A mother so naughty

A mother so naughty xxx
"Fuck me!"
Amanda Lipton gazed longingly at the tanned, muscular man standing before her. His cock ‚?? thick and hard and hot ‚?? bobbed invitingly mere inches from her face as she lay on the bed. She wanted to feel it in her mouth, but she wanted it in her pussy even more.
"Please fuck me!" Amanda begged again. Her heart was racing and her cunt ached to be filled. "Bury your cock inside me. Fill me with your cum!"
The blond man bent over Amanda and kissed her hard on the lips, his fingers tracing a path from her luscious tits to her ebony-rimmed cunt. He spread the thick, fleshy lips of her pussy and slowly stroked her clit with one rough finger.
Amanda grunted loudly as the stranger caressed her sensitive clit slowly at first then harder and harder. He kissed her face one more time, then moved down to her heaving tits.
Amanda's breath came in short, hard gasps as her blond lover continued his digital assault.
"This is torture!" she moaned, her hips undulating slowly as the man eased one fingertip up and down over her clit. "Please fuck me, baby! Fuck me hard and deep like you always do!"
"You'll get my cock when I'm ready to give it to you," the man said. He took Amanda's left nipple in his mouth and sucked on it roughly, stroking it with the tip of his tongue until it was hot and stiff.
The combination of her lover's finger in her pussy and his tongue on her cherry-red nipples set Amanda's cunt on fire. She squirmed wildly beneath the stranger's caresses, an orgasm welling deep inside her cunt. She could feel it growing, spreading madly across her thighs and belly.
"I'm gonna cum!" she announced urgently.
"Oh God, baby, it's happening!"
Amanda's body stiffened as waves of pleasure exploded in her cunt. She groaned loudly and buried her nails in the crumpled sheets of the bed.
"Stoke me harder!" she ordered, her head thrown back. "Finger-fuck me! Make me cum‚?? uuungggg‚??"
Amanda pressed her thighs tightly together as her blond lover flicked a callused index finger over her engorged clit pushing her over the brink. He took her nipple between his teeth and bit it lightly, then harder.
"Jesus!" Amanda cried, her cunt wet and quivering. "That's it, baby ‚?? don't stop! Don't‚?? stop!"
Another fabulous wave of ecstasy flooded across her lean, tanned body. It felt so good she never wanted it to end.
This was heaven, she thought. This is what it felt like to die and go to heaven. She was experiencing the cosmic orgasm!
Slowly, gently, her lover ceased his caresses, leaving her drained and satisfied.
"I love to watch you cum," he whispered in her ear. "The sound of your voice, the look on your face. It makes my cock hard."
Effortlessly, the blond man eased himself on top of Amanda's body, still warm and wet with perspiration. The tip of his thick cock touched the sensitive lips of her cunt, but he didn't force it in. He was teasing her making her beg for it, just as he always did.
"Give it to me?" Amanda moaned. "Fuck me hard and deep with that beautiful prick of yours!"
The man took Amanda's hands in his and held them firmly over her head, a motion that pressed her breasts hard against his muscular chest. Amanda's nipples grew rigid against his flesh.
"How badly do you want it, baby?" the blond man asked. He nudged his eight-inch prick against Amanda's open pink cunt, but stopped just short of penetrating her.
"More than anything!" Amanda whimpered. "Please fuck me, lover? Ram me hard!"
The words had barely escaped Amanda's lips when her bronzed partner plunged his cock deep inside her hot pussy, his balls slapping hard against her asscheeks.
Amanda cried out as he buried his prick to the hilt.
"Yes!" she gasped, her pussy literally soaked with her own juice. "Do it to me! Fuck me hard!"
Ever so slowly, the blond man drew his cock from Amanda's cunt until only its thick head remained inside her. He paused for a moment ‚?? it seemed like an excruciating eternity to Amanda ‚?? before shoving it home again.
"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!" Amanda gasped.
The man released her hands and she raked them almost violently across his muscular back. "Ohhhhh! That feels so fucking good! So‚?? good!"
"Take it all!" the blond man gasped, his momentum building with each thrust. "Feel my hard cock deep inside you, baby! I'm going to fill you with my cum!"
"Please!" Amanda hissed.
She wrapped her legs tightly around her lover's hips, burying his cock ever deeper inside her. She felt another orgasm building beyond her clit, and each thrust of the blond stranger's giant prick brought it closer to the surface.
"I need it, baby!" Amanda groaned, her arms held tightly around the man's broad shoulders. "Don't hold back. Give me every drop of your delicious cum!"
Amanda's words had a spectacular effect on her lover, bringing him literally to the brink of orgasm.
"I'm so close!" he moaned, slowing the tempo of his cock-strokes.
"I want you to cum!" Amanda said.
She pressed her legs against her lover's ass, pressing his thick cock-meat deep into her pink pussy. She felt her own orgasm growing uncontrollably inside her.
"Don't stop!" she screamed. "For God's sake don't stop! I'm so fucking close!"
"I can't hold back!" the man groaned, hot jets of jism spurting from his cock and coating the hot pink walls of Amanda's cunt.
"Jesus Christ!" Amanda suddenly shrieked, her hips bucking like a cheap carnival ride. "That's it! Fuck me hard!"
Amanda's cunt exploded as her lover filled her to overflowing with his viscous white cum. He worked his cock in and out of her oozing cunt, sending shudders of pleasure through her entire body. Moments, later, exhausted and spent, he collapsed on top of her.
"You're an incredible fuck, baby! Your cunt is so tight it drives me crazy!" he panted, his face buried in her shoulder.
Amanda smiled. She enjoyed going her lover so much pleasure.
"Can I suck you off?" she asked. "I know you have to leave, but I want to taste your cum before you go."
The blond man lifted himself on his elbows above her and grinned.
"Sounds good to me," he said. "A lot of women have taken my cock in their mouth, but you're the best."
He paused and kissed Amanda gently, caressing her soft lips with the tip of his tongue.
"Let me fuck you in the mouth," he whispered.
Suddenly the phone rang, awakening Amanda from her solitary carnal reverie. She slowly pulled two fingers, now wet and puckered, from her juice-soaked pussy and picked up the receiver.
"Am I disturbing you?" asked Debra Morrow, Amanda's best friend and next-door neighbor.
"I was fucking my imaginary lover. He was a mailman this time," Amanda replied, stroking her still-hot cunt with one finger.
Debra laughed. "Need any help?"
"Hell yes! Come on over!" Amanda replied enthusiastically. "I can use all the help I can get!"
"I'll bring Big Louie with me," Debra said. The thought made Amanda grin. Big Louie was the twelve-inch flesh-colored vibrator that had given her and Debra so much pleasure over the years.
"Please do," Amanda giggled. "Big Louie's always welcome at my house!"
Debra arrived ten minutes later, Big Louie's vinyl carrying case in hand. Amanda kissed her young neighbor softly at the door, then more passionately once inside. She caressed her firm tits and knew immediately that Debra wasn't wearing a bra. Chances were she wasn't wearing any panties, either.
"I was afraid I was going to have to do everything myself," Amanda purred.
"I missed your sweet cunt," Debra replied, running her soft tongue across Amanda's dry lips. "Let's go into the bedroom."
Amanda sat Debra down on the unmade bed and slowly removed the other woman's clothes, stroking her soft, supple body with her fingers. Debra's skin felt warm and sensuous, and Amanda all but reeled with passion as she inhaled her delicate perfume.
Once Debra was naked, Amanda stepped back and let her brown haired lover undress her. Debra was slow and deliberate, kissing each part of Amanda's body as it was revealed.
"I want to feel your tongue in my pussy," Amanda moaned softly. She held Debra tightly to her body. "Please do it."
"In time," Debra replied, her fingers cupped around Amanda's big tits. She squeezed the nipples between her thumb and forefinger, and laughed when Amanda gasped sharply.
"You like that, don't you?" Debra asked teasingly. She tweaked Amanda's ripe nipple a second time, harder than before. Amanda's legs almost gave out from under her.
"Please make love to me," Amanda whimpered. She was four years older than Debra, but in the bedroom Debra was always the leader.
Silently, Debra laid Amanda on the bed and lowered herself on top of her, pressing their tits hard together. The sensation sent shock waves through Amanda's body and into the growing ball of pleasure buried deep between her legs.
The two women kissed softly at first, then more passionately. Their hands roamed freely across each other's body, exploring curves, caressing their most sensitive regions. Amanda began to breathe harder as the flame inside her cunt ignited.
Sensing Amanda's growing lust, Debra kissed her face, then worked her way down Amanda's muscular body, sucking gently on each nipple until Amanda could barely breathe. Debra ran her sharp fingernails lightly across the older woman's sensitive skin, which seemed to vibrate beneath her touch. She kissed Amanda's overflowing tits once more, then eased herself down until her face was even with Amanda's crotch.
"I love the smell of your pussy!" Debra said, her nose buried in Amanda's luxurious pussy hair. "I love the way it tastes, too!"
With that, Debra flicked her tongue between the slick pink lips of Amanda's cunt, tasting her juice for the first time. She caressed her softly at first, teasing her, torturing her, making her want it more and more, then plunged her tongue as far inside Amanda's cunt as it would go.
"Oh God!" Amanda exclaimed, her hips gyrating easily against Debra's experienced tongue. "That feels so good, baby! That's what I want!"
Debra continued her oral intrusion, swirling the tip of her tongue across Amanda's sensitive clit, making her scream. She took the older woman's hips in her hands and pulled her tightly against her drenched face, plunging her tongue in and out of Amanda's gash with increasing sspeed.
Amanda felt the room begin to whirl as her cunt throbbed with pleasure, an orgasm building like an atomic fireball deep within her.
"Please ‚?? don't ‚?? stop‚??"
Amanda couldn't even finish her sentence. The orgasm bit like a hurricane, racking her body with rush after incredible rush of sexual ecstasy.
"Oooohhhhhhhhh!" Amanda screamed, thrashing about on the bed, her thighs holding Debra's head in an almost vise-like grip against her sensitive pussy. "Fuck me! That‚?? feels so‚?? good!"
Debra continued to stroke Amanda's clit intently with her tongue until her lover moaned softly and her body started to relax. She kissed Amanda's musky cunt passionately one final time, then raised her head, smiling mischievously. Amanda, eyes closed, rolled onto her side. She appeared to be unconscious. "Did I kill you with pleasure?" Debra asked.
She scooted up the bed until she was lying nose to nose with her lover.
"Almost," Amanda sighed. She reached out and drew Debra close, enjoying the soft warmth of her muscular body. "That was wonderful! Now it's your turn!"
Debra giggled and sat up as Amanda flipped over on her back. In one graceful motion Debra raised herself up and cased her legs over Amanda's head. Her pussy hovered invitingly above Amanda's waiting mouth.
"Please let me have it!" Amanda ordered breathlessly. "Let me taste you! Let me make you cum!"
Debra slowly lowered her dripping cunt onto Amanda's mouth, shivering as the older woman stroked her clit gently with her tongue.
Amanda wasted no time in making Debra hot and ready. She ran her tongue luxuriously around her pussy's sticky outer lips, then tickled her clit until Debra began to writhe above her. Holding Debra's hips in her hands, Amanda latched onto her lover's sensitive clit and caressed it delicately with her lips and tongue.
Debra faced Amanda's spread cunt, and she reached forward to stroke her while Amanda fucked her hard with her tongue. Amanda obliged her by spreading her lithe legs as far as they would go, giving Debra easy access to her already hot pussy.
"Do you like that?" Debra asked breathlessly, her finger dashing vigorously in and out of Amanda's cunt.
Amanda grunted approvingly, her mouth occupied with Debra's pussy, which seemed to pulsate with a life of its own at each stroke of her expert tongue.
Debra frigged Amanda's cunt fox a moment or two, then reached into the vinyl case lying on the bedside table and removed Big Louie. The vibrator's plastic sheath glistened in the morning sun as Debra turned it on and placed it gently between the juice-drenched lips to Amanda's pussy.
Amanda's body stiffened in anticipation of Big Louie's forceful assault, but Debra teased her first by caressing the sensitive skin on her thighs and belly. Amanda wanted to tell Debra to fuck her hard, to make her cum, but she couldn't ‚?? and Debra knew it.
"Do you want it?" Debra finally asked.
Amanda moaned, Debra's cunt-juice running down her cheeks and neck. She caressed Debra's clit harder, bringing a moan from deep within the other girl's throat.
"That's it!" Debra said urgently, adjusting her position slightly so Amanda could reach the deep recesses of her cunt more easily. "Lick my clit like a good girl and make me cum!" Debra toyed with Amanda for a few minutes more, then plunged the vibrator between her slick pussy-lip and deep into her clit, Amanda grunted loudly as Debra worked the vibrating plastic tube to the end of her pussy, then slowly, pulled it out. The pleasure Amanda felt was exquisite. Had she been able to, she would have screamed as the vibrator sent her hot, sensitive clit into overdrive, bringing her closer by the second to orgasm.
Despite her joy, Amanda did not forget the beautiful girl perched atop her face. She continued to lick and suck Debra's clit with increasing fervor, anxious to make her cum to hear her scream with ecstasy like she always did when they fucked.
It didn't take long.
"Don't stop!" Debra ordered, grinding her cunt hard against Amanda's mouth.
The older woman passionately kissed and sucked and licked her lover's pussy until Debra began to tremble.
"That's it!" Debra squealed, eyes shut. "That's it sugar! Lick me hard! Taste my pussy juice!"
Amanda could tell that Debra was seconds away from cumming, and she felt his own orgasm welling rapidly between her thighs brought forth by the vibrator Debra plunged in and out of her cunt like a giant plastic cock. A few seconds more, Amanda thought, just a few more strokes.
"Jesus Christ Almighty! I'm cumming!"
Debra screamed suddenly, her thighs pressed tightly against Amanda's cheeks. She rocked back and forth, her mouth open in a silent shriek as a bubbling caldron of pleasure erupted in her cunt and spread through her body, making her skin hot and tingling.
Amanda came just seconds later, a muffled moan escaping her cunt-covered mouth. She pressed her thighs together with all her might, holding the vibrator tightly against her erect clit. The sensation was like an electric jolt through the lower portion of her body, but it quickly spread upward until even her scalp seemed to quiver. Amanda's nipples jutted upward like tiny puckered cherries, jolted awake by the waves of pleasure that raged through her body.
Debra's orgasm, unaided by Big Louie's vibrations, subsided first. She took a deep breath and fell forward atop Amanda's sweat covered body, holding the vibrator against Amanda's clit until she begged her to stop.
"It's too sensitive," Amanda whispered quietly, her hands moving lazily across Debra's pretty body. "It feels so good it hurts."
Debra railed off Amanda and lay close beside her on the bed.
"How are you and Jake doing?" she asked, looking lazily into Amanda's hazel eyes.
Amanda sighed. Her marriage wasn't her favorite topic.
"Same old shit," she replied. "Boredom replaced by more boredom. I've finally realized that the excitement I felt when we were first married is really gone, and I don't know how to replace it."
Debra nodded, saying nothing.
"I don't even enjoy fucking him anymore," Amanda continued. "He sticks it in, moves it around, cums and falls asleep. I hate it."
"Maybe you need a little extracurricular activity to bring the spark back," Debra suggested.
"What do you mean?" Amanda asked.
"Jake's not the only person out there with a cock," Debra said simply. "You told me yesterday he was going away for the weekend on business and wouldn't be back until Sunday. Why not give the others a chance while he's gone? It might bring back the excitement you felt before."
"Anything's better than sex with Jake," Amanda stated. She pulled Debra close and kissed her deeply. "You might be right. And tomorrow I'm going to find out!"


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