A librarian enslaved by dominant man 2.

A librarian enslaved by dominant man 2. xxx
As Lance's long thick cock slowly vanished into Cherie's hot wet mouth, Matt lashed the gurgling blonde, the tails of the whip beating into her wide open pussy, her hips jerking up for the blow and her whole body shaking.
Lance let go of Cherie's tits and grabbed her ankles. He pushed down, spreading her legs wider as her bubbling screams of lust beat out, from around his stiff cockmeat.
"Ohhh fuck," he gasped, "this whore can really suck cock. You taught her real good, Matt."
His hips thrust at Cherie's open mouth and his cock vanished into the hot pit, right to the balls. Cherie's throat muscles swelled as she took the thick prick, her body twisting in rising lust on the table.
"What a whore!" Matt lashed the whip into Cherie's pussy and thighs. His arm swung again, the tails swinging through the air as they beat down on the convulsing blonde. "Oh, God." Natalie still couldn't believe what she was seeing.
Lance's cock thrust in and out of Cherie's mouth as she lay there, her legs wide open and her hands caressing Lance's balls as they ran against her face. Cherie was coming, her hips jerking and her screams of lust beating out of her mouth, even with the massive cock in it.
"Take that, whore," Matt crowed as he whipped her. He ran his hand over his cock as it thrust hard against the front of his jeans. "Fuck, this is gonna be a good time!" His arm was swinging faster and harder on the blondes cunt.
"You see, that's a good girl." Roxanne's hands ran up the front of Natalie's dress and Natalie could feel her large tits pressing into her back.
"Stop it," Natalie whispered, "please."
Roxanne just laughed lightly and her hips ground slowly into Natalie's ass as she slid a hand over the top buttons of Natalie's dress. "I bet you've got the best pair of tits in the world. Let me feel them."
"No, stop that!" Natalie wailed, but Roxanne slid one of her dress buttons open, then the next one. Her hand slid in, over the frilly top of Natalie's bra.
"Let me feel your tits." Roxanne's pussy thrust brazenly into Natalie's ass.
"Ohhh please, let me go, stop it!" Natalie moaned.
On the table Cherie leapt and screamed, her voice bubbling from round Lance's massive prick as it slammed deep into her throat. Roxanne's hands played over the front of Natalie's little bra, teasing her and pinching her nipples through the flimsy material.
"You know you'll take all this off for us soon."
"I won't!" Natalie sobbed. "Whatever you do to me, I won't. I won't do it!"
"Ahhh, but you will," Roxanne whispered. "Oh watch this, Lance's going to come. What a great kid. Shoots like a geyser."
Roxanne was so obviously aroused by the thought that Natalie cringed and tried to pull out of her grasp, but it was hopeless. After a life on the ranch, Roxanne was a lot stronger than she was.
"Ohhh yeah, watch this," Roxanne gasped. Her hands tightened on Natalie's nipples, squeezing the bra into the bound librarian's flesh. At the same time she spread her legs and gave a low moan of passion, rubbing her pussy against Natalie's ass in the most disgusting way. "Ohhhh, fuck, you've sot a great body, kid, and you're gonna use it."
Natalie bit her lip as tears rose in her eyes. She tried not to moan, but the pain in her nipples was rising all the time as Roxanne got hotter and her fingers tightened on Natalie's tit buds.
Cherie gave an endless scream of ecstasy as she crested, her hips splayed wide for the whip, her pussy leaping and throbbing while she sucked Lance's cock even deeper into her bottomless pit of a mouth. Her hands tightened on Lance's balls as he pistoned in and out of her lips, her throat muscles twitched and throbbed with passion. The stain on her panties was spreading, the material wet through and drops of passion juice flying off at each blow of the whip.
"Yeahhhh! Here I come!" Lance yelled.
"Ohhhh fuck, what a mouth!" His hips rammed in, blurring, as the cum rolled out of his balls and spurted down his long hard cock. "Ohhh yeah!" he roared as the first jet of white hot goo rushed out of his cockslit into Cherie's throat.
Cherie's body heaved with excitement as she swallowed gobs of jism into her stomach. But she wasn't going to let it all go that easily. With a moan she heaved his spurting cock back to her lips, her hands playing over the jerking prick as thick streams of cum jetted out of his cock.
She gurgled as she took a shooting stream of fuck juice over her luscious lips, sucking and licking at the spurting cockhead.
"Oooooh, more!"
She purred as her pussy thrust up for another lash of the whip and cum spouted out over her cheeks and mouth.
"Oooh I'm gonna cum!" she wailed, her body heaving, her mouth sucking and licking as more thick ropes of cum plastered her face. She pushed them into her mouth with her fingers, screaming as Matt gave her a final lash of the whip and stopped to watch, his hand miming over the throbbing bulge in his pants.
"Ohhh shit, what a come!" Lance yelled as his cock slowed, the streams of white juice slowing to a dribble.
Cherie urged his still rock-hard cock back into her mouth, trying to get every drop of jism she could.
"Ohhh, that's nice, you're a real good girl," he crooned as his cockhead was cleaned of the sticky fizz.
"Ohhh, you wait, fucker," Cherie promised. "I'll make you want me more than that little stuck-up whore."
She pushed the last gobs of cum into her mouth and he let her legs go. She lowered them slowly, keeping her mouth over his cock until he pulled away, leaving her moaning with passion, her fingers, deep in her shamelessly wet panties.
Lance stuck his cock back into his jeans and strolled over to where Natalie moaned on the ropes, her hands clutching at the bonds, tears running down her face. Roxanne kept her pussy rubbing over Natalie's ass while her fingers still rubbed and squeezed the bound girl's tits.
"Well, you like a little lezzy action too, huh?" Lance asked, his hands on his hips, watching the scene. "Hey, Zane, you're fuckin' wife's being a whore again."
"Bring her here," Zane said easily. "I know what she needs."
"You heard," Lance said to Roxanne. "I wanna work on this delicious piece of ass."
"Ohhh come on, Lance," Roxanne moaned. "I'll come if I keep this up a bit more."
"Over," Lance said.
"Ohhh no," Roxanne gasped. Her pussy ground as hard as it could into Natalie's ass and her fingers tightened on Natalie's nipples, until the helpless blonde screamed in pain.
Almost lazily, Lance reached out and took a handful of Roxanne's hair. Slowly he pulled, heaving Roxanne off Natalie's struggling body.
"You shit!" Roxanne screamed. "I wanna‚??"
"Zane, leave me alone, shit."
Lance kept the slow pressure up, tearing Roxanne away from Natalie, until she struggled on the end of his arm, her fists beating out at him.
"I'll kill you!" she snarled. "You oversexed jerk."
Lance just laughed and twisted her, hair harder, pushing her downward until she was bent almost double.
Roxanne twisted as hard as she could in his steel grasp.
Lance led her across the room to where Zane sprawled in his chair, sipping his beer. Lance pushed her to her knees between his legs, the dark-haired woman screaming with rage as she was forced down.
"Thanks, Son," said Zane. "She's gettin' to be a real pain in the ass, sometimes. But we can handle it. Strip!" he snapped at Roxanne.
"You bastard," Roxanne snarled, but she didn't try to defy him.
Slowly she reached for her tank top and slid it up, revealing her full, heavy tits. They swung on her rib cage as she pulled the top over her head and threw it away.
"Jeans." Zane took another drink of beer. "Hey, Matt," Cherie grabbed him as he passed. "Come on, I wanna fuck."
"Later, whore. We're gonna watch the show. If you're a good girl you can sit on my cock, okay?"
"Ooooh yeah, Matt!" Cherie swung off the table.
She made no attempt to pull her top back over her tits, in fact she eased it right under her tight thrusting globes, showing them off to the best advantage. She walked over to Natalie, her hips swaying, her hands playing with the front of her tiny little denim skirt. Grinning all over her face, she flopped into a chair and threw her legs open again, her finger playing with the sopping wet crotch of her panties.
"Okay." Lance came up to the moaning, struggling Natalie. Behind him Matt leaned on the table, his arms crossed, his cock thrusting at the front of his jeans.
"Wouldn't you love to get up on that table and strip for us?" Lance said softly to Natalie, his hands playing with the next button of her dress.
"No, never!" Natalie sobbed. "Never, whatever you do to me, I won't do it!"
She heaved at the ropes, but they didn't break.
"If you were a real man, you'd let me go. You're just a coward, like the rest of them, having to tie me up. Coward!" she screamed in his amused face.
"Sure." He went over to the wall and slipped the rope free.
Natalie almost collapsed to her knees as the rope fell. She grabbed at the bands, but he was there. He took them and undid them, his disgustingly handsome face smiling all the time. He stood while she massaged the circulation back into her hands.
"Now," he said, "wouldn't you love to strip for us?"
"You coward!" Natalie screamed, and lunged at him.
She bit him with her fists, pounding his chest while he stood there, looking amused at her attempts to hurt him. In a fury Natalie slapped his face, slapped him again and again while he stood, his head hardly moving as her tiny hands hit him.
Suddenly Natalie collapsed, weeping against him, her body wracked with sobs. Her head spun and she had no idea what she was doing or why.
"Now, it's my turn, and you've been a real little bitch." Effortlessly he held her and grabbed her arms again. "I like that rope, we'll use it again."
"No!" Natalie walled, struggling in his merciless hands.
He took her wrists and held them in one of his hands while he wrapped the bonds around them again, tying her hands very tightly together. Then he slipped the hook through once more and nodded to Matt, who heaved the sobbing Natalie up again.
"You beast!" she sobbed, her body helpless with horror.
But there was more. Standing very close to her, he pushed her feet apart with his, forcing her legs open, until the tendons on the inside of her thighs ached with the strain.
"What are you doing?" Natalie screamed as she watched her stockings wrinkle in the straps being slipped around her ankles.
Lance still stood close as Cherie and Matt tied Natalie's ankles to two small ring bolts, in the kitchen floor.
"You beasts!" Natalie sobbed as she hung there, her arms and legs straining, with the pressure running all over her body.
When she was secure, Lance grinned and walked away into the next room.
"Ooooh, come on, Matt, stick it up me!" Cherie gasped, grabbing for him. "I wanna come while I watch."
"Shit!" he yelled. "You're fuckin' impossible. If you make me come before I tell you, whore, you know what to expect."
"Promise?" Cherie cooed, running her hand over the front of his jeans.
"Get on with it!" he snapped.
In a desperation of lust, Cherie dropped to her knees and undid his belt, then his zipper and pushed him back into one of the easy chairs. She leapt up, pulled his boots off with frantic haste, then his socks and jeans, revealing his thick hard cock ‚?? another monster, as far as Natalie could see.
The horny little nympho tore her panties off and scrambled up onto Matt's cock, leaving her tiny denim skirt on in her haste. For a second she held the stiff prick at the streaming wet entrance to her cunt, then slid down onto it, with a moan of abandoned lust, her body shaking with passion.
"Oooh, that's so good!" she gasped. "Ohhh, I wanna fuck your cock so bad!"
She gasped and moaned, tossing up and down on the rock-hard cock, moaning and pinching her tits.
Natalie was disgusted enough by that, but what she saw next sent her into paroxysms of fear.
Lance came back into the room. As he passed Zane, he handed him a couple of small things, but that wasn't what made Natalie tremble in tenor.
In his hand was a cane. It was about four feet long and so thin, it trembled with every movement. It was made of rubber or plastic, Natalie couldn't see which, but it didn't matter. It was going to be used on her, and she almost fainted.
Lance grinned at her, tapping the cane in his hand.
"See this?" he said easily. "Here, look." He drew the horrible thing close to Natalie's staring eyes. "It's real hard and real springy, know what that feels like?"
Natalie could feel the horrible depraved lust in his voice as he spoke. She sobbed and gasped, her body shaking with fear.
"Hey, come on, Lance, whip the little shit, I'm gonna come!" Cherie yelled. "I wanna hear her scream!"
"Wait, you bitch!" snapped Lance. He smiled at Natalie. "Always wants everything yesterday. But then, that's these hicks for you. We understand, don't we ‚?? we're sophisticated, from the city."
He tapped the cane in his hand and chuckled sardonically. Natalie felt her whole body swirling with fear and horror as if she was twisting on the rope, turning endlessly under his steel gaze.
Still smiling, he lifted her dress, easing it up over her thighs. As Natalie wailed in horror, he tucked it into her belt, leaving her legs, ass and pussy revealed, open to whatever he wanted to do.
"Stop it, no!" Natalie wailed, her legs shaking with shame as they were exposed. "You horror, let me go!"
"Ohhh fuck!" He stepped back. "I knew they'd be this good. Hey look, boys, look at those legs."
"Wow!" Matt yelled as he leaned back, Cherie still rocking and pumping on his cock. "You got that right, Lance."
"Yeah!" Lance was grinning from ear to ear. "I bet the rest is as good, too."
"Nah." Matt was grinning, too.
"Tell ya what." Lance tapped the rod in his hand while Natalie stared at it, sobbing helplessly. "If it is, she sucks me; if it isn't, she sucks you, and, if we can't agree, she sucks both of us."
"Sounds fair enough," said Matt.
"You shit!" Cherie yelled at him. Her hips pounded up and down faster and harder. "Work my nipples, you fucker! I'm coming, coming hard!"
Lance grinned at his friend and walked around behind the struggling Natalie. She screamed and tried to twist around to see what he was doing, but her spread legs stopped her. She sobbed in helpless tenor as she felt his hand run over her panties, stroking her ass.
"Now, whore, you're gonna learn how to be a good girl."
"Please, don't please!" Natalie wept. "I'm not what you want, I don't like sex, honest; Cherie is the one you want, she can do it for you both, please, let me go."
"Honey, I got a hard-on the moment I saw you and I'm gonna have you, every way there is, I'm gonna cover you in cum and watch you lick it off." His hands ran between her legs, probing at the entrance to her pussy.
"You're disgusting!" Natalie's eyes were still seeing the horrible thin cane. "Please, let me go!"
Cherie screamed with release as she came, her tits bouncing even with the grip Matt had on her nipples, her whole body slamming up and down on his cock.
"You whore," he yelled, "you'll make me come, you know what your cunt's like." His hips thrust up out of the chair, heaving her higher and deeper onto his fucking prick.
"Ohhh yes," Cherie screamed. "Ohhh shoot right up me, ohhh do it, and then punish me, ohhh fuck, punish me!"
She came harder, heaving up and down on his throbbing cock.
"That did it, whore!" Matt yelled, "that did it!"
His hips jerked up and down, his cock pistoning into Cherie's hot, wet cunt as the blonde nympho screamed with passion, her pussy walls throbbing and sucking around his shooting prick.
Natalie shuddered as she felt the cane running across her ass. It was outside her panties, but she knew they wouldn't be any protection at all.
"Don't do it, please," she sobbed.
Lance laughed gently, then turned the cane and ran the thin tip inside her tight white briefs, probing between her ass cheeks, and pushing into the crack.
"Stop, you pervert!"
"Right," he breathed into her ear, "I like to make things last. So watch Roxanne and Zane, just you watch as I punish you, I'm gonna enjoy it so much."
Natalie choked with fear and horror. Everywhere she looked there was the most terrible depravity. In the chair, both Matt and Cherie were screaming with lust as they climaxed. Gobs of cum squeezed out of Cherie's cunt and into her tight, dark pussy hair. For some reason Natalie noticed that. Cherie wasn't a real blonde, perhaps she was Zane's daughter.
"Ohhh yeah!" Matt yelled. His prick shot the last of its load and he slumped back into the chair, his hips still jerking.
Cherie gasped and rammed her hot wet cunt over his oozing cock. "Not bad, fucker. You can still give a decent fuck."
But it was what Roxanne was doing that caused Natalie to sob louder, even as the thin cane probed lower, going between her helplessly spread legs, scratching over her pussy and digging for her cunt hole.
Roxanne had stripped as Zane ordered. Her luscious body, trembled as she knelt between Zane's knees. Her thighs were spread and her pussy hair dewy with drops of pussy juice.
"Hands up," commanded Zane.
Her mouth sobbing silently, Roxanne lifted her arms and put them behind her head, bending them at the elbows and stretching her tits out further. She gripped her hands together tightly, her tits bouncing and trembling as she stared at the tiny things in Zane's hands.
"Beg me," he whispered.
"Ohhhh, please, put clamps on my nipples." Roxanne gasped, her thighs trembling with fear and lust.
Natalie felt the cane slide put of her panties, but she hardly knew it. She stared in absolute horror. Very slowly Zane reached out and took Roxanne's tits, pinching her nipples until they stood out just right. Then he took one of the clamps and slid it over Roxanne's nipple bud. Roxanne trembled, her eyes staring at it.
Zane tightened the clamp. Roxanne moaned, her tit trembling with pain.
There was a faint sound and Natalie leapt on the ropes, an explosion of agony surging out of her ass. Lance had whipped her with the thin cane, driving a line of crimson pain into her flesh.

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