MTSW - Mother Teacher, Sister Whore

MTSW - Mother Teacher, Sister Whore xxx
My name is Jason and I am average in nearly every aspect you can imagine. My height is average, maybe slowly above, have short brown hair and brown eyes and though I am quite strong and muscular I am not ripped. I am an average student and average at sports. The only thing I am above average is having sex, thanks to lots of practice. At the moment I am 21 years old and studying at University.

Anyway the events I am going to tell you about took place a few years earlier when I was still going to high school. I was living in a small city in an average house together with my mom and my sister. My dad had died a few years ago and since then I was the only man in the house, which was quite a challenge from time to time. My sister Alex was one and a half years older than me and was going to high school as well, where she was a senior. My mother worked as a teacher and since we lived in a small city that had only one high school the three of us were going to the same high school every day.

You may think I was the lucky guy to always have good grades and never get into any trouble. I have to tell you, this is far from truth. Of course I never had my mother as a teacher – so no good grades without any work for me. In additional my mother always immediately knew when I was in trouble for not bringing my homework or being cheeky, which meant double the trouble – immediately. Also I always had to hear from my friends that my mom hade quite the looks and was the hottest teacher at school.

At this point I have to tell you that my mom was in fact really good looking. She was quite tall and slender but had some curves at the right places. She had a tight butt and some awesome DD breasts. You could tell all that by simply looking at her because she always wore tight skirts with low cut blouses. Also her short brown hair and reading glasses which she wore most of the time gave her a sassy impression. Though my friends got on my nerves by telling me how hot my mom was I have to admit now they were absolutely right.

Since I hit puberty and got interested in girls I started to look at my mother in a different way. I sometimes spied after her and tried to get a look at her while she was changing or taking a shower. Sometimes I got lucky and afterwards I masturbated to these images. I even thought of her some times when I had sex with one of the girlfriends I had over the years.

But I never really admitted it to myself. I always told myself that I was just coincidently walking by my mother’s door when she was undressing and that I only picked up her sexy underwear, that she had forgotten in the bathroom, to put it in the laundry. It went so far that while masturbating I told myself I was only thinking of a woman that looked just very similar to her.

Now that I think about it I lied to myself quite a lot. But let me get on with my story…

The events I wanted to tell you about started the Friday I forgot my laptop at school. Ooooh he forgot his laptop that sounds exciting, I hear you say, but you have to know it only was the first link of a long chain of coincidents. So let’s get back to the story. I hated the idea of spending the whole weekend without my laptop as I had all my school stuff on it and let’s admit it I would have no excess the internet and mostly important to porn. So I went back into the building. One minute later and I would have stood in front of closed doors but the cleaning lady had not locked them yet. I went up the stairs to my locker and got my laptop. As I put it into my backpack I was quite relived. Just when I wanted to make my way home I heard a quiet noise. At first I thought I had imagined it, but then I heard it again. It was a soft moan.

I walked down the corridor and as I went further the noises got louder. Finally I halted in front of a door that led to an ordinary classroom. It was left ajar so that you could look inside. I took a glance and could not believe what I saw. I needed a moment to realise what was happening. There on the teacher’s table was my mother lying on her back with her skirt pulled up and her blouse unbuttoned. Her breasts were heaving up and down and she was moaning as she was fucked by a student. Her legs – which ended in red high heels – were crossed behind his back so she could push him into her even harder. I only saw his back, but he was older than me, maybe a year above me. She had her eyes closed and moved rhythmically as his dick went in and out fucking her hard. Can you believe it? I just stood there and watched my mother getting fucked by some guy. It was like my own personal porno. And damn it was a hot one. As if I was in a trance my hand wandered down and grabbed for my already hard dick. I slowly opened my pants, got my rock hard feller out and started stroking it while my mother and her lover were moaning in pleasure.

I lost my track of time. It was only me jerking off and those two fucking like bunnies. I was completely in my own world. Suddenly I lost my balance. While wavering around I touched the door which swung open a bit and made a quiet creak. My heart stood still and I stood there frozen. He seemed to have not heard anything, but my mother opened her eyes and moved her head slowly in my direction. As she saw me I thought she would jump up and scream. But she just smiled at me and closed her eyes again while starting to moan even louder.

I knew it was time to go but I just stood there and kept on masturbating. Now that the door was further open I had an even better view. Every now and then my mother discretely looked into my direction while fucking him and smiled – or was it some kind of devilish grin? I cannot say. Finally she gave the guy a sign to stop for a moment and sat up. She pulled his shiny wet dick out of her. After climbing down from the table she got on her knees and started to suck his pulsing cock greedily. She positioned herself so that she could look me in the eyes the whole time. I had never experienced anything that hot before. Finally she had him put his dick between her wonderful tits. This was a fantasy I had had for so long I could not remember. Every time his dick went up there was her eagerly waiting tong to lick it. I felt that I could stand this horny performance not much longer. Pressure was building up inside my balls. I quickly took a tissue out of my backpack and finally exploded into it. My mother’s eyes widened as she saw that. I could not remember the last time I jerked out such a lot of sperm. The guy fucking my mom reached his climax as well and his juices spilled all over my mother’s face and tits who tried to catch as much as possible with her mouth.

I quickly picked up my backpack and as my mom licked his penis clean I quietly got away. Quickly I went down the corridor and threw the fully soaked tissue into a bin. I went down the stairs and through the front door which was locked by now but flung open thanks to the firefighting standards. Outside I took a breath of fresh air. I could not believe what had just happened.


When I got home I directly went to my room. On my way I heard my sister shouting at her phone. She had troubles with her boyfriend like she had 24/7. In my room I laid down on my bed and in my mind there was the scenery I had seen in my school today. I could not stop thinking about my mum having sex with this guy. Who was he? I could not remember seeing him before. Maybe it was because I only saw his back. Also there was quite a resemblance to me. He was an average guy like me with nearly the same built. His hair was brown and short just as mine, a bit darker maybe. Or was I just making that up because I wanted to be in his place?

Hours passed by as I lay on my bed and thought about today’s events. The sun was already going down when I heard the front door slam. This had to be my mom. I suddenly got a bit nervous. Somehow I had managed to avoid thinking about the future. What would happen now? Would she speak about it? Should I bring up the topic? Would we just act like nothing happened at all? And how would or relationship go on? I had been always close to my mom, was that over now? I knew she was having sex with students and she knew that I was at least in some way lusting after her.

I was quite worried as you can see. But for the moment my fear was not relevant. I could hear that she was going directly to her room. I was relived.

I must have fallen asleep. When I awoke an hour later my mom was sitting on the corner of my bed. I was a bit confused at first but then everything came back to my mind and I have to say I nearly shit my pants. She just sat there and stared at me with her dark green eyes. She had changed from the business like teacher outfit to a more casual yet sexy one: a blue skinny fitting low cut t-shirt that showed a lot of cleavage and stretched around her wonderful boobs pared with very tight grey yoga panties. She was barefoot so you could see her painted toenails that matched her green fingernails. I sat up and I think I saw her smirk a little as she began to speak: “Jason we have to talk.” Oh good this is Going to be tough, I thought. “Since your father passed away I felt quite lonely. Not that I was really lonely, I always had you and your sister, but in a different way. I missed your father. Not only his person, but also certain habits we had, you know? We had a very active sex life and when he suddenly died I was not used to go so long without sex. I needed to get laid. I was craving for it, you know? And so after a year I could not keep it together and started having affairs with students. I made sure, they were each going on only for a short span of time and that I would not get caught. Although it should have been a temporary solution in the beginning I started to enjoy it more than I should have. I had sex with so many different guys I lost track on counting. I fucked them in nearly every place and position you could imagine. Some had bigger penises, some smaller, some were better, some not that good, some…”

“Mom,” I had the feeling that I had to interrupt her “you don’t have to tell me everything.” Although now I am sorry I cannot tell you any more details.

“Please, Jason you have to listen to me. This is very important”, she said. “Where was I?”

“You were telling me about when you were fucking every guy in school”, I wanted to say but instead said “The affairs, you were telling me abut he affairs.”

“Right”, she said “I was having a lot of sex and it was exciting and awesome, but it was not right in some way. I know it was not right in an ethical way, but I don’t mean that. It was missing something. It was not wholly satisfying. It didn’t have the thrill I had when I was with your father. I was having sex, pretty good sex from time to time, but I was missing something.” She made a short pause as if she was thinking of how to say it. “But today when I saw you as you were watching me fucking this guy and masturbating it was there again. You were on my mind lately a lot. I often had fantasies about you. I don’t know where these fantasies were coming from. I imagined you fucking the shit out of me and me licking your penis. I even spied on you from time to time and tried to catch you masturbating. That’s why I fucked a lot of guys that looked similar to you.” So I was right. “But I didn’t know how to approach you. Fucking a student, yea – but fucking your son? That is something different.” I noticed her slowly coming closer to me. She got on all fours and started crawling up to me giving me a wonderful look into her cleavage. “But now that I know that you are hot for me as well I can’t spot any problem any longer. Can you?”

I had a tent in my pants since I imagined her fucking all those guys at school and since then it had gotten only worse. In the meantime she had come really close so that now we were face to face. She rose to her knees and came even closer so that as I was sitting on the bed with my back against the board my legs were between hers. She looked me deeply in the eyes and there was a very sexy feeling in the air. I can tell you although I was masturbating to her images I had never lusted that much after my mother. Then without a waring she sat down on my crotch slowly rubbing her clit and firm butt on it. She put her hands behind my head and pushed it into her cleavage. While my face was buried in her tits my mother began to moan loudly. Her flesh smelled so good, I nearly passed out. I grabbed her firm butt and pushed it down on my crotch as she continued moving her hips back and forth. With my hands on her ass I could feel that she was wearing only a thong underneath. Her fingers were moving through my hair as she kept on pressing my head into her cleavage. I kissed her tits. Then I moved my hands up and started to massage them as well. My mom let go of my head. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up over her face. The sight was breath taking. There in front of my eyes lay the most beautiful tits I had ever seen, embedded in a black bra. You could see her hard nipples push through the material by now. My mother saw me staring. “Do you like that?” she asked. I simply nodded my head unable to speak. “So go on and get them. Grab them. Kneed them. They are yours. I am yours. Just take me”, she insisted. I eagerly pushed them out of their cage and did exactly that. They were so nicely shaped and round. As I kneaded them I felt how soft but at the same time firm they were. In the meantime she moved her hands behind her back and opened her bra to let go of it completely. Now there was no holding back. I kissed them, licked with my tongue around her nipples and sucked them into my mouth. I softly bit into her nipple which made her moan loudly and press her crotch on my hard dick even more. “That’s the way mommy likes it”, she moaned.

As I went on playing with her tits and fondling her ass my mother obviously became hornier and hornier. She kept brushing her crotch over my erected dick, that was pressing against the fabric of my trousers and finally she could not wait any longer. “I want to see your dick”, she whispered into my ear. She got down from my lap and sat down next to me. She hunkered over my crotch. With a few quick moves she had unbuttoned and opened my trousers. You could see that she had a lot of practise at this. She put her hand between the waistband of my boxer shorts and my stomach then she slowly moved it forward until she reached my erected penis. A shiver went through my body as her slender cold fingers wrapped around my rock hard warm cock. My mom pushed down my boxers and trousers with one hand, while she guided my dick out into the daylight with the other. Her eyes were glued to it. After a moment of pure silence she started stroking it. Her hand went up and down a few times and she said: “Wow. It has grown quite big, since I saw it the last time. It looks so good. I always wanted to know how it tastes.” With that being said she lowered her face onto it. She kissed it softly and then took it into her mouth. I think there is no need in telling you how awesome it was. My mom’s head bobbed up and down again and again. Every now and then she stopped to lick with her tong around the tip of my cock. Her warm moth and quick tongue felt like heaven. In the meantime my hand wandered down to her crotch and I started to massage her pussy with my fingers. After some time I pushed my hand into my mom’s trousers and started to fuck her wet hole with one finger then went up to two and three. Her moaning increased more and more. Every time I was close to cumming my cunning mom would stop for a few seconds for me to calm down. I thought it could not get better, but man was I wrong.

After a while she raised her head and looked me in the eyes. “Jason, baby I now need your cock in my wet pussy or I am going crazy”, she said in a trembling voice that showed her craving. She rose to her knees and I could see the dark grey stain her juices had created in the crotch area of her yoga pants. She leaned over to give me a deep kiss throughout which I grabbed her boobs again. Seriously I could not get enough of them. Then she lay down on her back and pushed her hips in the air so she could take off her pants. With a quick move she took them off and her thong followed shortly after. She tossed it over to me and I held it to my nose to inhale its fragrant. “Do you like the smell of your mommy?” she asked. I did and also said so. It had a kind of sweet fragrant. My mother got up again and positioned herself over my lap with one leg on either side of me. She grabbed my dick and directed it to her warm and wet pussy. As the tip of my penis touched her lips she let out a moan. She rubbed it on her entrance for some time. Then finally she slowly let herself down and pushed my hard cock into her inch by inch. It was incredible to feel that tight pussy around me. As it was in the whole way my mom paused for a moment and gave me a deep and passionate kiss.

Breaking the kiss she lifted herself up just to let her body fall down on me again. She started slowly but picked up speed quickly. My mom rode my dick like she was crazed, smashing herself into me harder and harder. I had her tits weaving up and down in front of my eyes. She was nearly screaming and as I adjusted my movements to her rhythm she said: “Oh yessss, Jason, this is exactly what mummy needs. Give me that cock of yours. Give me all of it.” I was giving all I could but I had never experienced anything that good and so it was no wonder that I was now reaching my peak. “I’m going to cum mom” I said. “Do it. Come on baby, give it to me. Fill your mom with your wonderful cum” came her answer. And I did. I felt it spurting out of my dick straight into her. Burst after burst erupted into my mother’s pussy. And as I orgasmed I felt her pussy contracting even harder around me as she was reaching her orgasm as well. This made it even better and kept on ejaculating my semen into her womb.

Her movements slowed down until she finally came to a stop. After a short pause she got down from me and we both lay down on our back next to each other still breathing heavily. My hand caressed over her beautiful body and I kept fondling her gorgeously shaped tits. My mom rolled herself to the side and gave me a deep and passionate kiss. The she looked me in the eyes and said: “You know we will be doing this very often from now on.”

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