Incest sex - hot for cock

Incest sex - hot for cock xxx
My friend nodded his head so I gently pulled out of my sons' ass then
dropped down to lick up my leaking sperm, getting most of it. Ashe finally
stood and took Jaren's hand and had him sit on a dining room chair then my
boy backed up to him, straddled his legs then lowered himself on Jaren's

Watching how my son's entire body changed as the boy sank down onto Jaren's
fuck pole was incredible. It was like you see in the movies when they shoot
a person with drugs. An almost instant change takes place. Clearly my son
was at ease, at home, or in heaven when a cock was shoved up his ass.

Jaren's arms were wrapped around Ashe's chest and belly, the bottom one
finding its way down to feel on my son's still raging boner and his soft
marble sized balls.

"I like it when you feel me up Jaren," Ashe whispered, his head turned to
make some semblance of eye contact with the man. I stared openly at the
sight of another man's cock buried deep into my son with nothing but his
hairy balls hanging out. Ashe worked to turn his head and body around
enough for Jaren to kiss him, which the man did.

I chose to get between Jaren's knees and lick on his balls which caused him
to stop kissing Ashe in order to look. Ashe looked too then grinned.

"Do you like my papa licking on your balls Jaren," he asked but didn't wait
for an answer. "I love it when daddy licks my balls." That said I moved up
and sucked my son's bag into my mouth and let my tongue move the marbles
around. I finally backed away and Ashe put his feet on the rungs of the
chair and raised himself up a little.

"Now fuck me Jaren." My friend started to move and I well knew it wasn't
the best position to fuck a boy in I also knew that because it was a little
unusual it might be a little hotter for the man. They say that what a woman
wants out of sex is love and what a man wants is a new position. How true.

I moved to stand alongside the fucking duo and offered my cock to my son
who took it greedily. Jaren's head was turned and he watched as my boy
sucked my cock then to my surprise Jaren reached up and began fondling my
balls, gently tugging on the large smooth eggs. Ashe finally took his mouth

"Go ahead and suck my daddy's cock Jaren," Ashe said in a sultry voice. To
his credit the man didn't flinch, didn't ask if it was okay, he simply
leaned toward my raging cock. I turned, holding it down and offered it to
him and Jaren took it with hesitation, sucking about half of me into his
mouth. His eyes were closed and I could hear him murmuring softly to
himself as he worked me.

Ashe had begun rising and falling on Jaren's lap knowing that the man
didn't have that much room to move. Still Jaren kept his mouth over my cock
the whole time. I wondered just where this might lead to. I finally pulled
away and moved back to the front and put my mouth over Ashe's boner and
sucked him while he fucked my face and Jaren's cock. It didn't last long
however because my son wanted a good fucking.

Without preamble he rose up off of Jaren's cock, turned and sat back down
on Jaren's lap and planted his mouth against Jaren's. My friend responded
with a groan, held onto my boy and kissed with as much fury as Ashe was
kissing him. Ashe hissed Jaren hard, ground his boner into my friends'
belly, moaning softly. When he broke it he said,

"I need to get fucked good and hard Jaren." He took the man's hand and led
him to the sofa where he flopped down onto his back with his ass at the
very edge. "Fuck me right here Jaren, on your knees." My friend did as he
was told and was soon balls deep in my son's asshole and fucking him with
wild abandon. I sat on the sofa next to them and just watched. It was
fucking hot as all hell. I turned and leaned down and we kissed, Ashe and
me, deeply. When I broke it Jaren said,

"I'll suck your cock again if you want Eric." I hadn't planned that
happening, hadn't even thought about it but of course I wasn't going to
refuse, especially since Jaren was the one that brought it up. I stood up
and stepped close to Jaren who turned his head. I guided my cock to his
mouth and he took me on like a jet refueling in mid-air and once again I
heard his soft moans.

"I love watching Jare+n suck your boner daddy," my son panted. "I love
having your cock in my butt fucking me too Jaren. He's fucking me good too
daddy," Ashe went on. "This time I want your sperm inside me Jaren. Fuck
your sperm into my butthole and make me cum too." As I said, Ashe liked
talking during sex so I shouldn't have been too surprised at the ongoing
dialog but I was, just a little bit.

"You can cum in my mouth if you want Eric," Jaren said, looking up at me
through eyes half lidded in lust. I chose to take over on my cock even
though it was still in his mouth. I wondered which of the two things going
on was most important to the man right then and figured that I might get an
answer to that when we were done. I used my thumb and a couple of fingers
to stroke my cock while Jaren sucked me and continued to fuck my boy.

"He's gonna make me cum daddy," Ashe said suddenly. His hand had gone
between his legs and my boy was jacking his dick hard. "I'm close Jaren,
I'm getting close to cumming. Fuck my pussy harder make me cum, make me
cum." A moment later Ashe started vibrating like a harp string and crying
out from the intensity of his orgasm. Jaren let out a long moan around the
sides of my cock and I figured, to be confirmed later, that Ashe's asshole
had gripped on him, as it does, when my boy started cumming. That was all
it took for me to start shooting sperm into my friends mouth. Jaren's eyes
went wide at the first jet but to his credit he continue to suckle me and
swallowed everything I had to offer. Jaren continued to fuck my son hard
and deep but alas, all good cums comes to an end and it did and we did.

As my cock head became too sensitive I gently pulled away from Jaren. He
continued to move in and out of Ashe but it slowed and eventually
stopped. Both he and Jaren were breathing heavily while mine had resumed to
normal. I sat on the sofa and leaned down to kiss my baby boy who kissed
and then hugged me.

"That was wonderful daddy, thank you," he whispered in my ear. Jaren's cock
softened and he backed up just a tad so that Ashe could sit up, which he
did. He then moved into Jaren and hugged him tightly and kissed him.

"Come hug us daddy," he said after a moment so I knelt. Jaren seemed to
think for a scant moment then leaned toward me so I did the same and we
kissed, tongues and all then the 3 of us traded kisses.

"Gosh daddy having 2 men to fuck me is going to be great." I back my head
away and raised my eyebrow but I wasn't alone because Jaren did the
same. "Well, you're going to keep fucking me aren't you Jaren?"

My friends' hand had gone behind me and was cupping my butt cheek while
mine rested on his shoulder. "I really don't know what to say to that," he
finally said quietly. I asked if he was doing okay and he nodded his head.

"This has totally taken me by surprise Eric," he said. "I mean, I just
never thought, I never pictured myself being with a boy, let along your

"Did you like it Jaren," Ashe asked him. "Was it fun for you sucking my
cock and fucking me and stuff?" He nodded his head.

"Honestly it was amazing. I never thought that being with a boy could be so
hot, so incredible. And I can't believe that I sucked your cock too Eric
and had you cum in my mouth. Sure, I did that stuff when I was young teen
but it never occurred to me to do it as an adult. I've never looked at any
guy with that in mind." He paused then said, "At least I don't think that I
did. But I'm glad that I did it and I hope you're okay with it too." I told
my friend that it had never occurred to me to be with a man either. Or a
boy for that matter."

"My daddy didn't either til I got him to Jaren," my son explained then went
on to tell our friend, and now lover, how it had all transpired. "I love
getting fucked so much and when I asked daddy about another man fucking me
I was thinking about you fucking me. I'm really glad that you did it too
Jaren." Ashe moved his head forward and kissed Jaren on the mouth again who
kissed him back without hesitation.

"Now what," Jaren asked. "I don't mean just tonight but like, from now on?"
I said that I honestly didn't know because this had been a little
impromptu, although not completely. I suggested that we take a shower so
continued the conversation there. Jaren was treated to his first washing by
another person admitting that his girlfriend had barely even washing his
back when he asked. Jaren groaned loudly when Ashe washed his asshole.

"I never licked a hole before tonight and I'll be goddamned if I didn't
love doing it." That said, Ashe made him lean against the wall then
proceeded to rim him causing lots of loud moaning and groaning. When Ashe
stopped Jaren turned around, Jaren's hand was gripping tightly on his rock
hard cock.

"I..." he started. "Uhm, I think..." He paused again. "I think I want to
try a cock in my ass," he finally blurted out. Jaren seemed a little
embarrassed by that admission but I consoled him.

"I know how you feel Jaren. I've been thinking the same thing since I
started fucking Ashe. He's fucked me a few times but because of his size it
isn't much. I've been thinking more and more about having something bigger
in my ass. I've even considered buying some toys," I admitted. We finished
and dried off then went back into the living room. Jaren had to leave
because he had dogs he needed to let out but we agreed that he should come
back over the following night, Saturday to which he agreed. We sent him off
with plenty of hugs and kisses then Ashe and I sat down and talked.

The crux of it was that Jaren was a sweet heart of a guy not to mention
pretty hot looking. Both Ashe and I agreed that it had been hot as fuck for
both of us doing stuff in front of him, watching him with each of us.

"I can't believe he actually wanted to suck your cock papa and have you
shoot your sperm in his mouth." I told him I was surprised as he had
been. So that all said, we got dressed and jumped in the car and headed out
to a locally owned ice cream parlor for a tasty desert. It was there that
Ashe brought up the idea of being with another boy.

The topic came up because of the amount of boys, young teens actually, that
were out and about on a Friday night. And there were a lot of them. And a
lot of them were cute as all hell. As we sat at an outside table Ashe
gently nudged me or casually pointed this boy and that, asking if I thought
he was cute or stating that he had a really cute butt or in some cases what
he perceived as a healthy boy bulge.

"Would you like to be with another boy papa," he asked me. Honestly I
hadn't given it any thought. I mean hell, I had one hot boy at my
fingertips and one that was willing to drop his drawers at any time and
allow me to have my way with him. More accurately it was him having his way
with me although the outcome, no pun intended, was the same. I told him
that I hadn't considered it.

"Well I think it would be just as hot seeing you be sexy with another boy
as it was having Jaren be with us. I think that watching you fuck a cute
boy or suck a cute boy would be lots of fun. Of course he would have to
fuck me too." I chuckled because that was a given. At least I thought
so. It would turn out that was not quite accurate.

"I think it would be more difficult locating another boy that might favor
us with his presence baby boy. It's a little different than snagging an

"Not really papa. I could find us a boy really easy I think." I asked him
why he thought so. "Because I can ask a boy questions about sex and stuff
and not get into trouble. I can show a boy my cock in the bathrooms really
easy. Boys do that at school all the time and nobody cares. Boys are always
waving their dicks around and they talk about doing stuff with other boys
all the time. It would be easy to get a boy to play with us."

I mulled that over as I spooned ice cream covered in nuts and warm
chocolate sauce into my mouth. As I looked at the dozens of boys milling
about, joking with each other and just being boys, I saw a half dozen or
more that peaked my interest, an interest that was now more focused than it
had been barely 10 minutes earlier. Indeed, sucking one of their cocks
would be exciting especially since we were talking about boys that were
sexually more mature; boys that were sperming. I wasn't all that interested
in having Jaren cum in my mouth, nor was I disinterested, but a young
teenage boy might well be a different story. I'd have to give that some

So it was that Jaren returned the following night. On that go around he and
I spent more time making out and sucking each other's cocks that we had the
night before. Clearly we were both more at ease with each other and willing
to do some exploring. Of course Ashe insisted that we try it because it was
hot to him seeing us like that. And also, of course, it wasn't like he was
sitting idly by either; oh no. My boy was busy sucking a free cock, getting
his cock sucked by a free mouth, rimming or getting rimmed. It had been a
great 3 way suck fuck fest.

Ashe fucked Jaren and then I fucked him, much to his and my delight. He
declared that he kind of liked getting fucked, being the passive partner in
sex. He liked it in a missionary position, legs back, and looking at my
face as I slammed 7 plus inches of moderately thick man cock up his virgin

We both fucked my son a couple of times and while I didn't have Jaren fuck
me I did have him cum in my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his thick
gooey sperm and actually didn't mind it a bit. It did make me wonder though
what a young teen boys' sperm tasted like. I'd read somewhere that it
didn't have the strong bleach type taste of a more mature male but of
course I had no experience with which to judge that. Jaren would change
that. That is, Jaren with Ashe's assistance would change that.

It was about a month after our first encounter and Jaren had become a
regular weekend visitor, enough so that he brought his dogs with him so he
wouldn't have to go home to take care of them. The first Friday night that
we did it, we stayed up until 1 in the morning fucking each other's brains
out. I had allowed Jaren to fuck me for the first time and while I didn't
particularly pant after it, I did wonder what it would be like being with a
younger boy.

"I've had something come up that I could use some help with," Jaren said
one night as the 3 of us lay cuddled up on my bed. We had just finished an
interesting situation whereby I had fucked Jaren while he was blowing
Ashe. My body had been perpendicular to his; that is, crosswise to him,
holding his upper leg up out of the way as I pummeled his hairless
hole. Ashe had gotten him to shave his hole and his balls and trim down his
pubic thatch. Ashe had been mostly perpendicular to Jaren so in effect it
was like a human H with Jaren as the cross bar.

"I think my 13 year old cousin might be coming on to me." That certainly
got my son's attention. Jaren went on to say that he and Kyler tended to
roughhouse and wrestle since the kid was little and it seemed lately that
the boy had been feeling his uncle up seemingly by accident. I'm pretty
sure that he's gotten hard too, in fact I know it because the last time his
hard cock was pressed against the back of my leg.

"I've noticed that whenever he stays at my house he tends to wander around
in his underwear. It seems too like I catch him checking my crotch out."
Ashe asked Jaren if he wanted to play with his cousin. "Honestly, I never
thought about it before we, well you know, but now. Yeah, I wouldn't mind
having a go at him. He's a cute little fucker and I wonder how big his cock
is and judging from the bulge in his briefs he's pretty big for his
age. I'm pretty sure he's sperming because I've seen small wet spots on his

"Well why don't you have him spend a weekend with you and we could all hang
out together." Jaren got a shocked expression on his face and Ashe laughed
then went on to explain. Maybe we could go to the zoo or a movie or
whatever. The 2 boys would likely get along just fine, if not great, and of
course they would have to use the bathroom and Ashe would have no problem
showing Kyler his cock, in the appropriate context of course. Ashe was sure
that if he whipped his out to go pee Kyler would most likely do the same
and once they had showed each other their cocks then the door way to
discussing other things, like doing stuff with boys and such, was likely to
come up. Essentially it was exactly what Ashe had told me a month before
when the topic of another boy came up.

"Trust me Jaren, I can find out pretty quick if Kyler is interested and if
he is then I can find a reason to get things started." We talked some more
about it and with Ashe's insistence that he could make it happen Jaren
started getting excited about the possibility.

So it was that Jaren and Kyler showed up bright and early the following
Saturday morning. Jaren hadn't been exaggerating about Kyler being a
cutie. About 5 feet tall, his dark brown, almost light black hair was cut
in a layered bowl cut, that is, it had the bowl shape but was layered so
didn't look real severe. He had large hazel green eyes, straight and
crystal white teeth, a button nose with a very light smattering of barely
noticeable freckles. He was an adorable boy.

Jaren had showed up around 8 so Ashe and I were still in briefs,
intentionally so, and Ashe's briefs were quite briefs, low cut bikini style
in a pink with a raspberry trim. Jaren didn't need to knock, he just came
through the door. Ashe went bounding to greet him and all but leapt into
Jaren's arms, threw his legs around Jaren's waist and arms around the man's
neck and kissed him full on the mouth. Jaren's hands were under my son's
small butt for support and after the lengthy kiss Ashe rested his head on
Jaren's shoulder. Of course none of it was lost on Kyler.

Once set down, Ashe went over to Kyler, who. Jaren introduced and offered a
handshake and quick peck on the mouth. "Jaren has told us a lot about you
Kyler. I hope we can be friends," my boy said, using his little kid
voice. Ashe may well have had a future as an actor. The kid was good. As
for the kiss, well, Kyler most likely viewed my son as a little boy, which
he was, and young kids can get away with stuff like that. When Ashe turned
to come back to the dining room table Kyler all but ogled my son's tightly
clad butt, again, the crease under each cheek clearly visible.

Jaren and Kyler joined us, shared some bacon and cocoa and we talked about
the day. The boys seemed to hit it off quickly and when Ashe said he needed
to take a shower he invited Kyler to see his bedroom, the teen readily
agree and off they went. I winked at Jaren.


I didn't really have a solid plan about how I was going to work on Kyler,
it just sort of happened. I was glad that Jaren went along with it and
picked me up though because it had been a perfect move. I had put off
taking a shower in the hopes that I could get Kyler into my room. Gosh he
was so, so cute. The second I was him come through the door I wanted to see
him naked and stuff.

I stripped my briefs off right away and Kyler practically stared. I asked
if he was okay and he said it was just a little weird having a boy he
didn't know just wearing briefs around him then strip naked in front of

"You mean you've never done that," I asked and he said yeah but with
friends not a boy he just met. "Well it's no big deal I mean, it's just us
boys." I grabbed my towel to head down the hall to the bathroom and asked
Kyler if he wanted to talk while I was in the shower and he said okay. I
knew that he watched my butt all the way down the hall.

"Don't you worry about your dad or Jaren seeing you naked," he asked before
I made it through the door. I said no and reminded him it was just us
boys. I all but ran into Jaren coming out of the bathroom and of course he
checked me out. Inside with the door closed Kyler commented about Jaren
seeing him naked.

"I'm just a little boy Kyler and you're not. I bet you even got hairs on
your cock." The boy nodded his head and grinned. "Can I see em," I asked
him. Kyler didn't waste a moment, shoving his briefs and underwear down
just enough for me to see his new moss. There wasn't much, a dozen strands
but still it looked cool. I asked if he had a big one so he shoved his
clothes all the way down and showed me.

His boy stuff looked really cool. His balls were all the way dropped and
seemed kind of big and were totally smooth and his cock hung against
them. I asked if I could touch him and he nodded his head so I felt on his
hair and said they were so soft. I cupped his balls for a moment but he
pulled away.

"I'm gonna get a boner if you keep doing that," he said, pulling his
clothes back up.

"That would be maximus," I said. He had a curious expression on his face so
I said, good, the best, or whatever. "I get boners all the time. My dad
says it perfectly natural." Kyler want to know if my dad had seen my boner
and I said all the time. Of course the next question was if I'd seen his
and gave him the same answer. By now the water was running so I got in the
shower. Through the curtain he asked if dads cock was big and I said it
was, smiling to myself. I believed that I'd hooked a fish.

"Have you ever seen my uncle Jaren's dick," he asked. Our shower curtain
was a map of the continents so the area that was water was pretty much
clear. I could see Kyler groping at the front of his jeans.

"Yeah, a couple of times, mostly in his underwear though." He wanted to
know how that happened and I commented about pissing in men's rooms or
outside when we went hiking, that sometimes we all just hung out in our
briefs especially like we were that morning, around breakfast.

"Have you ever seen his boner," Kyler whispered. I said that I had seen it
in his briefs when he got up in the morning; that sometimes he didn't drive
home because of having beer on his breath so spent the night.

"Awesome," Kyler said. "I've never seen an adult dick before," Kyler said
and when I asked if he wanted to he said yes. I finished, since I had
already showered with my dad, and dried off, Kyler watching intently. "You
got a cute butt and stuff Ashe," he said quietly, one hand covering the
other one in his lap. I was sure the bottom one was moving.

"Thanks, I bet you do too," I said. Kyler stood up, turning as he did so,
and dropped his jeans and briefs to show me his naked butt. In the mirror
facing him I saw that his dick was half way hard. "Are you getting a
boner," I asked him and when he nodded his head I said "maximus."

"That's good," he asked and I nodded my head and said that boners were
cool. "Have you ever, you know, uhm, touched another boys' boner?" I said
yes then started toward my bedroom with Kyler in tow. When he closed the
door I turned to face him, my cock standing straight up in front of my
body. Kyler quickly shoved his clothes back down and stood right in front
of me. We did the sword fight thing, neither of us saying a word then I
took hold of his cock and stroked it so he did the same to me. Without
asking him I dropped to my knees, pulled his cock down and put my mouth
over it and started to fuck him.

"Fuck Ashe, you like sucking cock too," he groaned and I nodded my head. I
didn't suck him long but as soon as I stood up Kyler dropped to his knees
and sucked me. Again it didn't last long. "You got a really cute cock Ashe,
I hope we can do more stuff together. We talked about doing stuff with
other boys and while I hadn't, I used Jaren as an example, leaving his name
and his adult status out of the picture. Kyler said that he had played with
a few boys and loved it.

"I kinda want to try it with a man though," he said wistfully. "Your dad is
pretty hot Ashe, I wouldn't mind doing stuff with him." I asked him about
doing stuff with Jaren. "I really want to but I don't think he would and
then he might not like to hang around me anymore." I let the topic drop,
already formulating a plan to make it all happen.


When the boys came out of Ashe's bedroom I knew instinctively that things
were going to work out. I thought I detected a bit of a bulge in Kyler's
jeans as well. We headed out for a day of fun, movies and the zoo as Ashe
had suggested. During the movie the boys sat in the middle and I could see
that at times Kyler had his hand on Ashe's leg. We did have a brief moment
at one point where Ashe and I were alone.

"Kyler wants to play but he's afraid that Jaren won't like him if he tries
something. Ask Jaren if it's okay if you do something with Kyler first. He
thinks you're hot so if you and him do stuff and Kyler sees me doing stuff
with Jaren it might make things easier."

I checked with Jaren and he said that he didn't mind if I had first shot at
his cousin and he agreed that all things considered it probably would make
things go easier. Throughout the day Kyler seemed to try to be next to me
and I got a little sense of his flirting with me. We got home around 5
after a quick meal at a pizza place then settled in to watch some movies.

"Can we just wear underpants papa," Ashe asked me. We all know the answer
to that one. I had to say that clad only in briefs Kyler was even more
desirable. He had a nice boy bulge and knowing that I was going to be
playing with him before the night was out made my heart beat fast and my
cock firm up.

The boys lay on the carpet in front of the sofa, a pair of glorious boy
butt waiting to be investigated. The boys would wrestle around a little
then settle down and do it again. There was some cock grabbing, Kyler
always looking toward me and Jaren to make sure it was okay. The lights
were dimmed pretty low so that helped considerably I think.

After the first movie we sat there quietly although Ashe and Kyler were
goofing around again and I was wondering how things were going to get
started and before the thought left my brain my boy made the move.

"Hey papa, you should give Kyler a back rub." Then to Kyler her said, "Papa
gives the best back rub ever, you would love it. Jaren can give me one."
Kyler said okay so the boys moved a little farther out onto the carpet
while Jaren and I got down with them.

"You guys should take your jeans off though cuz they're kinda scratchy on
bare skin," Ashe suggested. The boys watched while Jaren and I stripped
down to our briefs, Kyler checking me out closely. They rolled onto their
bellies and we both straddled their legs.

The kid had a dynamite butt. The twin globes rose up from the small of his
back into a pair of picture perfect mounds. I started at his shoulders, as
did Jaren, but we were only into it a half minute before we were stopped.

"Wait Jaren, I want to take my underpants off," Ashe said. He stayed on his
belly and started the process saying, "Take your underpants off too Kyler,
it feels a lot better. Kyler did as requested and I found out immediately
that his butt was even better unclothed. The boy didn't have a real long
butt crack either. In fact his ass was perfect in every way. We worked our
way down the boys' back, kneading deeply into growing muscle and earning
lots of moans and groans in the process. As I worked on the small of his
back it brought my head closer to his delicious butt and I so wanted to
kiss it, to lick it, to explore the slightly dusky crack between the

Jaren was going to stop at Ashe's butt however my son nixed that right off
the bat so Jaren continued to do just what I had done. Ashe was moaning
softly. Kyler had been mostly quiet so far so I asked the youngling how he
was doing.

"I'm really good," the boy said in a husky voice. I worked his tender butt,
gently peeling him open to see his puckered hole while Jaren was doing the
same with my son. I worked down his legs as well and the boy spread them to
reveal his hairless balls resting in a puddle of skin on the carpet. God
what a view.

"Now do my front Jaren," my son said and then rolled over. Needless to say
he was raging hard. Seeing Ashe roll, Kyler did the same and we all got our
first view of the young teen. The kid was awesome.

His boner looked to be about 5½ inches or so long. His balls hung
sweetly below and rested against his crotch, the sac of eggs completely
hairless and eminently lickable. I could see a smattering of small black
hairs poking out from beneath the shaft while it wasn't proof positive, I
was damned sure the boy was sperming. Of course Jaren had said that he saw
spots on the front of the boys' briefs so there you have it. Regardless, I
could hardly wait to taste it.

"You guys got boners too," Ashe said softly. "You should take your
underpants off." I stood, Jaren right beside me. Kyler's eyes were glued to
my front as I hooked my fingers in the waistband of my red American Eagles
and tugged them off.

"My god you got a big fucking dick," the boy said, clearly in awe. If Kyler
had any thoughts about Ashe not making any comments he didn't voice them. I
dropped back down to straddle the boys' legs and allowed my balls to rest
on his.

"Do you shave your nuts Eric," he asked and when I nodded my head he wanted
to know why.

"Feel them and you'll know the answer." The boy was reluctant.

"Go ahead Kyler; you'll see," my son said in encouragement. Kyler reached
down and brought his open hand up underneath me, me rising up a little to
help him out. Kyler hefted my sac.

"So soft," he said quietly. He then took hold of my cock, felt up and down
the length of it, clearly in awe.

"Will you suck my cock Jaren," Ashe asked. That caused Kyler to turn his
head and watch his cousin lower his head and take my son's cock into his
mouth and begin to bob on it. I watched the boy closely, his hand had
remained on my cock. When he turned his attention back to me I asked him if
he wanted me to do that to him and he nodded his head.

I lowered my upper body as I took hold of his raging boner then put my
mouth over it and swallowed him whole. Kyler gasped audibly and pushed his
tender little butt up off the carpet. With his cock in my mouth I moved
sideways so that I was beside him which allowed my right hand to cup and
fondled his smooth sperm makers and earning another gasp. I felt his hand
touch my leg so moved a little and a second later Kyler had my cock in his
hands again.

"Fuck you suck cock so good Jaren," Ashe said, "I love it when you suck
me." I figured that Kyler would learn sooner rather than later about his
cousin's involvement with us and now it was out. Kyler turned his
head. Understand that the boys were side by side with only inches
separating them.

"Has he sucked you before Ashe," Kyler asked and my son nodded his head.

"Yeah, plenty of times. I didn't know just how to tell you," Ashe
said. Before Kyler could respond he said, "Do you like to kiss?" When the
boy said he'd never done it my boy asked him if he wanted to try it and got
a head nod. That said, Ashe closed the narrow distance, moving his upper
body closer still. "It's really easy, just do what I do."

That said my son put a hand on Kyler's cheek then gently kissed the boy on
the mouth 2 or 3 times. He asked what Kyler thought about it and our new
friend said he liked it. "This time just let your feelings take over,
okay?" Kyler nodded his head and a moment later the boys were kissing
seriously, mouths open, and nostrils flaring. I looked at Jaren who was
still sucking Ashe's cock but saw me, grinned and winked.

Kyler was the one that broke the kiss. "I wanna suck on your cock Eric
before I cum." I moved up next to his head so Kyler simply rolled to his
side, propped himself up on an elbow and guided my cock to his
mouth. Looking down on his sweet young teen face made my heart flutter. I
wondered if the boy was going to let me fuck him and certainly hoped that
would be the case.

Next to us Ashe told Jaren that he wanted to suck the man's cock but
suggested that Jaren simply straddle Ashe's body in a classic 69
position. Kyler wanted to see that so let go of my dick and turned over. I
took the opportunity to reach over his hips and take hold of his cock and
stroke him a little bit.

"Can we try that Eric," he asked and my answer was to lay next to him which
prompted the boy to roll toward me and moments later I had his cock in my
mouth while mine was captured in his mouth. Kyler had his top foot flat on
the carpet and as I wrapped my arm over his hip to clutch on his butt I
drew in the heady fragrance of a growing boy. His scent was much stronger
than the more sweet fragrance of my son and I reveled in it, loving it.

I let go of his cock and pressed my face against his smooth nuts then
nuzzled the soft sac with my lips. I managed to get on of his balls into my
mouth so suckled on the egg and moved it about with my tongue.

"Fuck Jaren, lick on my hole, lick on my pussy," Ashe cried out and once
again Kyler had to stop what he was doing to see the action. Ashe had
pushed his tender little back and Jaren had peeled the twin cheeks open and
was worshipping my son's asshole as if it were his last meal.

"Oh man I couldn't do that," Kyler said.

"That's what I said Kyler too," Ashe panted, "Until I did it. You won't
believe how it feels, goddamn," Ashe groaned as another wave of pleasure
crashed through his body. When I asked him Kyler said that he showered
early that morning. I wasn't sure I wanted to eat an asshole that was going
on 12 hours old so told him that after he washed it good I'd be happy to
show him how it felt. He said that was fine.

"God Jaren I need you to fuck me," my son finally said. "I really need your
cock in my pussy."

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