadn't had much of a sex life for ages, but she had an inate knowledge of teenage boys that let her know certain things. The ruffled hair of her son, the way his T-shirt was half-tucked in, and the faint smell of salt and sweat in the air told her the boy had just masturbated. A few minutes after catching her naked.

"Supper," she smiled, thrilling in the knowledge that her body still excited the male desire, regardless of it being her son's.

"Cheers mum," Derek said, as his mother placed the plate and cup of hot chocolate on the bedside table.

"Simon said there's a movie on TV next. Halloween or something."

"Oh yeah, it's a horror. I might watch it."

"Well, I'm off to bed soon, so I'll see you in the morning."

"Okay, g'night mum."


Alison gave her son a loving smiled before leaving and shutting the door. Derek reached back into the case under the bed and took his only porn-video out. It was called Arse Mania, and featured all sorts of big-breasted, Latino women getting fucked almost exclusively in the arse. He popped it into his VCR and hit the rewind button. He'd watch it as soon as he'd finished supper.

Mike, Claire and Kath got to sleep at midnight that evening, which was about average for them. However, after a couple of hours sleep, Mike awoke. As usual, he and his aunt and mother were all asleep in Claire's king-sized bed, with Mike in the middle. He felt thirsty, as he often did. Dehydrated after a heavy, sweaty session before sleep.

Careful not to awake the two women, he got up and slipped out of bed, quietly opening the door and heading downstairs.

He was naked, and felt a little chilly as he flicked the kitchen light on. He poured himself a glass of milk and guzzled it down. As he placed the glass in the dishwasher, he heard someone coming downstairs, and after a moment the kitchen door opened and in stepped Kath.

"Hi," she said, in barely a whisper.

"Hi aunty," Mike smiled, "I was thirsty. Didn't wake you did I?"

"Not really. I needed the loo."

Mike's cock began to stiffen a little. It didn't matter how often he'd seen Kath - and Claire - nude, and fucked them and everything. Just the mere sight of his petite, sexy aunt standing in the nude in the brightly lit kitchen began to awaken his prick.

"As seen as we're up," he grinned, "Want a quick one? To help us get back to sleep?"

"Just what I was thinking," Kath replied, stepping over to Mike and kissing him, her hand gently stroking his prick and helping it grow bigger and stiffer, "I need the loo first. Wanna join me?"


They scampered upstairs and into the large bathroom. They didn't have a toilet downstairs, and when Mike was in the bath a couple of times, Kath and Claire had come in to take a piss whilst he was still in there, privacy issues barely mattering in the light of what they all got up to. However, they'd not yet intentionally incorporated anything like it into sex.

Quietly closing the door to the bathroom, Kath went over to the toilet and sat down.

"I need a shit," she said, casually, "I've always fancied sucking on a cock whilst having a crap."

Kath had usually been the one to come up with suggestions for exotic sexual acts, and Mike wasn't totally surprised at this one. It did seem a little odd though, but nevertheless, he didn't hesitate in stepping up and offering is heavy prick to his aunt.

Kath clamped her lips over the shaft, sucking hard as she relaxed her arsehole. All the buggery in the preceeding months meant that she was so used to having her anus stretched during sex that taking a shit now felt erotic. Slowly, she defecated whilst emitting muffled moans, deep-throating Mike with abandon as she shit. Mike was enjoying himself too, the thrill of a good blow-job coupled with being in the presence of his randy aunt during this most private act.

Once she'd finished, Kath took the cock from her mouth and grinned. Mike stood back whilst Kath turned and reached for the toilet roll.

"Wait," Mike said, "Leave it. I want to fuck your arse whilst it's still dirty."

Kath was thrilled at this suggestion. She flushed the toilet then got down on her knees and elbows on the bathroom floor, Mike kneeling behind her and admiring her bum. Brown, fudge-like shit was lightly smeared around her arsehole, still agape from it's recent use. His cock coated in saliva, Mike pushed the glistening head to the beshitted arsehole and pushed in. The recent emptying of her rectum made it all the more physically delightful for Kath to have it immediately filled again, her nephew's cock rapidly burying itself in her rectal passage.

Mike humped away whilst looking down, watching his cock become soiled as it slid backwards and forwards in the beshitted anus of his aunt, Kath squirming delightfully as she was subjected to a quick, hard nocturnal arse-fucking. Soon, Mike came, driving his prick as far into Kath's bowels as he could to squirt his seed.

They broke up and stood, Kath humming pleasantly whilst she finally took some toilet roll and wiped her arsehole clean, Mike also using some to clean his prick. Then, seemingly fresh and innocent, they sneaked back into bed, ensuring they didn't disturb Claire before they both joined her in peaceful slumber.

An hour after Mike and Kath had fallen back to sleep, down the road, Derek was awaking in his bed. He was a light sleeper and heard someone padding around in the hallway. The bathroom door had opened and after a moment, the toilet flushed. Listening to this made Derek need a piss, so he slid out of bed and put on his boxer shorts.

Stepping out into the hallway, he saw Simon just leaving the bathroom in his dressing gown.

"Hi Derek," he whispered.

"Can't sleep eh?" Derek asked, quietly.

"Nah, it's too warm tonight. Mum's door is open," he continued with a cheeky grin, "I looked in to see if she was awake. She isn't but you should look in there."


"Just look in."

Simon grinned again and padded off to his room, quietly shutting the door. Derek went to the loo and had a piss, after which he was unable to resist tip-toeing to his mother's room. The door was indeed open, and he noticed some faint light coming from in there.

Peeking round the door, he saw that the light came from the TV, which was still on but had the sound turned down.

His mother slept on her stomach and was clearly bothered by the unseasonably warm weather that night. The duvet was scrunched up at the end of the bed, just covering the lower half of her legs. The rest of her slim body, sprawled diagonally across the bed, was exposed. And naked.

The light from the TV lit up Alison's nude body in a bluish glow, the low angle at which the light came across the bed emphasizing the lovely curves of Alison's rounded bottom, her sleek back and her toned arms which were draped across the pillows.

Derek stared for a good minute, admiring his mother's nakedness, in particular her arse, whilst his cock began to harden. His mum continued to snore quietly, confirming that she was safely asleep.

Eventually, Derek edged out into the hallway, almost jumping out of his skin when he spotted his brother peering from his open door.

"Good eh?" Simon whispered.

"You scared me," Derek gasped.

"Good though," Simon insisted, "I never knew mum had such a nice bum."

Simon could often be a bit lewd and cheeky, but the boy really did have a genuine amount of admiration in his voice. Derek figured it wouldn't be giving away too much to agree.

"She sure has," he whispered, "Nice legs too."

"I know it's wrong," continued Simon in a conspirital whisper, "But mum is really hot."

"I saw her naked earlier, in the shower."


"Well, she'd just got out of the shower. Full frontal."

" "Whoa, did you see her pussy?"

"Yeah. Now shush, better get to bed."

"Okay. See you tomorrow Derek."

"See ya."

Simon closed his door whilst Derek slipped back into his room, shutting the door and climbing into bed. A few moments ago he thought that a wank would be a good way of helping himself get back to bed. Now, his rock hard prick inside his boxers told him that he wouldn't be able to sleep until he'd jacked off a good couple of times.

Mike scratched his head and yawned as he stood in the shower. It was Sunday morning, and he'd woken before Claire and Kath, though he knew they'd be up when he finished. His mind was on Derek, and hoping that the plan would work. He knew his mate was oversexed, even for a teenage boy, with all his porno mags and occasional claims of how he was going to be a porn-star when he grew up. There was little chance that he'd resist the advances of Claire and Kath. Mike just hoped Derek's mum would get in on the act. Obviously, he wanted to do Derek and Simon a favor by getting them set up to fuck their mum, but Mike really wanted to fuck Alison too.

After stepping out of the shower, Mike dried himself and wandered into the bedroom. Kath was standing at the wardrobe and selecting some clothes for the day, whilst Claire sat up in bed with her big tits peeking over the covers.

They said their good mornings, and Kath turned - naked - to her nephew and held up a skimpy yellow top to her chest.

"Think this'll do?" she asked, "Think it'll turn Derek's head?"

"Sure will," Mike replied as he sat on the edge of the bed.

"I think," pondered Kath as she peered back into the wardrobe, "I'll wear a pair of tight biker-shorts. Really tight ones. With no knickers."

"That'll turn Derek on," nodded Claire.

"What'll you wear mum?"

"A low cut top or something," shrugged Claire, "Something that shows off my cleavage."

"Well, it worked for me," Mike smiled, remembering when his mother seduced him with her huge knockers almost bursting out of some low cut T-shirt.

"I'm off for a shower," announced Kath, then left the room.

"Feel like limbering up for later mum?" grinned Mike at his mother.

Claire grinned back and pushed the duvet aside, getting on her hands and knees. Mike was quickly behind her, having taken a small jar of moisterising cream which he slathered over his cock and his mother's butthole. Suitably greased up, Mike eased his cock into his mum's arse, Claire's hot, wet rectal passage steadily swallowing up the erect prick.

"Ooooh Mikey," sighed Claire, "That's good son."

Holding his mother's shoulders, Mike began shafting Claire's arse hard and quick, knowing that he'd have to be out the house in about fifteen-minutes if he wanted to be away when Derek came round.

Claire's arsehole was twitching tightly round her son's veiny cock, and she panted and grunted animalistically as Mike's pace got ever quicker.

"I'm cumming mum," he was soon panting, "Oh fuck, oh yeah!"

Keeping up his hard shafting, Mike closed his eyes tight as his cock erupted it's milky load into his mother's moist shitter, the sperm flooding her guts.

Slowing down, Mike sighed satisfactorily and eased his cock from Claire's arsehole and sat back.

"That was good," Claire said remaining in position, "Think Derek can resist this arse?"

"Not at all," her son said, stroking his mum's buttocks.

"Guess I'd better shower and change," Claire said, getting up off the bed.

"I'll go in a minute too. Good luck."


Mike got off the bed too and went off to his room. He was soon dressed and heading out the house, glancing up the street at Derek's house. He knew his mate would appreciate the conspirital plan that would soon enfold.

Derek stood back from the door after ringing the bell.

He didn't think it necessarily odd the Claire, instead of Mike, answered, though he was a little taken aback by her attire. The woman wore a blue, loose cotton dress, low cut and displaying a deep cleavage.

"Hi Derek," she smiled.

"Oh, hi Claire," Derek said, "Is Mike around?"

"No, I'm afraid he's not. He said he had to go somewhere."

"Hmmm. Damn. He said for me to come round at ten today."

"Never mind. He said he wouldn't be long, so why don't you come in and wait for him."

To most teenage boys, the idea of waiting in a house with your mates mum was not really a terrific prospect, but the nice amount of cleavage on display made Derek reasonably enthusiastic.

"Okay," he said, and followed Claire into the house.

They went to the living room where Derek took up the invitation to sit on the sofa. Claire sat next to him and they pair of them chatted, Claire asking her guest about school.

"I'm doing okay," Derek was saying, "I like History the most. It's pretty interesting."

He also found Claire's tits interesting. He'd noticed them before of course, but he rarely saw Claire for more than a moment or two when he and Mike were off somewhere. Now, he had them in front of him, and his eyes flicked down regularly when his friend's mum didn't seem to notice. Or care.

Derek's eyes grew wider when the door opened and Kath sauntered in. She'd been listening at the door and figured that her sister was being a bit slow in seducing Derek. Kath figured her sister would take a while to get round to it, so, impatiently, she'd stripped off the clothes she'd carefully picked out that morning, and entered the living room stark naked.

Derek just gaped as the nude thirty-three year old woman sat next to him, smiling, and reached out and placed an affectionate hand on the boy's thigh.

"Listen," she said, cheerfully, "Derek. Bit of a sneaky plan going on here. Me and my sister have been planning on er...seducing you. We've wanted to fuck you for a long time."

"And you got impatient yeah?" sniggered Claire.

"Yeah," Kath confirmed.

Derek was looking back and forth at the two women, wondering what to make of this.

"It's okay Derek," Kath said, "It's nothing illegal. We just wanted to fuck you. Want to do it?"

"Er..." began Derek, "Is this a joke? I it a set up or something?"

"Why do you say that?" asked Claire.

Derek simply spoke the truth.

"It seems too good to be true."

The two women smiled at each other.

"You want to do it then?" enquired Claire, skillfully slipping the straps of her dress from her shoulders and shrugging the top part of her dress down. It slid to her waist, her large tits - unencumbered by a bra - wobbling into view, then nipples as erect as Kath's.

"Sure," Derek grinned, noticing Kath's hand unzipping his flies, "But what about Mike? What if he finds out?"

"Don't worry about my son," Claire reassured him, "He knows. It was his idea. In fact, me and Kath have been shagging Mike for ages."

"Really?" Derek gasped, "I mean...whoa. That'"

Kath and Claire had agreed to get round to the subject of Derek's mother later, and in the meantime, Kath was pulling Derek's cock out from his flies. The boy was as big as Mike, his prick seven-inches in length. Kath masturbated the big, stiff member in her small hand whilst Claire shook her shoulders a little, causing her mammoth hooters to jiggle invitingly. She was glad when Derek reached out and began to fondle those lovely big tits. He'd seen so many porn mags and movies, but he'd never come close to real sex before, and was staring wide eyed, first at the tits he fondled, then at Kath as she bent down and sucked on his cock.

Soon, Claire took over, deep-throating Derek whilst Kath kissed the boy hard on the lips, eventually kneeling up and offering her breasts, smaller than her sister's but just as shapely and mouthwatering, to Derek's kisses.

The two women eventually moved aside.

"Let's fuck," Claire said, excitedly, and Derek quickly stood and began tugging off his clothes.

"This will be great," Kath said, also thrilled.

Naked and stiff, Derek stood and watched as Kath sat back on the sofa and spread her legs.

"Kneel down in front of me," she said, and Derek obeyed, "That's it, know ease into me."

"Shall I lick you out?" asked Derek.

"Of course," smiled Kath, "How thoughtful. Lick my cunt out."

Plunging his head down, he licked hungrily at Kath's pussy, lapping at the lips as they quickly grew moist. He briefly looked up, turned on even further as he saw Claire was snogging Kath. Christ! A lesbian show as well! Derek was feeling hornier than he'd even felt, and he'd not even got round to the actual fucking.

That was going to change though. Kneeling up, he guided his fat cock to Kath's slit and began to enter, pushing in to the hilt and gripping Kath's thighs as he began to pump.

"Whoa!" he gasped, feeling the heat of a real cunt round his prick, "I've lost my cherry!"

Kath and Claire laughed good naturedly, having been so used to Mike being experienced at sex now.

"We've only just begun," Claire said, kissing Derek, "Now fuck my slut sister then fuck me. After that we'll show you even more thrills."

Eager to please, Derek began thrusting at a steady pace, getting a thrill not just from fucking Kath, but the fact that the older woman was genuinely thrilled and excited by what his cock was doing.

"That's good Derek," she panted, "Yeah. That's real good. Keep fucking!"

The teenager pumped away, reaching up and enjoying feeling up Kath's tits as he shagged her, occasionally turning his attention to her thighs. They were nice legs, almost as nice as his mother's, and he stroked the flesh as he fucked.

"My turn," Claire eventually announced, sitting back and spreading her legs, "C'mon Derek, don't waste all you youthful energy on my sister's cunt."

Enjoying the dirty way these women spoke, Derek slid out of Kath and edged up between Claire's legs. In one smooth movement, he buried his cock into the hairy pussy in front of him, his hands clamping over Claire's heavy tits as he fucked. Kath got up and started passionately snogging Derek, their tongues entwining wetly.

Claire was soon moaning in pleasure, Derek's cock pumping her towards orgasm, until soon she hit a climax.

"Oh fuck me!" she cried, "Fuck me Derek! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh fuck! YES!"

"Well done Derek," Kath smiled at the boy, "You've just given a woman a first orgasm."

She kissed the boy again, Derek enjoying the aroma of real, naked women, so far from the images and videos of women he'd been used to. He thrust his tongue into Kath's mouth, the two of them moaning as they kissed, Derek's pumping growing in speed. He soon pulled away from Kath, panting, "I'm cumming. Fuck!"

"Do it," Claire urged, "Cum in my cunt."

Derek cried out orgasmically as he hit his climax, his prick spurting hot sperm into Claire's womb, the boy almost doubling over as his body was wracked with pleasure.

"Oh fuck," he panted as the last of his cum leaked out, "Oh fuck yeah, that was good."

He was breathing hard, and Claire leaned up and kissed him.

"You fuck wonderfully," she said, "Totally fantastic."

"Thanks," smiled Derek, pulling out and sitting back on the floor.

"You up for seconds?" asked Claire, getting down next to the teenager and stroking his muscled chest and stomach.

"Hopefully," said Derek, "I'm sure if you give me ten minutes I'll be ready."

"You underestimate yourself," Claire said, grabbing the lad's slick cock, which was half stiff already and growing stiffer at her caresses. Kath came over too, bending over and sucking on the head of Derek's cock whilst Claire continued to jack it off.

Soon, the boy was fully erect.

"Shall we fuck again then?" he asked.

"Sure," Kath replied, "Let's do some anal first." She remembered how Mike had told her of Derek's passion for anal mags and videos.

"You want to?" asked Derek.

"Sure," Claire nodded, "Anal is best. In fact, Mike fucks us both in the arse far more often than in the cunt. We're not semi-nymphos Derek. Me and Kath love sex and we take it to the limits. We prefer it in the arse, we'll suck cock and swallow, we'll fist and be fisted."

"We'll take facials," continued Kath, "We'll fuck each other with strap-ons in front of you. Anything."

" "Cool," was all Derek could say in an awed voice.

"Let's go," Kath said, getting onto her knees and elbows and swinging her pert little arse round, "I need buggery!".

"Lube it up," instructed Claire, "Just lick away."

Derek didn't hesitate. It was a mouthwatering arse indeed, and he was soon greedily lapping at Kath's tight, puckered arsehole, pushing and slurping his tongue up past the sphincter.

"That's good," sighed Kath, "Yeah, that's good. Lick my arse Derek, lick it! Tongue my shitter!"

After Derek had done so, he knelt up whilst Claire quickly took the boy's prick in her mouth, sucking it deep down and coating it in her slippery phlegm. Eventually she took the cock from her mouth and said "Go for it kiddo!"

Derek held his slick prick and guided the throbbing head up to Kath's bumhole and pushed forward. Egged on by both women, he sank his cock in slowly, feeling the tightness of Kath's sphincter on his hard shaft.

"God it feels good," he panted after the first four inches of his prick were buried in the woman's arse, "Fuck it's good. Hot and tight."

He continued easing forwards until finally all seven-inches of his steel-hard prick was fully wedged in Kath's greasy rectal passage.

"Oh God!" she was groaning, "Oh fuck that's fantastic. Oh yeah!"

"That nice?" Claire asked Derek. The boy nodded.

"Better than cunt fucking?"

"Sure," he said, "Does Mike mainly fuck you two in the bum?"

"Virtually all the time," said Kath in between grunts of pleasure.

"Then I will too," Derek insisted, "Assuming we'll do this regularly."

"Of course we will," confirmed Claire, "You can join Mike in servicing me and my sister. Shafting our butts as often as you can."

Derek felt excited by the prospect of things to come, especially after the women's earlier speech of all the stuff they'd get up to. For now, he got back to enjoying the present, pumping his hips as his drilled his cock into Kath's bowels.

"Fuck me," Kath was panting, "Fuck my arse. Oh! Oooh!"

"God!" was all Derek good splutter, "God yeah!"

"Don't cum yet," Claire said, "Save some for my bum."

"Sure," the boy replied. He fucked Kath in the arse for a few minutes longer before withdrawing.

Claire was soon on her knees and elbows in front of the sofa, Kath joining Derek in licking out her arsehole until Derek got up and speared Claire's bum with his cock. He buggered her hard for fifteen minutes, all the while kissing Kath's mouth and tits as he pumped. Feeling a little more patient this time, he withdrew erect and turned to Kath.

"Oooh goody," she smirked, childishly, "More bum-fucking!"

She got on the sofa, sitting back and pulling her legs up to her chest. Derek needed no instruction, kneeling before Kath's arse and guiding his cock into the twitching anus. He wrapped his arms round Kath's legs as his hips pounded forth, his cock ramming up into the depths of the woman's slick rectum. Claire shortly adopted the same position on the sofa, next to her sister. Derek impressed the women by showing more initiative, reaching over and sliding two fingers into Claire's twitching, exposed butthole whilst continuing to bugger Kath.

Understanding the importance of sharing, Derek soon switched over, burying his cock in Claire's arsehole whilst fingering Kath's, both women joining the boy in uttering hot, obscene cries of pleasure.

Derek had swapped back to Kath's arse when his orgasm began to rise, whilst Claire was bending over next to him and presenting her bum to the boy's kisses. He pummeled his hips back and forth quicker and harder, burying his face between Claire's buttocks and working his tongue deep into her shitter.

Kath was crying out in ecstasy as she sensed Derek's climax, and soon her arse-guts were flooded, hot sperm geysering into her rectum, her sphincter spasming around the veiny shaft of the boy's prick. Claire knew the boy was cumming too, judging by the passion in which his tongue was wiggling it's way into her arse.

When the orgasm finished, Derek slid his tongue from out of Claire's arse and pulled his prick from Kath's. He stood and fell back onto the sofa, getting his breath back. His semi-hard dick was somewhat soiled from it's repeated journeys into the two women's rectums, but that didn't seem to bother Claire when she got down and licked the lad's dick clean. Kath stretched her legs out in front of her and yawned deeply. All three were clearly satisfied.

Like a typical student, Richard was rather scruffy looking, wearing a baggy T-shirt portraying some indie band or other, along with a pair of black jeans with a couple of holes in them, and battered trainers. He wondered, as he stood on his mother's doorstep and rang the bell, whether his mum would moan at him for being so scruffy. Not likely though. She was an open minded woman who had always allowed her only child a lot of freedom. Only body piercing or tattoos would have upset her, though Richard didn't intend on going that far. Unlike most students, he was aware that he wasn't going to have this mildly rebellious streak for the rest of his life, and that someday he'd have to swap his battered jeans and T-shirts for business suits.

"Hi sweetheart," said Sarah as she opened the door, dressed in tight blue jeans and a loose, white jumper, "Come on in."

Richard entered the hallway and kissed his mother hello, Sarah being typically affectionate and hugging her son for a few seconds.

"Easy journey?" she asked, closing the door.

"Yeah, fine," replied Richard, taking off his shoes and dumping his bag on the floor, "The coach was late, but only by ten-minutes."

"You hungry? I was about to put on dinner."

"I had something in the cafe at the bus station whilst waiting for the taxi. I'm fine thanks."

"Okay. Well, your old room is how you left it. Not as messy of course. Just settle in there."

"Cheers mum. It sure is warm today."

"I know. For October anyway. In fact," continued Sarah in a rehearsed line, "I was thinking of going to the beach this afternoon, just for a swim. It's supposed to reach the 70s this afternoon, which is hot enough I think."

"Oh, right."

"Fancy coming along?"

Richard pondered this for a moment. He hadn't been to the beach in a long time, and whilst he professed independence from his mother to all his mates, he was close to her, especially since his father's passing. She was both maternal and caring whilst being a good friend at the same time. The idea of spending the afternoon with her was appealing, and a quick swim in the ocean would be a nice change from sitting around his student dorm smoking weed and getting drunk with his mates.

"Sure," he smiled, "When shall we go?"

"Now if you want."

"Okay, I'll just go to the loo."

"Did it work?" Mike eagerly asked his mother when he entered the living room at two o'clock that afternoon.

"Sure did," Claire replied. She was dressed now, as was Kath who sat on the armchair nearby.

"He fucked the pair of you?" enquired Derek as he sat down next to his mother.

"Fucked us twice," confirmed Kath, "In the cunt then in the arse. He clearly prefers giving it up the arse, so I think we'll have lotsa fun with him."

"What about his mum?" asked Derek, "Did you mention her?"

"No," Claire said, "We figured it'd be best to mention that once he's seen you fuck me and Kath. We obviously told him that you fuck us, but if he sees you fucking your mother then the prospect of fucking his own mum will be easier."

"We've invited him round this evening," Kath said, "He'll be round at about six."

"Excellent," Mike nodded, "We'll ask him about his mum then yes?"

"Sure," Claire confirmed, "I reckon he'll do it. Seriously. The prospect of incest doesn't seem to shock him."

"I wonder if his brother will join in," wondered Mike.

"I'm sure he will," Kath reassured him, "But we've got tonight to look forward to. It's going to be fun!"

The big Jaguar cruised along the country road as the hills began to flatten on the approach to the coast. The sky was utterly cloudless, a perfect blue canvas in which the sun shone brightly, and there was no breeze whatsoever.

Richard chatted to his mother about his exams were going, whilst Sarah spoke of working in a charity shop. Richard did, in fact, have some idea of what his mother got up to in her other free time. A couple of years ago he'd spotted a contact-magazine left on the coffee table, whilst he'd once spotted a strap-on dildo on his mum's bed. Another occasion had seen him answering the phone and taking a message for his mum from a woman, who'd left a message giving directions to the hotel Sarah was to meet her and her husband. Sarah had always been pretty open to Richard about sex. She'd taught him about the facts of life when he'd been eleven and curious, and though neither of them actively spoke about Sarah's obvious free-love lifestyle, there was a silent agreement that Richard did not mind it and neither did he feel uncomfortable about it.

The road grew thinner as it wound it's way down a hill towards a beach, the actual shore blocked by high sand dunes clumped with grass and bushes. There was a gate leading off from the road, with a few huts beyond. A sign outside read "O'Brien's Naturist Beach."

"Naturist?" quizzed Richard.

"Yeah," replied his mother, as casually as possible, "Sorry did I not mention that?"

She smiled, good naturedly.

", you didn't," stammered Richard, realizing the redundancy of the swimming trunks he'd bought in a small carrier bag, along with a newspaper to read.

"Never mind," Sarah continued as she turned left and approached the open gate, "You didn't mind that one we went to in France years ago."

Richard thought back to that holiday to the South of France in 1990. The beach nearest the hotel was packed one day, so his father had driven them up the coast to find a quieter beach. They'd spotted one from afar, in a private looking cove, but once they'd arrived it turned out to be for nudists. Up for anything, Sarah had insisted that 'we're here now' so why not give it a try? Her husband was happy with that, whilst Richard - being just 10-years-old - hadn't given a damn. It looked like a great place for a swim, and that's all he cared about. They'd spent all day there. Richard didn't know about sex really, at that time, though the sight of all those naked women around - including his mother of course - did excite him a little bit. Not enough to distract him from building sand-castles though.

The large car pulled up in a half-filled car park behind the dunes and mother and son got out.

"Here we are," Sarah announced, needlessly, and they both undid their seat-belts and got out.

"It is warm," commented Richard, feeling a little apprehension about this, along with some mild excitement. A naked couple in their forties walked past and said hello. Sarah greeted them back.

"We'll keep out stuff over there," Sarah said, pointing to one of the larger huts, "There's toilets here if you need to go later. They're in the smaller hut."

"Been here before?" her son asked as they walked over.

"Yeah, a couple of times during the summer. It's a nice beach."

In the hut, which was more modern on the inside than on the out, they placed a deposit in a locker each and began to undress, the room filled with the loud, amiable chat of two couples and their teenage children who were getting dressed across the room. Richard glanced over at one of the girls, who was still naked. She was about 17, a little plump but with nice big breasts and a pretty face. Unlike full-time nudists, Richard couldn't really grasp the idea of the 'non-sexual beauty' of the naked body.

When the girl began to dress, Richard - who was now almost nude himself - turn and glanced at his mother. She was taking off her last item of clothing, her panties, and placing them in the locker. He knew it was a bit weird to eye up his naked mother, but he must admit that he'd always regarded her as sexy for her age. Being close to her in her widowhood, he regarded his mother as much a friend as a maternal figure. Also, because it wasn't really normal to admire one's mother's body, he felt that glancing at her long, firm legs and pert arse would seem more innocent than gazing at girls his own age.

Sarah, turning round, admired her son's body. He was athletically built, slim with lithe, well toned limbs. His cock, she couldn't help but notice, seemed longer flaccid than some men's she'd seen when erect.

"Ready?" his mum smiled, picking up the chic bag she'd bought with her. Richard announced that he was, and they left the hut. They walked down a sandy path between the dunes until they reached the actual beach.

It was was fairly quiet, though not deserted.A few dozen nude families and couples stretching a couple of hundred yards in either direction, children building sand castles and swimming whilst their parents read the paper, sunbathe, or joined in their kid's activities.

"This'll do us," Sarah announced at a seemingly random spot. Putting her bag down, she took out a bright red blanket and lay it down, also taking out a few cans of soft-drinks and some women's magazines. Richard sat down next to her and they each had a can of drink whilst admiring the view, both mother and son's gazes secretly flitting around the naked people around them. Richard only looked at women, whilst Sarah's gaze rested on the naked charms of both sexes.

After a little while, Richard began to panic. At the beach in France, he'd been only ten. Now, he was 21 and - though he wasn't a virgin - he wasn't very sexually experienced, which had resulted in him being close to a state of arousal at all hours.

The sight of two teenage girls walking past had started his erection, and he quickly lay down on his stomach, hiding the fact that his prick was getting harder as a big-breasted woma
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