A librarian enslaved by dominant man

A librarian enslaved by dominant man xxx
As she approached the turn-off for the Bryden Ranch, Natalie Porter got more and more tense. She had no idea why these people wanted the mobile library service. She had met Roxanne Bryden in town one day and Roxanne had asked her to be sure to call. They were great supporters of the library, Roxanne said.
That wasn"t what Natalie had heard. Zane Bryden was the biggest rancher around, and there were rumors that he more or less owned the local police. That didn"t bother Natalie too much, she kept out of these things. It was the atmosphere at the place. And even then she couldn"t put her finger on it. Just a nasty feeling. Both Zane and his son Matt had given her very suggestive looks, the sort of looks that married men were not supposed to give.
Still, she thought as she turned, under the large wooden sign and into the three-mile drive, this was her last month at the job. She should never have done anything as stupid as run right from a bad marriage to this job as librarian to hundreds of square miles of isolated houses and ranches. Driving all day, waiting in either baking heat or biting cold for people to make up their minds, then driving back. Nothing to do at night in the tiny town where she lived. Except hit the bars and Natalie wasn"t into that. She had thought the solitude would do her good, but it had driven her crazy. At the end of next week, it was back to the city and some sanity.
Around her, the ranch land stretched in all directions, dry and hot in the August sun.
She pulled up to the front of the rambling ranch house and climbed out. Instantly, the two massive dogs the Brydens kept to guard the place were out, barking and snarling at her.
"Attila, Hun, down boys, down," a voice shouted and instantly the dogs dropped back, retreating to their kennels. "Hi," the voice went on. A dark-haired woman stepped out of the house and waved. It was Roxanne Bryden. "Come in," she said, "you must be fuckin" dry, this time of year."
That was two things Natalie didn"t like. For a start Roxanne"s language. Her husband might be rich, but she was as foul-mouthed as if she lived in some of those disgusting housing projects Natalie used to drive past, on the way to work. And then there was the way Roxanne dressed. It might be hot, but the cut-off shorts and tank top were just too revealing for Natalie. It accentuated Roxanne"s large firm tits, and the rest of her curvaceous body.
"Thank you." She walked up the path, skirting the crouching dogs warily.
Little lap dogs were all right with Natalie, but these monstrous animals were terrifying. They stood as tall as her waist, their slavering jaws ready to tear an intruder"s flesh instantly.
It was cool in the house, with the faint hum of air conditioning.
"Long day?" Roxanne asked, leading the way into the kitchen.
"Yes," Natalie said, "and I"ve got two more places to take in after this."
"Ah," Roxanne said. "Lemonade? Coke? Beer?"
"Lemonade would be nice."
She sat at the table and sipped the drink.
"They tell me you"re leaving." Roxanne sat opposite Natalie and cracked open a beer.
"Yes," replied Natalie. "I"m going back to L.A.."
"Ah. Not enough action here, huh? Not much cock to go around." She laughed and Natalie blushed furiously.
Roxanne was a strikingly good-looking woman, with pale-green eyes, a straight nose and a wide sensual mouth; all set in a square, hard face. She tossed her dark hair across her shoulders, and her large tits bounced in the tank top. Her waist seemed even slimmer in contrast to those tits, and her tight swelling ass and long, lusciously curved legs added to the allure, that Natalie was sure was the main reason a rich rancher would marry her.
"Now, come on honey," said Roxanne dismissively, "that"s what it"s all about, getting laid, fucked, huh? No point in hanging around if you"re not getting your rocks off. But hey, I mean, you"re a real cute chick, you must have a lot of the guys around here creaming their jeans, to get at you."
Natalie was disgusted. She took a long drink to speed the time when she could get back out to the van and leave.
"No," she said. "What books did you want?" She looked down at the table top.
"Come on," Roxanne said. "I know what happens to chicks like you around here. Fuck, you"re fighting them off with a gun."
She stared at Natalie until the poor librarian got very uncomfortable. Natalie crossed her legs under her long, loose summer dress, the faint rasp of her nylon stockings sounding in the silent room. She was indeed cute. Stunningly beautiful would have been a more accurate word. Her soft blonde hair fell in waves to her shoulders, surrounding a waif-like face, wide hazel eyes, a nose very slightly snubbed and a mouth of soft sensual outlines, the deep red lips bowing gracefully.
The rest of her was just as good, though hidden in her dress. Her young, high tits were smaller than Roxanne"s, and hung on her chest with no support needed from the brass he always wore. Her tiny waist and flat stomach ran down to a tight pair of ass cheeks, and on to trim thighs above a pair of shapely calves. Even Natalie"s ankles were delicious, trim and accentuated by the four-inch heels she wore.
"Yeah." Roxanne grinned. "Maybe you"d be better off in L.A. in that outfit. Fuck, you even got stockings on, girl."
"I think you should dress properly, whatever your job. Bad dressing leads to bad morals."
Roxanne roared with laughter. "Fuck," she said, "you sure think like they want ya to think." She looked past Natalie. "Ah."
There was a creak of the floorboards and Natalie turned quickly, nervously, to find two young men standing there, blocking the doorway. She knew one of them; it was Matt, Roxanne"s son. The other one was even taller, his fair hair clit. Well, his strong handsome features glittering at her as he leaned against the wall. He was better proportioned than Matt, who had been lean and muscled by long years on the ranch. Also the stranger"s clothes were better fitting.
"Well, hi." Roxanne got up. "This is ā?? hey, honey, I forget your name."
"This is Natalie. This is Matt. You know him and this is Lance, a college friend of Matt"s."
"Hi," Natalie said. "Well, I must be moving along." She got up. "If you"d like to come to the van, we canā??"
"Oh no, you"re staying here for the weekend," said Roxanne.
"What?" Natalie was sure she hadn"t heard right.
"Yes, I called the other ranches, said you were sick and would get there when you could. They said fine. So you"re staying here the weekend."
"I"m sorry." Natalie backed towards the door. "That"s very kind of you, butā??"
"Oh, nothin" kind about it." Roxanne let out another laugh behind Natalie, the two men laughed too. "You see, Lance here has a real problem. He saw you and, well, creamed his jeans, like I said. And he"s a real horny fucker, has to get it up some hole or other, ten, fuck, I dunno, twenty times a day. Anyway, tots of times a day. So we decided that you"d stay here for the weekend and fuck him all he wants. And us too, of course. We like to fuck too."
"What are you thinking?" Natalie gasped, her hand over her mouth. "That"sā?? that"s rape."
"Oh, lots more fun than rape," Lance said and there was such a sensuality in his voice that Natalie almost choked. These people were serious.
"You can"t, I"llā??" She trailed off. If it was true that the Brydens owned the police, they wouldn"t help. "I have a date tonight." She sounded defiant.
Roxanne shook her head. "We do check these things out. You"d be sitting, watching television, all weekend, and we offer you unlimited sex, and you turn us down. Shame."
"Yeah, shame." Matt advanced into the room.
"If this is some kind of jokeā??" Fear suddenly seized her by the throat. "I don"t thinkā??"
"No fuckin" joke, kid," said Roxanne.
"Now, why don"t you sit down again and get to know us all? We"re real nice. Underneath."
"Let me out of here!" Natalie turned and ran straight into Matt. "Let go of me, let go!" She struggled in his iron-hard hands.
"Is this bitch playing up?" boomed a massive man, appearing in the doorway.
"Yup, Dad," said Matt, twisting Natalie around to face him.
Zane Bryden was as compelling as one would expect from a man who had built himself up from ranch hand, to the owner of several million acres. He was in his forties, broad-chested and dark like the rest of his family. He tossed his chaps into the corner and looked around.
"Well, the way I figure it, is that our proposal has been kinda sudden. So string her up and let her see what we do to unruly bitches. Then she can make up her mind, kinda easy like."
"Let me go!" Natalie screamed as Matt gripped her arms tighter.
Lance lowered a rope that ran over a pulley in the kitchen ceiling. Natalie shuddered.
"What are you doing?" she moaned, terror clutching her throat as strong leather bonds were put around her waist and the hook at the end of the rope ran through them. "Stop!"
Natalie screamed, but Lance heaved on the rope and her arms were pulled up, over her head until she almost hung from them, her feet just touching the floor. She struggled, but she was utterly helpless.
"Let me out of here!"
She screamed again, twisting around to the window where the low sun beamed through. It was late in the afternoon already and there was no possibility of help.
"Turn around and face the table!" Zane snapped.
Natalie shook with terror and turned back, her arms shaking with the strain. Her dress was pulled up almost to her knees by her raised arms and she knew that Lance was looking at her legs. He came over.
"Fuck," he said, "when did this go out of style? You wear this shit in L.A.?"
"Yes." Natalie trembled from head to foot. "Fuck!" Lance shook his head. He put his beer down and lifted the hem of her dress, up over Natalie"s knees.
"Stop, stop!" Natalie screamed, wriggling as her stocking tops were exposed.
He laughed and dropped the dress again, leaving Natalie sobbing with fear.
"Cherie," called Zane.
"Yes, Daddy?" a girl called from an adjoining room.
"Come on in."
"Yes, Daddy."
Natalie gasped as the sultry blonde entered.
It was Matt"s wife, or at least, she had been introduced to Natalie on her last visit as Matt"s wife. Perhaps she was Zane"s daughter. But she was blonde, unlike the rest of them. She wore a lot of makeup, her eyes outlined in black and her wide mouth a sweeping slash of sensual scarlet as she pouted and hung in the doorway.
"Fuck," she said, "is that what all the fuss is about?"
She was dressed in nothing more than a low-cut top that slid under her thrusting tits, a very short denim skirt that strained against her ass, and a pair of high-heeled shoes. She strutted into the room, her hips swaying, her eyes alight with lust.
"Why get her in?" she demanded. "She"s just trouble. I can take care of you all," she grinned at Roxanne. "Even you, whore."
"Watch your fuckin" mouth, girl," said Zane.
"Yes, Daddy." Cherie ran her hands over her tits. "You want me to show her?" She jerked a thumb in Natalie"s direction.
"Yeah," answered Zane. "Right now."
"Fuck!" The pouting blonde came over to the whimpering Natalie. "You watch this, cunt. This is what you get around here for playing these fuckers around. Only I like it."
She laughed and ran her hand up Natalie"s body, reaching for her lovely tits.
"Please, stop," Natalie whimpered. "Please, get your dad to let me go."
Cherie laughed. "Hear that, Daddy? She wants me to let her go."
A round of chuckles went through the room. "Nah." Cherie"s hand played with Natalie"s tits through her dress and bra. "It"s gonna be too much fun."
"Stop that!" Natalie pleaded, but Cherie had already stopped and turned away.
She strutted over to the table and swung onto it on her back. Brazenly she wriggled back until her head was over the edge. Then she pulled her long legs up and held them wide apart, over her head. Her short denim skirt fell over her hips, showing the tiny pair of white panties she wore. She turned to Natalie.
"Watch this, cunt," she said.
Lance stepped up to Cherie"s head and unzipped his jeans.
Natalie gasped and turned her head away. He pulled out his massive cock, fully nine inches of swollen meat, and ran it over Cherie"s pouty, big lips.
"Watch it, whore!" Zane snapped.
Desperately Natalie turned back, her horrified eyes on the massive, long prick that Lance held in his hand as he cased his cockhead over Cherie"s welcoming lips.
"Suck that cock!" Zane eased back in his chair and opened a beer, taking a long drink. Cherie licked her tongue out over the throbbing purplish cockhead.
"Fuck off!" she grinned, her legs trembling as she held them up.
"Suck that cock or Matt here will give you what you need to persuade you," said Zane.
"Ohhh right, whip his own fuckin" wife to make her blow some stuck up fucker." Cherie licked her tongue over Lance"s cockhead again.
"Suck it," said Zane.
"Suck it yourself," challenged Cherie. Her blonde hair flicked as she pulled her legs even further back, thrusting her pussy out.
Lance pushed her top down, puffing her soft, luscious tits out. He caressed them with one hand, sliding it over the warm skin as he kept his cockhead moving slowly over Cherie"s lips.
Natalie moaned in rising horror as she twisted, her arms aching. Matt walked into the next room and came back with a whip in his hand. It had a short leather handle, and then separated into a great many tails, all of which were tightly knotted at intervals all the way down. He fucked it over Cherie"s thrusting cunt and she gasped, her hips jerking upward.
"You can"t make me suck cock!" she challenged.
With a grin, Matt worked the blonde"s short skirt up her body, so that her thighs and pussy were totally exposed. The crotch of Cherie"s panties was damp, the stain spreading as Roxanne followed his movements with her hungry eyes.
"You shit bag." Cherie snarled as he stepped back and ran the tails of the whip over her tight white panties, letting them trail slowly down, brushing her pussy. Even in her misery, Natalie could see Cherie"s pussy lips twitch as the tails dropped away.
"Suck my friend off," said Matt.
"Fuck off!" Cherie thrust her legs even wider.
Slowly the whip went back over Matt"s shoulder while he gazed down on Cherie, grinning wildly. Cherie let her head drop back and flicked her tongue over Lance"s cockhead once more.
Suddenly Natalie realized that Roxanne was standing behind her, very close.
"Watch this," the dark-haired woman said, "because it"ll happen to you, I promise."
The whip lashed downwards, the tails cutting into Cherie"s panties and the white flesh at the top of her thighs. There were dents in the white material as the tails came away and swung back up again.
Natalie was almost sick at Cherie"s reaction. The little whore lunged her pussy upward, her legs straining wide open, while a screw of guttural lust rang around the room.
"You shit!" she yelled, her thighs trembling. Her red lips pouted, but they refused to let Lance"s cock in.
The whip crashed down again, landing with a sickening slap into Cherie"s wide open pussy. She moaned, her inner thighs also getting red, from the spread tails of the whip. Her pussy jerked upward, thrusting shamelessly for the knotted tails as they whipped downwards again.
She groaned. "Ohhh, suck your own cocks, you fuckers! You can"t whip me hard enough to make me do shit."
She rolled on the table, her tongue flicking briefly over Lance"s cockhead as she passed, her whole body heaving with the most disgusting lust.
"When she comes, she"ll suck him," Roxanne whispered in Natalie"s ear. "You wanna watch that, she can take that cock right down her throat, you have to be able to do that, very soon." Her hands ran over Natalie"s dress, up towards her tits as Cherie had done.
Cherie screamed, sobbing and moaning as she tossed on the table, her body gyrating, her legs thrusting open and up for the whip.
Natalie sobbed in horror, twisting against the ropes. This was the mast depraved place in the world. The very idea of taking a cock in her mouth was so disgusting, she wanted to vomit.
All that white stuff that men shot from, their cocks might come out! She closed her eyes and sobbed, trying to pull away from Roxanne"s hands, which played with her tits through the dress.
"Fuck," said Roxanne softly, "we"re gonna have the time of our lives with you, whore."
"Leave me alone!" Natalie sobbed.
She wept bitterly as she saw Cherie jerk on the table and scream as the cat cut across her panties again, beating dents into the white, that now showed perfectly against the flaming red of the flesh around it.
Suddenly Matt stopped.
"Wow!" Roxanne exclaimed. "What a bastard!" She played her hands over Natalie"s tits as the helpless blonde moaned and sobbed on the ropes. "Watch and you"ll find out what a good girl is around here."
Cherie shrieked and lunged her pussy upward, her thighs shaking.
"You fucker, you shit-faced whore! Come on, I ain"t touched his cock."
Man laughed and trailed the cat tails across Cherie"s panties again, and this time her reaction was terrible. She screamed, her pussy jerking helplessly as the leather tails whispered over her cunt.
"Beg me to whip you while you suck him off." Matt"s hand played the whip tails over Cherie"s pussy.
"You piece of cow shit!" Cherie screamed. She ran her hand over her pussy, frantically rubbing her throbbing clit. "That wasn"t the deal."
"I changed the rules," Matt murmured. He and Cherie were in a world of their own as he played with her, the whip tails caressing the blonde"s pussy, which leapt and twitched with helpless lust.
"Come on, whore, I wanna give our guest a good show. Beg for it while you suck him." He ran the tails across the white panties again.
"You shit!" Cherie screamed. "I get more the other way."
"I know." Matt still caressed Cherie"s pussy with the whip tails.
She grabbed them and rubbed them into her clit, screaming all the time.
"I"ll get you," she groaned, "I"ll fuckin" get you. All right, whip me while I suck him, please, shit bag!"
Matt laughed. "That"ll do, just for now. Now suck him."
Natalie moaned in terrible disgust. With a great big grin on her face, Cherie opened her luscious red lips and Lance"s massive, thick fucking cock slid into her mouth.


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